The Rules for Being Amazing



The Rules for Being Amazing

A short video of The Rules for Being Amazing; 28 short, dynamic, inspirational quotes to help you play at peak performance.

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41 Responses to “The Rules for Being Amazing”

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  2. Marga says:

    This is great. Thanks for these rules and for being amazing :)

  3. wayne says:

    Hi Robin,
    I was really inspired by your video and i am very grateful to you for sharing it with me!, I’m also loving the idea of your app! You see when im on facebook I try to skip any negatives and look for inspiration off good people like yourself, I’m now able to just get straight to what i want with this app!


    Wayne Prendergast,
    Liverpool, England

  4. Joe says:

    Hi Robin,
    I have been reading your books and articles for over 5 years and I must say you are amazing, there is never a single moment when I have not got inspired after listening to your wisdom.
    Thank you so much for sharing and taking us all on the journey of greatness.
    God bless you

  5. Mohandas Palan says:

    Hi.. Robin,

    Thanks for taking me through the encouraging passages.. its truly positive, i am very fussy and choosy. But in your case, i am truly fond of reading all the articles written and posted by you. My humble request is to do continually as it is really inspirational.. Thanks again.. love.

  6. Rob Witty says:

    Thanks for reminding us how we can step out in life and BE amazing. Love the poster, thanks.

  7. […] said my name perfectly. Anyways I think he is great at what he does – he knows his stuff.  Rules for Being Great  it’s only 1.37 minutes watch it you’ll be glad. Sharing is […]

  8. Gloria Houghton says:

    INSPIRING, POSTIVE, thanks Robin for showing us that everything we do matters and that we call step out and be amazing if we choose! Thank-you Coach Robin!

  9. umesh says:

    Its really cool & inspirational. You have put in nutshell all you have been saying.. Great video. Saw it twice love this. I appreciate Robin sharma..

    From Umesh, Bengaluru, Karnataka State, India

  10. Beemalah says:

    It’s really very inspiring and it’s just what you need to start your day afresh with positive attitude and achieve a great day. I am very proud and lucky to be able to go through these articles. Thank you Robin Sharma for these rules…….

  11. Sunil Nair says:

    Robin this is really an inspiring video and I have realized the importance of striving to reach my greatest ambitions….Thanks…:)

  12. Nishtha says:

    Thanks Robin….It is great to have a leader like you to lead my life.

  13. Arelis says:

    Thanks Robin for being part of the blessings in my life!!
    Love the poster, it is just what I needed at this moment!

  14. Vikram says:

    Thanks for sharing the inspirational video.
    Love the poster and you always show the right path..and the encouragement to be Lead without title.


  15. HAPPY says:

    Hi Robin,

    You are my true inspirational guru. The dozes of motivational injections given by you in the poster of the rules for being amazing is really AMMMMAZZZING :)..

    I wish i could have you cell number to contact you directly and share my experiences.
    Will hope for the same.

    Your Motivated Student,
    Happy Ahi
    80106 24159

  16. Sharada says:

    Very inspiring video Robin. Thank you, God Bless everyone.

  17. Eliz says:

    Thank you very much, Robin !

    This video is very nice and inspiring at the same time :) You can’t even imagine how important your support is, especially at difficult moments of life. You always remember me that dreams may come true. Thank you for that, your help can scarcely be overestimated :)

  18. Very inspiring video, Robin. Thanks for sharing!

  19. vinod says:

    Thanks Mr.Sharma,
    Very nice n very very interesting video!
    Keep it posting this kind off inspirational motivated stuffs!
    Awaited your appy for Blackberry!!!!!!

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  21. Ramar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for sending me which is inspired me as well as my friends. i hope you will continue send to me.

    Thanks a lot for your help and attention me.

  22. Ramar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Really amazing yr video pls send me continuously i can able to improve my self and my career.

  23. Kumar Gauraw says:

    Absolutely inspiring video. The video is so awesome! I saw this video a few times before writing this comment.
    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more.


  24. Guru says:

    Thanks so much Robin

  25. marcelo bettoni says:

    Thank you very much for the data. I’m Marcelo from Argentina ,Buenos Aires .

  26. R.Sivasankar says:

    Dear Robin,

    What a day to start with your video. When i am at a time on the verge of collapse, your video is an opener

    Long Live Robin…!! What a amazing man you are..!!!!.

  27. Karthik Chandran says:

    Robin You Have Done A Great Job.

  28. Pavin says:

    Thanks…timely inspiration to start off 2103 with a bang…

  29. GuyWildCrazy says:

    This is an awesome share! I am glad to have started following your posts on facebook, you continuously inspire me to be better everyday. Thank You Robin.

  30. Godfrey Kiyemba says:

    Sharma,alot has changed positively in my life since reading “LeaderWithout a Tittle”
    Thank you very much

  31. julia says:

    Hi Robin! It’s pretty nice! Some words about crucial things….They are really inspiring!I remember a moto of one famous hotel network – To wake up for the better world. It’s all about you!

  32. alags says:

    Hi Robin,

    First. Thank you for being an inspiration!

    I happened to notice the phrase “Speak Your Truth” that you have mentioned in the above video. I see it is a lot different from what we commonly use – “Speak The Truth”. Could you enlighten me by helping me understand your perspective on what you mean by speak “your” truth?


  33. G.Srinivas says:

    Thanks Robin !! The Rules for Being Amazing !!! I am your fan!!! It’s Amazing !! I am pasting this poster on my wall.

    Only one suggestion you may consider instead of Change the world you may say Change yourself or your world..


  34. Anand says:

    Love this !!!

  35. Rosmin says:

    Hello Robin,

    I was really inspired by your video, I’m very grateful to you for sharing ideas & encouragement. You’ve become one of my Guru!



  36. Viktorijandz says:

    Thank you for such inspirational quotes! I printed out the poster and sticked in on the wall above my desk in my room so I can look at whenever I feel down. :)

  37. Karen says:

    Absolutely Awesome, I have made this poster into covers
    For my Gratitude Book, and Journal, as well as placing it
    Onto my office wall. Truly Inspiring,
    Thanks to you Robin, your family and your Team.

  38. Wendy Kura says:

    Thanks Robin your timing was perfect, today is the day I needed to embrace amazing. Stay well, Wendy

  39. KizindicH says:

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  40. Caroyln Shaffner-peluqueria novias says:

    Hmm es cualquier otra persona teniendo problemas con las im

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