2 Genius-Level Breakfast Servers – Vlog

You can Lead Without a Title. No matter what you do or where you live, every day presents the opportunity for you to do your best work and make a difference. Here is a powerful example of 2 people showing leadership at what they do.

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18 Responses to “2 Genius-Level Breakfast Servers – Vlog”

  1. Anand Nair says:

    Awesome…really awesome!!!

  2. Amit Tiwari says:

    I think, I am getting answers to my questions. Sometimes a right advice is all you need.

  3. Harshi says:

    Love the interviews you have with real people we see around us Robin. Wonderful..hope to keep seeing more. I start this morning with nuggets of wisdom from Greatness Guide 2. Thank you Robin! Have a wonderful day ahead!

  4. Sampath says:

    That’s all required to be happy & successful….simple!

  5. Anjuli says:

    Dear Robin

    Simple lil’ words —–> Simple BIG Life !

  6. Rajendran says:

    Simple ideas, but great enough to imbibe…

  7. Ramesh says:

    Dear Robin, Really uplifted on seeing this video.
    They are great ..that energy we can see in their face. Thanks for sharing this and appreciate your initiative to pull out peoples from the crowd. Wish to see you in the coming year..
    Thanks.Ramesh, Dubai UAE

  8. kiran says:

    hey robin u r awesome n hope great changes in me after following your title less leadership n wish u real opportunities to lead the people without a title regards

  9. Zaid says:

    Really good video.A smile and being optimistic in work is all that we need to be focussed in this world. Thanks Robin. You really are an inspiration.

  10. Really nice and motivating.

  11. Prashanth Sathu says:

    Maybe sometimes they do it because it is Robin Sharma who is in the coffee shop.. The waitress says “if a person catches our attention” .. Nevertheless the message is taken. Appreciated!

  12. Rajesh Gupta says:

    This is awesome. The most valuable message is “Smile is Free”. Somehow we don’t smile & in turn don’t greet the people. We are human beings and we have to treat others & ourselves with a big smile.

  13. yes. it really works.it is awesome and wonderful.it changes my personality

  14. mithali says:

    simply superb….

  15. Renaldo Fantz says:

    Keep functioning ,great job!

  16. Google says:

    Always a significant fan of linking to bloggers that I like but do not get a lot of link adore from.

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