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  1. Sankaranarayanan says:

    Great Master, keep walking

  2. Rajeev Singh says:

    The list can change life if followed in true sense. It can be practiced. I am sure, it is going to help me a lot. You are a great master. May you lead many to a fulfilled life. Rajeev Singh

  3. Robin;

    This is amazing and you are such a wonderful inspiring person

  4. Khushbu Zope says:

    The list is so simple still perfect.

  5. Sakthi Santhosh N says:

    Wonderfull, each and every tip if followed, there will be a colurful life.

    My only doubt is, what is the use of this tip? “Avoid the news.”

  6. Sherine Helal says:

    Sounds so simple ,yet it needs a great person and a lifetime to accomplish,

    Thanks for your constant support.I think we need alot of it

  7. Bakthavatchalam says:

    Hi Robin
    Wonderful Morning.
    Looking at your picture gives an inspiration, As usual your books are inspiring and leading us in a great way. We are blessed with your books. Discover your destiny is the book which I liked the most and prepared myself notes from it and referring often
    The 60 tips looks perfect and self explanatory, and I am sure you will be providing the practical tips /ways to follow in your book. .
    We are just waiting for this wonderful book.
    God bless you with more wisdom to serve the people and countries

  8. Shrikant Baraskar says:

    Dear Robin

    It is great.
    Difficult – yes
    Possible – Yes

  9. joojoo says:

    b vching ur blog self confidence vl b incresing! by seeing ur face +ve energy vll b incresing! simply in words u r very precious book vch has 2b read from08 to 80 n abv. thank u 4 providing such a wonderful blog for us!

  10. mary says:

    I have never had somebody who is like minded like Robin!

    Your books are very comforting, making one to like and improve self each day; helping us to be able to settle down, difficult situations will tranquility.

    Keep up the spirit.

  11. manojkumar says:

    master thank you

  12. Dinesh says:

    Thanks Robin:
    I want to fervidly thankyou for the wonderful books you have written and have helped me sail thru’ some crisis in the past .
    Keep writing and motivating us .
    god Bless.


  13. Braza says:

    Thank you.

    I see my successes much clearly now!

    God bless you Robin Sharma

  14. ayn says:


  15. ayn says:


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