How To Make This New Year Your Best Year Yet – Vlog

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204 Responses to “How To Make This New Year Your Best Year Yet – Vlog”

  1. Akshay vyas says:

    Robin sir,
    you are my real motivator.whenever in life when i stressed that time i read your books and free tool thoughts they inspired me lot to move ahead in life.before follow u my life has neither any goal nor proper routine.i followed you then my life looks simple than all set sir.thank you so much sir for your inspiration…

  2. Aditya shukla says:

    Hello sir !!!..
    Truly thank you for this blog!
    I’m Aditya (14 years) . I’ve read your mostly all books. Your books have helped me lift up my sprits and gave me a ray of hope. They have helped me to pass my dark days and live my present bright days with utter joy. I was in 8th class when I was totally in dark and now I’m in 10th class . Your books helped me to be known for my philosophy. I am trying my best to spread your knowdlege to all my rich friends, to my family and many others who come across me every day. Thank you . Thank you . Thank you.

  3. VISHAL says:


  4. Brevent Joy says:

    Thanks for sharing.. Welldone

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