There Are No Mistakes

So easy to beat yourself up over mistakes you’ve made. So many amongst us live in the past rather than loving the present and building a brilliant future. Some people stay stuck for years over something they did or a failure they’ve experienced. Sad. A life is a terrible thing to waste.

But let me ask you a question: “is there really such a thing as a mistake?” First of all, no one tries to fail or mess things up. Every one of us wakes up in the morning, walks out into the world and does the best we can do based on what we know and the skills we have. But even more importantly, every so-called “mistake” is actually a rich source of learning. An opportunity to build more awareness and understanding and gain precious experience. Experience that will help us do, feel and be even better. So, just maybe, there are no mistakes. Just maybe what we could call failures are actually growth lessons in wolf’s clothing. And just maybe the person who experiences the most wins.

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14 Responses to “There Are No Mistakes”

  1. Ingra says:

    wise words!
    usually we are so worried about mistakes done and living with that conscience long-lasting. we have no perspective for worries, only perspective we have by taking advice from them.

  2. Vani Gurappa says:

    The thoughts in this blog is relaxing Robin. Well it is so simple to grasp. Thank You.

  3. kahkashan says:

    you have written marvelous.people always live in past and trouble almost themselves the most due to their past mistakes.these thoughts will help them very much .thanks robin.

  4. Marco Antonio Orozco AriAS says:

    Dear Robin. I have read almost all your books and i wanted to tell you my experiencie after. I want to know if its posible to tell you about or there0‡00…7s another email so i can contact you. Good night!!! Thank You!

  5. Pam says:

    I’m not sure I agree that there are no mistakes. I have, no doubt, that I have made a mistake. But I concur, that I have learned and grown from it. Feeling better from it? Not yet. Nevertheless, I’ve learned a hard lesson. Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.

  6. Nishigandh says:

    yes totally right words … of the great examples is ABRAHAM LINCOLN

  7. deepa says:

    Dear Robin, Your words are really very short, crisp n wise!!

    We all make mistakes. But we should learn some lesson from them and move on otherwise going on making the same mistakes is not a wise thing to do.

    Edison failed approximately ten thousand times before he invented the light bulb but didn’t give up. All the mistakes added to his rich experience and he became a great scientist.

  8. BHAVESH JOSHI says:


  9. Usha says:

    Excellent thought. I also experience one more on this line. A mistake is always unique. never repeated. So we are bound to learn new lessons from new mistakes, and nothing is possible without a fair price. The fair price for life is Little mistakes here and there. Robin, You are doing wonders in my mental growth. Thanks

  10. jihane says:

    but what if we already know that what we’re doing is a huge mistake,what about that?? how can we stop beeing addicted to lessons, and what about consequences we’re gona have 2deal with afterwards…
    it would be better for me 2agree with you, but i would be lying to myself…well i cant live in denial, if u can good 4u,cz in order to get over a mistake and make it right we gonna have to admit zat it’s already there… denying its presence will make it impossible to learn anything

  11. mohanraj says:

    Dear Robin,


  12. LeeAnne says:

    Wow! I came across your site a few days ago and I am addicted. You keep ideas short, clear, and uplifting. I have made mistakes in the past and will probably make a few more. I will look at them differently now because of you. Time to forgive, learn and move on. It’s what I would want my child to do. Thank you for reminding me I need to do that too.

  13. Jyoti Choudhary says:

    Just like there are no good or bad experiences, only lessons to be learnt, mistakes are just a way to learn and move ahead in life…

  14. Sawsan says:

    Hi robin,
    Your styleing in writing is amazing.I wonder how you can catch wisdoms from everythings.

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