My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

Gratitude. That’s how I feel about your support of my work this past year. My team and I have pulled out my 10 most popular blog posts from the past twelve months and I’ve listed them below.

Read them. Reflect on them. Debate them. Enjoy them!

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

1) The 50 New Rules of Work (17.9K Shares)
The global economy is in a state of acute disruption. Competition has never been more fierce. Consumers have never been so well-informed and loudly demanding. And what worked yesterday just might be obsolete today. But this time is also a great time, for the astonishing few who are ready to show leadership. Leaders are at their absolute best during messy cycles versus during the easy ones. And messy cycles bring with them gorgeous opportunities. Click here to read more…

2) You Can’t Lead In Fear (7465 Shares)
Fear ruins more bright lives than you might imagine. Each of us, by virtue of our very human nature, has the potential to Lead Without A Title and achieve great things that elevate everyone around us by our model of possibility. But the chattering voice of fear in our heads stops us from playing big. Click here to read more…

3) My 3 Best Keys To Super Productivity (7382 Shares)
We live in an age of dramatic distraction. On an average day we spend up to 2.1 hours in distraction. To waste your time is to waste your life, talent and creativity. So in this video I share with you my 3 best keys to super productivity to help you play at your absolute best. Click here to watch the video…

4) The Saboteur: The Real Reason You Procrastinate (6135 Shares)
In this video I share with you an insight that will help you shatter your past performance. You’ll be able to strip-away from your life all the distractions and become one of the few productive people that gets great work done. Click here to watch the video…

5) Random Insights On Exceptionalism (5915 Shares)
I’m at 40,000 feet. Sunlight floods through the window. Flying home from beautiful Vancouver, Canada after a presentation to The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) on game-changing moves that Remarkable Entrepreneurs are dedicated to. I do my best thinking on airplanes and wanted to download some random insights on leadership, business and living at world-class with you. Click here to read more…

6) 17 Tips to Double Your Productivity In 14 Days (5708 Shares)
One of the modules from “The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference” that happens in June is on “Doubling Your Productivity in 30 Days”, based on my work with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in business. I wanted to share 17 of the tactics I’ve learned that I know will help you lean into your productive best in this age of dramatic distraction. Click here to read more…

7) The 8 Faces of Exceptionally Creative Leaders (5170 Shares)
If you’ve been following my work for a while, you know that my core belief is that the old model of leadership is dead and now, anyone in any organization on any part of the planet can show leadership. I’ve seen taxi drivers who display rare-air leadership along with school teachers + breakfast servers + construction workers. Work is changing. And we all can provoke impact and influence if we Lead Without a Title. But here’s the point of this piece: not only do each of us have the potential to be leaders – we each have the potential to be creative. Massively. Click here to read more…

8) 15 Ways To Do Your Best Work (4582 Shares)
Remember that a job is only just a job if all you see it as is a job. Don’t do your best work for the applause it generates but for the personal pride it delivers. In this article I share with you 15 game-changing ideas to doing your best work and playing at your absolute best. Click here to read more…

9) 5 One Minute Productivity Moves (4171 Shares)
In an effort to help you win the war against distraction and interruption I’ll give you “5 One Minute Productivity Tactics” to help you amp up your game and do your best work. 1. Have the courage to get great at saying “No Thanks” to any activities that don’t advance your priorities. Click here to read more…

10) Do What’s Most Difficult (4031 Shares)
Sam Keen had a great line, “You are caught by what you are running from.” Genius. We attempt to structure our lives to avoid our fears but that’s about as intelligent as straightening the deck chairs on the Titanic. The best way to overcome a fear is to face your fear. As a matter of fact, every time we do something we’ve been avoiding, we take back the power that seemingly scary or difficult thing had over us. Click here to read the rest…

Every good wish to you and your family for the holiday season – from me and my family.

Robin Sharma

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    Morning breezes
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    Happy 5am Holidays Robin :)

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    I am following yours since 2010. Still I will follow. You are my rolemodel. Thanks.

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    You are simply Awesome!

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    I’ll re-read all the above and try to implement then again in a better and more convincing way. Thanks for putting them again Robin, Happy LWT !!!!

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    You have made my life.

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    Hi Robin,

    Many thanks for this post. Your post “5 One Minute Productivity Moves” is exceptionally powerful. I have been struggling with lack of time, but this post has truly helped with my productivity. Many thanks on your great work.

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    Hi Robin. Can u please tell us when ur latest book will be translated in french???

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