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My 23 Best Tactics for Personal Greatness

Monday, May 1st, 2017

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

As you know, if you’ve been following my work over the years, 1% victories performed daily–and flawlessly–are the keys to producing gargantuan results. Over long periods of time.

You really don’t have to make sudden changes or frightening optimizations to raise your game + revolutionize your life.

Instead, just master each day…

…By simply devoting to delivering a few micro-wins that, over time, elevate you to a place called wow.

And a league called legendary.

Anyway, it’s a spectacular Spring morning in New York City as I write this for you.

My Russian trainer pushed me hard in the gym early this morning.

Now, I’m hidden in my hotel room with everything on “do not disturb” so I can get this message right for you. And bring on my best.

You’ll find it ultra-valuable. If you make the time to study it. Versus skim it. [Ideas don’t work for those who don’t do the work, yes?].

I’m here in Manhattan for IconX, my super-elite coaching group for empire-builders. Next session we go to Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island in South Africa.

You know — I’ve been travelling a lot.

Writing my new book The 5 AM Club in quiet hotel rooms in inspirational cities. Delivering leadership presentations to my beloved clients. Doing whatever I am able to do to be a light of inspiration [and impact] in our increasingly volatile world.

Also been thinking a lot on what I need to do more of in my life, what pursuits I need to strip out and what moves I need to make to experience my next level of craft, fire + service.

And with this main aim in mind, I’ve deconstructed 23 powerful tactics to promote your personal greatness. To feed your inner hero. To fuel the history-maker within.

With great love + respect, I encourage you to make the time right now to read each of the ideas with a thoughtful mindset — and an open heartset…

…We’re all busy but I really do trust you’ll find what follows enormously valuable.

And as you know so well from our work together: the performer who learns the most wins…

Ok. Here you go:

#1. Don’t check emails or your social feeds first thing in the morning. Exploit your most pristine hours for your most valuable projects. That’s what the Titans do.

#2. Create your “victory move”. This is a physical pose you do at certain times of the day to kickstart your mental concentration and unleash your physical energy. Doing so often is a strong ritual supported by some very good science.

#3. Forgive anyone you haven’t forgiven. It’s a gift you’ll give yourself. [Hard to climb a mountain carrying someone on your back].

#4. Remember that the bigger your dream, the more important your team. You can’t get to world-class with a low-performing support circle.

#5. Read “Peak” by Anders Ericsson.

#6. Get out into nature at least once a day. Tremendous benefits for your mindset, heartset, healthset + soulset.

#7. Stop being so hard on yourself. You’re human. We each have our gifts and our flaws. Our hopes and our fears. You and I are works in progress. Celebrate who you’ve become. And honor the progress you’ve made [instead of demanding perfection].

#8. Plan your week in intimate detail every Sunday morning. This removes the need to make multiple decisions each day [because you now have a beautiful blueprint in place]. And that frees up your focus + energy to dial into the few priorities that are most vital to your A-game.

#9. Let go of the relationships in your inner-circle that steal your joy. Your highest life depends on this one winning move.

#10. Travel more. You’ll receive your most genius ideas and experience your happiest moments running through the streets of Paris, swimming with the dolphins in Mauritius and watching the sun set over the Taj Mahal in Agra.

#11. Have good judgment. Yes, I know I’m old-school on this. But I think we’re living in a culture of oversharing. People show up in their pajamas on Instagram, reveal their intimate details on YouTube and have no boundaries on the internet. Go contrarian.

#12. Breathe more deeply. Regularly. All elite producers do.

#13. Drink more water. And ginger tea with fresh lemon in it.

#14. Run my “Daily 5 Ritual”. It’s helped millions of people do amazing things in business + their personal lives. Five small goals done with perfect execution every day makes 150 accomplished goals a month and 1850 in a year. Life changer. Truly.

#15. Read “What Doesn’t Kill Us” by Scott Carney. Fascinating.

#16. Read “Into The Magic Shop” by James Doty. Moving.

#17. Get enough sleep. Yes I made The 5 AM Club famous but I’ve never evangelized sleep deprivation. You absolutely need excellent sleep to perform at otherworldly levels. And to be happy, healthy and strong. [And yes–I’m in year 3 of writing my new book The 5 AM Club. Yikes!]

#18. Remember that your pain has served your growth. Your setbacks have strengthened your character. And your heartbreaks have helped your heroism. [Let resentments go. And trust life has your back].

#19. Find your Dream Room. This is a place you go where you have zero devices to distract you. Schedule chunks of time in here at least 3x a week. To produce Michelangelo-level work. That wows the world.

[Note: I could walk you through the mind-blowing science of transient hypofrontality, the triggering of a brain cell type called oligodendrocytes that happens away from interruption and the related production of myelin that research is now showing is the secret of mastery. But that’s for my live event Personal Mastery Academy

…If you’re seriously ready to x25 your confidence, performance and impact, watch this important trailer and read the details below and get one of the few remaining seats before we’re sold-out for another year].

#20. Run my “2 Massage Protocol”. Getting two 90-minute massages a week isn’t an expense. It’s an investment in your peak mindset, massive levels of daily energy [you can’t inspire the world if you’re exhausted], battleproofing against stress + extending your life [a great key to legendary is longevity].

#21. Respect time. Learning how to leverage your time like a pro is mission-critical to leading an epic life. So many people want gorgeous results but aren’t doing the things required to have those rewards. You can’t own your game without installing the core mentalities, routines, operating systems and life structures that the best use every day.

#22. Protect your willpower. One of the most valuable of your performance assets is self-discipline. You can have a brilliant ambition, a sensational mission, exceptional talents and great products. But without the ability to execute on these–and translate your grand intentions into daily results, nothing happens. So understand that elite performance without regular recovery leads to depletion.

#23. Be alone a lot. Solitude is where you get to remember your greatness. World-class performers spend a lot of time alone. Envisioning. Planning. Scripting. Practicing. Studying. Iterating. You should too.

Hope this post helps you produce some exponential gains in your work and personal life…

…And if you feel you’re finally ready to express your gifts, declare victory over your fears, feel exceptionally happy/strong/peaceful and rise to a way of being that’s world-class…

…Then you really should watch this inspirational video because your highest life is waiting for you and days are slipping away.

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–my advanced methods for exponential productivity + prosperity that I teach only to the billionaires I advise [these techniques alone will pay for your tuition investment x50]

–potent ways to break through your limits to own your game and be the heavyweight champion of your field

–revolutionary tactics to live a life you absolutely adore

And you’ll spend two days with some of the most successful + wonderful people on the planet…

Wait and you’ll probably not get in this year…

So just DO THIS: go ahead and get one of the few remaining seats here

Make this time of your life an epic time of your life. Believe in your talents. Honor your gifts. And get ready to inspire the world.

Love + respect,

P.S. Definitely go ahead and watch this inspirational video now before it comes down

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I’ve Missed You

Monday, August 8th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Personal Mastery Academy Online

Like I suggested in my message to you the other day where I shared the vital lessons from my visit inside Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island, I’ve missed being in touch with you.

Now that my long trip through Rome/JoBurg/Cape Town/Paternoster/Mauritius + Paris is done, I want to make sure I am a little more consistent in sending you some of the best content I’m producing, within my little leadership lab.

So we get you to great. And help lift our world in the process.

Well, today’s message is about the secrets of the wealthiest people on the planet.

And just like “miracles”, I don’t deploy the word “secrets” very often.

But the richest of the rich think + feel + do things that most people just don’t know about. [If you’ve been in my community for a while you know my brain tattoo on this point well: “To have the lives very few have, think and do in ways only very few are willing to do”].

And so what I’m about to share are secrets.

Here are 4 of the finest ones based on my 20+ years coaching many of the most influential and strikingly successful people on the planet and working with the superstar performers who join me at my flagship annual 4-day event, The Titan Summit every December.

[NOTE: For everyone asking: This year we’re in sophisticated Zurich, Switzerland, December 4,5,6 + 7. The co-founder of one of history’s greatest companies will be in the room with us on my Faculty along with other global experts who will blow your mind with the information they’ll share. I’ll open registration for the small block of seats available late September so please be patient].

Ok. Let’s get to today’s piece…

Secret #1: The Ultra-Wealthy Don’t Care What Others Think

This is a core insight. How many times have you had a world-building idea that would x100 your own life in the process, and given up on it the instant someone in your inner circle suggested it was impossible?

You can become an icon. Or you can fit into society. But you can’t do both.

This world was constructed by eccentrics and misfits. In the great book by Peter Thiel Zero To One, he notes many of the Silicon Valley’s titans have Asperger’s Syndrome, a characteristic on the autism scale.

Those with Asperger’s are wired with no need to fit in. They just don’t care about optics. This gift became their advantage. And so they dreamed up grand visions and had the grit to get them done, denying the chattering voices of the naysayers surrounding them.

So, trust your gut. Block out those who don’t get you. Stay in your own lane. Go ahead and deliver your dreams. You’ll be considered a genius at the end. Trust me.

Secret #2: Your Income Never Exceeds Your Identity

Getting your internal foundation right is what the billionaires I work with make job #1. As the late great Jim Rohn said: “Income rarely exceeds personal development.”

Without building up an undefeatable mindset, installing a massively fit physical life, releasing the toxic waste of anger and sorrow from your emotional core and sculpting vast empires within your soul, how can you possibly walk out into the world and do legendary things?

The world really is a mirror, giving us not what we want. But who we are.

Secret #3: The Ultra-Wealthy Stay Unstuck

Look, we all get humbled by life. The whole ride through our days is a series of seasons. Some are full of creativity, productivity, prosperity and joy. And others are filled with confusion, transition and pain.

Welcome to a fully lived life.

Here’s the thing: the most prosperous people on the planet are masters of letting go. They experience misfortune but understand that hard times make stronger heroes.

The wealthiest among us–in my experience over many years of working with them–are ridiculously resilient. They have trained their brains to view difficulties as bravery training. They get that wounds can yield wisdom. And they know that–if one chooses–pain can be leveraged into vast reserves of authentic power.

So they fully experience the suffering. Then, they release the experience, when their instinct says the time is right. That doesn’t mean they still don’t think about it, from time to time.

And that it still doesn’t hurt, from time to time.

It just means they accept what happened. They understand it was for the best. They use the event to grow even better. And they continue relentlessly creating an utterly fantastic life.

Secret #4: To Make Millions, Help Millions

The real key to wealth is service. Be of use. Release artistry into the world. Produce pure poetry. Anything less is unworthy of you.

Because the more human beings you help and the more potent value you generate, the more your business transforms from an enterprise into a movement.

And the more you play like a pro versus an amateur, the faster your clients will fall in love with you.

So, I need to say…

I’d LOVE to help you make the remaining months of the year the single best months of your life yet…

…If you are really ready to make today the first day of your greatest life and begin to live in a way that very few people ever do, it would be a blessing for me to help you get there

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…past attendees have grown billion dollar companies, created rare-air lifestyles and produced results that have been nothing less than amazing.

Given how many people want to get into The Titan Summit (in Zurich this year, December 4,5,6 + 7), the regular tuition investment for one seat is now $30,000 to keep the event super-exclusive . And when I open registration in late September for this year’s summit, the small number of places will be snapped up swiftly.

But the remarkable news for you is

My team understands that not everyone can make it into the live event. And I truly want more people to be exposed to the absolutely world-class information from the 4 day event on exponential performance, producing prosperity like a billionaire, getting fit like a pro athlete and living past 100, insider-insights on x100 business growth and stunning strategies to use the rest of your life to make history.

So my team has taken all the video recordings from the last Titan Summit (over 10 of the finest thought leaders and industry experts in the world) and handcrafted them into a beautiful online course called The Titan Academy, that you can start watching today.

This is your rare opportunity to experience what it was like to be in the room with me at The Titan Summit over the four days and learn insights only a small group of people ever learn from my extraordinary faculty of global experts at a fraction of the cost for a seat at the live event.

I believe in awesome value and power of this online course so much I’m putting ALL the risk on my own shoulders with an ironclad 100% no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee because I REALLY want you to try this so you grow your results exponentially!

So definitely go here now to get one of the very limited memberships before all spaces are sold out and you miss this

Hope this helps. Believe in your greatness. I’m always here to help.

With love and respect,

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–A little-known system explaining how billionaires and elite business-builders think + produce with Alex Charfen, coach to top CEOs.

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–How to balance extreme business success with a beautiful family life with #1 bestselling author of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff for Women and Heartbroken Open, Kristine Carlson.

–How to create a magical mindset with the charismatic founder of the fast-growing clothing company Spiritual Gangster, Ian Lopatin.

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This opportunity of a lifetime to get a membership into the online version of my famous 4-day flagship event The Titan Summit (now $30,000 for the single seat) at a fraction of the regular cost and get full access to all the videos, 10+ global experts and the rare-air content will soon vanish.

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All green lights. Go for great. Bye :)

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The Happiness Algorithm

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

The Happiness Algorithm

It’s 5:42 am as I write this message to you. A candle flickers. James Bay’s beautiful song Let It Go plays softly. The people I love most are sleeping. This morning’s coffee is amazing.

Birds sing. Flowers bloom in our back garden. Lush trees rise up high, in natural tribute to the awakening skies above.

I was up at 4:30 am today. Just this rush of energy pulsing through me that got me to my morning workout a little earlier than usual.

And now I sit here. Simply savoring the sweetness in this most simple scene. This Perfect Moment.

A few weeks ago, people from 31 nations showed up in stylish Toronto for my hot new live event, Personal Mastery Academy (PMA). One of the insights my beloved attendees found most valuable was to see themselves as “Perfect Moment Creators”.

The concept goes back to a book I love: Chasing Daylight. It’s a true story about the former CEO of KPMG who, on a routine visit to his doctor, was told he had 90 days left to live.

Instead of giving up, he fortified himself against his impending death by engineering his last 3 months to be the best 3 months of his life.

Realizing he’d never, in all his years as an elite executive, had lunch with his wife he started having lunch with his wife. Recognizing his daughter’s Christmas concerts missed and all the special times neglected because of his obsession with his work, he began to focus on doing beautiful things with his most important people.

He began creating Perfect Moments.

At PMA, I encouraged–and challenged–all those bold souls in the room to make the time, on a regular basis, to create Perfect Moments with their friends and families: simple or not so simple experiences the people who mattered most to them would carry within their hearts.

For the rest of their lives.

Just becoming aware and then being devoted to being a Perfect Moment Creator becomes a game-changer. Just getting uber-intentional on finding ways to wow your loved ones (and then following through on the self-promise) shifts the game. And lifts your impact.

And of course, please do pursue Perfect Moments for yourself, as well.

Your Perfect Moments could range from multi-hour long family dinners over a sunset to a trip to Florence to witness Michelangelo’s David before sharing the city’s best pizza in an off-the-path trattoria.

Your Perfect Moments may involve forest walks or movie nights, epic conversations under star-filled skies or adventures to places you’ve always dreamed to be.

I don’t know where your willingness to being a Perfect Moment Creator will take you. Mine has led to experiences like having one of the best days of my life exploring art (and pain au chocolat) in Paris with my two children, skiing big mountains in Switzerland, swimming with dolphins in Mauritius and recently eating a remarkable meal with my family in an eccentric restaurant installed within the control room of an abandoned power plant.

All this happened because I’ve installed a priority to make it happen.

You see, happiness doesn’t just show up. Happiness needs to be manufactured.

And living a gorgeous life doesn’t require a lot of money. Just a lot of dedication.

Hope this message helps. I’ll be in touch soon. I send you my best. Bye.

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The SuperProducer’s Secret [new video]

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

I shot a very raw and real but extremely valuable video from my hotel room a few weeks ago.

I was supposed to be on a refueling break but I needed to do this for you. Because this work I do isn’t really work. It’s a devotion. A mission.

This new video walks you through the philosophy, psychology and technology of how the most successful athletes, entrepreneurs, artists and humanitarians on the planet install the habits of excellence…

priceless information in it [you’ll see what I mean when you watch it to the end].

View it here before it comes down.

…It’s a total myth that SuperProducer’s are more gifted or fortunate than “ordinary” people. Their secret comes down to their ability to wire in habits and rituals that create vast streams of breathtaking results.

My new video will show you exactly how they do it. It’s waiting for you here

I’m working really hard to send you all of this free training. All I ask is that you exercise the wisdom and courage to act on it.

As a courtesy, I also want to gently mention that we’ll be closing doors shortly to my famous online course Your Absolute Best Year Yet. It’s a real program for real people who want real results…

…look, life’s really really short. Before we know it, years have slipped away. Too many off us spend our best days stuck in the past or deep into distractions. PLEASE don’t let that happen to you…

our world is becoming a messier place. The best way to win amid the disruption is to build a better, stronger, wiser, greater and more loving YOU

…we’re closing enrolment in this life-changing online course very soon so don’t postpone making the improvements that will give you the happiness, fitness, prosperity and sense of fulfilment you deserve. You don’t want to make 2016 a repeat of last year.

It’s fully guaranteed and comes with beautiful bonuses so get one of the last memberships here

Thousands of people have already jumped into the course so definitely join them. Nothing happens until you move, right? :)

I truly want to help + this program will help you make the changes you’ve never been able to make [it’s helped a tremendous number of people just like you already].

Success comes to those who act so claim one of the last memberships here

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Hope the video helps you. I’m here to make 2016 your year. Now is your time. Believe in yourself.

Talk soon,


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Get one of the last memberships here before you miss this

Speak soon + please use the beginning of this new year to make the new choices that will generate your best life.

You CAN do this. You ARE worth it. 2016 is YOUR year!

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The Giant Achievement Method [and free worksheet]

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

The Giant Achievement Method [and free worksheet]

The way you begin these early weeks of 2016 dramatically sets up how well you live it. Momentum matters. And starting strong counts.

I want to walk you through a procrastination-destroying, confidence-unleashing, results-awakening methodology I’ve used with my private coaching clients in IconX and my global influencers at The Titan Summit.

I share the entire practice below. Worked hard to write out the whole process for you.

I know you’re busy. But what makes mastery are those with the wisdom and conviction to go deep. So go deep and study the method below.

It’s a game-changer. Period.

Please just trust that it’s totally worth the 15 minutes of your life it’ll take to learn it. And going through the worksheet is easy and great fun.

The process is called “Exponential Focus Mapping”. Learn this method well, execute on it daily and you will generate explosive progress in your thinking, productivity, performance, prosperity and service to the world.

The protocol is simple: like all great tools. You just go through a blueprint for a beautiful year that I’ve built out, recording your key production indicators and the deliverables that need to get done so this year becomes the year you make history.

The power of the process lives in what going through the blueprint shifts in your subconscious mind and deepest core. As the eminent positive psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson has found: your story about your potential determines whether you live your potential.

Why? Because if you don’t think you can change or be world-class, then you won’t take the steps needed to change and be world class. Human beings just never rise higher than their self-identity. [Powerful idea there].

To be of service to you, you can download the form right here

Print it out and then let’s get started:

Step #1. Do Your Big 5.

These are the five outcomes that absolutely must get done for 2016 to become the best year of your life yet. Writing these down breeds clarity and trains your brain to strip out distractions and get centered around core priorities.

Step #2: Note Your Top 5 Values.

Few things diminish your energy than self-betrayal. We all have a wise witness deep within us, watching every move we make. I truly believe that the heart records every experience we have, every place we go and every act we do. Yes, we are that amazing. Until your daily behavior reflects your deepest values, you will never have the firepower to fly. So get these onto paper.

Step #3: Write Your Quarterly 10.

Pretty straightforward: deconstruct and then reverse sequence your Big 5 into 10 tinier goals that you will nail over the first 90 days of this fresh new year.

Step #4: Go Through Your Life Assessment.

Just have a look at the circle on the blueprint and evaluate yourself from 1-10 in the success arenas listed. Doing this will give you vivid awareness of how you’re doing. And with better awareness you can make better choices. With better choices you’re guaranteed to experience brighter results.

Step #5: Run Through Your Monomaniacal Obsessions.

This is just deepening your understanding around your Big 5 and locking your subconscious brain onto the vital few over the next 12 months.

Step #6: Draw a Cartoon of 2016 as Your Best Year Yet.

Drawing gets you into creative + genius versus logical and limited thinking. At this point of your blueprint experience you draw what you want over this new year. Clarity builds mastery and a vague vision produces vague results. So draw out your ideal home, fitness, financial, professional and adventure life. Doing this also generates hope and releases energy; elements necessary to get you more momentum at the start of this year.

Step #7: List Your Daily Rituals.

The quality of your performance comes down to the caliber of your habits. Here, on the form, list the routines you commit to running each day to the point of automaticity. I suggest you use my 20/20/20 Formula, The 90/90/1 Rule, The 2 Massage Protocol and The Second Wind Workout–all proprietary rituals I’ve taught to my best clients who have leveraged them to achieve fortunes of success beyond most people’s boldest imaginations. [If you want to learn my most powerful teachings on “Routines and Rituals” so you achieve exceptional results in 2016, snap up one of the limited memberships I’ve made available to my famous online course Your Absolute Best Year Yet right here before we are sold out.

Step #8: Create Your Stop Doing List.

Average performers have a To-Do List. A-Players do Stop Doing lists. Note down, on the blueprint I’m giving you (get it here), all the activities you intend to stop doing over the new year. Examples include: complaining, gossiping, procrastinating, missing workouts, stagnating at work and coasting through life instead of making the new choices that will make your life brilliantly better.

Step #9: Add in Your Vital 10.

Just rewrite your most important ten goals for the first quarter of this new year. Repeating this exercise from earlier in the blueprint is a conditioning play and hypnotizes your thinking to focus on the positive and release the negative.

Step #10: Set Your Growth Tool.

The #1 way to double your income and impact, triple your investment in your personal development and professional education. Why? Because as you build a stronger mindset and a braver internal core, the fears that limited your success will vanish. You’ll believe in possibilities you previously didn’t feel you could do. You’ll see opportunities average producers miss. And you’ll rise to mastery in your field. So here, note down your learning and growth commitments for 2016. Then schedule them so they get done.

Step #11: Construct Your Circle of Giants.

You will become your associations. Lots of good new science confirms that you unconsciously adopt the thinking, emotions, behaviors and lifestyles of the people you spend most of your time with. If you’re the most successful person you know, I strongly encourage you to make today the day you start to know some new people. On the blueprint, write your new circle of influence here.

Ok. That’s it. I’ve just given you a life-altering strategy as well as the form I give to my best clients so you can work through the whole method. I just really want to help you let go of the past, dramatically grow your inner power and start off 2016 on fire to realize epic results in the most important areas of your life.

Let’s make 2016 YOUR year. You can do this. You are worth the effort. You will fly!

If you want me to help you achieve epic results this year, read on:

If you find the insights and sincere sharing above valuable, want to discover my elite-level ideas that REALLY work to transform your life and would like my help over the next few months so you translate your big intentions into REAL results, then I strongly recommend you go here now

Given the super-enthusiastic demand, I’ve just opened up a new block of memberships to my famous online course Your Absolute Best Year Yet.

I’d LOVE to help you experience the best success of your life in 2016. The system works beautifully, it’s fully guaranteed so there’s ZERO risk to try it out and a percentage of your investment goes to The Robin Sharma Foundation for Children, so together, we help kids in need…

…make the decision I predict will change the rest of your life and get one of the remaining memberships now before we close enrolment.

Please note: this online course just isn’t for you if you want a quick-fix that doesn’t last. This is a real life-transformation program for real people who want real results–and are willing to do the work to get them.

Claim your membership here before they’re gone.

This is THE video-based training program that has helped many thousands of people just like you in 50+ countries achieve these 5 outcomes so they created the single best year of their lives:

#1. Shatter your mental limits/fears so you install a mindset that is undefeatable.

#2. Release the past and unleash your highest happiness for this year and the rest of your life.

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