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Daily Routines of The Rock Stars of Achievement

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

By Robin Sharma
#1 Bestselling author of “The Leader Who Had No Title”

The quality of your habits defines the caliber of your performance.

The other day I promised you a valuable piece on the daily habits and best practices of some of the highest achieving people our world has ever known.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or reading my books, you’re now familiar with my brain tattoo: “To have the results only 5% have, you need to do the things that only 5% are willing to do.”

That insight–and the others I’ve been sharing with you recently in an effort to help you end this year STRONG–comes from my formula for extreme achievement that has helped millions of people do amazing things with their lives…

To make the ideas I’ve been sharing even more relevant to YOU personally, I set about searching for some of the powerful–and sometimes eccentric–moves that the best among us make.

Some come from research papers. Others come from biographies I’ve read. Yet more come from the superb book by Mason Curry called Daily Rituals

Read the habits below. Run them. Live them…

Ernest Hemingway: Up at 5:30 every morning to write even if he’d been drinking the night before. He wrote as a practice, not just when he felt inspired.

Benjamin Franklin: Sat naked every morning in fresh air for his “bath” which he swore fuelled his energy and creativity. He also listed 13 character traits he wanted to build and measured how he lived against each of them every night before he slept (in a journal).

Padmasree Warrior (Chief Technology Officer at Cisco Systems): Regular “digital detoxes” where she unplugs from technology to reboot her brain and replenish her creative reserves.

Leonardo da Vinci: Slept via small naps throughout the day versus sleeping 8 hours straight. The famed inventor Thomas Edison reportedly did the same thing (as does Hip-Hop mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs).

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Daily walks which shifted his mindset from the mundane to the original. The Great Nelson Mandela used to walk entire days for the exercise and mind-clearing effects the discipline would deliver. So many extreme achievers take a walk every day; ideally take your walk in nature. And bring a means to capture the outpouring of fresh insights that will flow.

Steve Jobs: Would fast for extended periods of time, recognizing that it created a sense of euphoria within him that motivated his dazzling output of ideas. He also loved carrots, eating so many during one period that his skin turned to a soft orange color.

Maya Angelou: Writes in a cheap and spartan hotel room she rents. She awakes at home around 5:30 each morning, has coffee with her husband and then shows up at the hotel room to do seriously productive work by 7 am. “It’s lonely and it’s marvellous” she says. Personally, I’ve done the most important work of my career in hotel rooms from Buenos Aires to Auckland. And on airplanes (the longer the flight the more I get done).

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Loved his coffee and measured out his beans with meticulous love and care: 60 beans per cup. Many elite performers use this drink as a productivity tool. But please do so in moderation: Balzac drank 50 cups a day. Sadly, he died from a heart attack at 51.

Mick Jagger: Exercises 6 days a week and includes ballet, pilates and yoga in his regimen. Sir Mick clearly gets that fitness rewires the brain to fight fear, reduces the stress response and multiplies stamina.

Stephen King: Writes every single day of the year and does not get up from the pursuit of his craft until his daily quota of two thousand words has been met.

Please also remember that: The quality of your habits defines the caliber of your performance.

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2 Viral Videos for Extreme Achievers Only

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

By Robin Sharma
#1 Bestselling author of “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Over the past few weeks I’ve been sending you a series of training videos and content pieces that share key elements of my extreme achievement formula that has helped millions of people make their highest dreams and boldest goals come true.

These videos and posts have been carefully crafted to inspire you, to move you and to fuel your potential. So you unleash it onto the world…

…and become a difference-maker.

Please remember:

—You’ve been built to shine.

—You’ve been designed to fly.

—Your past need not spoil your future.

—You have genius within you, even if unseen.

—You honor your best when you do your dreams.

The videos have gone viral…and the response has blown me away.

Video #1 on “How to Achieve Your Biggest Goals” has been viewed over 96,100 times within a short period of time…

…and astoundingly, this video was shared 24,332 times during a 24-hour period this past week. OMG.

Watch it here

Video #2 on “How to Wake Up Early” has been viewed over 109,900 times in the last 2 weeks.

Watch it here

I’ve also written a series of blog posts sharing even more elements of my extreme achievement formula, the very steps I’ve shared with many of the top performers in business, sports and the arts.

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The 8 Acronyms of Extreme Achievement

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

By Robin Sharma
#1 Bestselling author of “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Please read with care

A quick but strong and valuable piece of information about getting you from where you now are to where you’ve always wanted to be is below…please read it with care…

I’m in Moscow as I write this…just finished a 3 hour presentation for Russia’s business elite.

They were smart, energetic and open to learning (remember: the moment you think you know everything you know nothing).

One of the pieces that kickstarted their passion and got them all talking was the section on The 8 Acronyms for Extreme Achievement…

…if you’ve read my books like The Leader Who Had No Title and The Greatness Guide you know I adore my acronyms…

…and here are 8 of the best (apply them over the next 90 days so you finish this year at your very best…there’s still enough time to make this year legendary…but you need to get moving swiftly now)…

The 8 Acronyms for Extreme Achievement

#1: APR: Absolute Personal Responsibility

Nothing in your personal, physical, professional and financial life will change until you start making your changes. Human beings are really really good at self-deception (lying to ourselves keeps us from pain). And playing The Victim.

But the beginning of transformation is awareness. And the very moment we stop blaming others and conditions for what’s not world-class in our lives is the moment we take back our power to dramatically alter our situation.

APR is all about waking up to the reality that your current reality (in whatever areas are most important to you) have not been caused by your boss or by your spouse or by your childhood or by the world. You created them (via your thinking, behaviors and performance). And once you truly get this, you’ll be in the beautiful position to make the new choices that will deliver all-new results.

#2. NSI: Never Stop Improving

Study Jay-Z or Cirque du Soleil or Zuckerberg or Lady Gaga. All extreme achievers have one belief in common: good enough is definitely not good enough.

To start seeing explosive gains in your achievement levels, I invite you to make the commitment to using every single day of the rest of your long life as a platform for improvement and a vehicle for daily optimization.

Remember: as you live this day, so you craft your life (the best way to predict the future is to create it in the present). Leave everything you touch 1% better. Never stop improving your mindset. Never stop improving your communication. Never stop improving your fitness. Never stop improving your productivity. Never stop improving your knowledge base…you get my point…

#3. BIW: Best In the World

The whole name of the game is to win. And winning is less about being better than others and a whole lot more about outperforming who you were yesterday (hint: you can’t get to be the extreme achiever you’ve always dreamed of becoming, stuck in the think and action patterns of the person you’ve always been).

And when you’re all about the hot pursuit of Mastery, Excellence and Exceptionalism (not so you become the best in the world but so you express your best), the inevitable result is that you become one of the best in the world.

You really were born into greatness. But the world may have schooled it out of you.

You really have something special within you. But life may have suggested it out of you.

Today’s an awesome day to make the choice that will change the game for you…and start standing for your highest and best.

#4. ABDOV: Always Be Delivering Outrageous Value

Your life comes alive when you devote it to service. The secret of happiness truly is helpfulness.

We live in The Generosity Economy…the person who helps the most will profit the most (not only in terms of your joy-levels but financially as well).

When you train your brain to focus on the mission “how may I help the most people?” and when you begin to see yourself as a walking talking living breathing value contributor, success, abundance and breathtaking levels of well-being beat a path to your front door.

#5. KMF: Keep Moving Forward

Study the excellent research of Angela Lee Duckworth and you’ll discover that the #1 factor that determines whether you’ll become an extreme achiever or an average person comes down to one thing…

…it’s not your IQ.

…it’s not your looks.

…it’s not where you live or where you’ve been.

It’s a world she calls “Grit”…your ability to persist, stay passionate and get your biggest goals done (in the face of being laughed at, bumping into obstacles and even being filled with self-doubt).

KMF is all about moving ahead–when things are easy but even more essentially, when times are hard.

You show us how badly you want your dreams when you press ahead in the most difficult of times. Remember: Victims surrender to adversity while Extreme Achievers exploit it to their advantage.

#6. FMOB: The First, The Most, The Only and The Best

First mover advantage. The great spoils of success don’t come to the person who got the brilliant idea but to the performer who got the idea done.

Ideation without execution is mere delusion.

Stop telling us you’ll start your business or get ultra-fit or fall in love or change the world. Talk’s just cheap. Action speaks louder. Just go do it…and then tell us what you did.

Being a FMOB is about committing to becoming legendary. An icon. A giant on the planet. And using your life to make history.

#7. LWT: Lead Without a Title.

You can lead without the need for a position or formal authority. I’ve spent over a decade criss-crossing the world teaching this concept to the likes of FedEx, GE, NIKE, The Coca-Cola Company, IBM and Oracle.

The real idea is this: every day when you walk out into the world, you have a choice: you can show victimhood or you can inspire us via your leadership.

—the flight attendant on the Delta flight from San Diego to Minneapolis last week who gave me green tea from her purse showed pure leadership.

—the school crossing guard who I saw dancing on the street to make the kids laugh is a leader.

—the chef at the Colombian restaurant I ate at recently who worked like Picasso painted and lit up the room with his fierce passion for perfection is a leader.

Become the CEO of your job responsibility, the Master of Your Craft and The Captain of Your Fate…

…and please own the idea that success is not reserved for the lucky…it’s the domain of the leaders…and people just like you with the vision, guts, discipline and devotion to use their lives to make spectacular things happen.

You CAN do this…will you?

#8. WTOH: What’s The Opportunity Here?

This is a tool I teach to my elite coaching clients. And it works wonders when used consistently, to the point of it become your default way of thinking.

You see, a problem only becomes a problem when you view it as a problem.


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How to Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”

On a recent trip to New York City to attend a conference (not to speak, but to learn), I recorded a video that will really help you achieve your biggest and most meaningful goals.

I think it’s one of the most important videos I’ve ever done. (By the way, it’s 15 mins long: it will be the best 15 mins you’ve spent in a long time.)

It’s not edited…. just me speaking from the heart….

…Extreme achievement in any area of your life isn’t about getting lucky. It’s about running a specific formula.

In this video I share a key piece of the formula that I’ve personally used to experience exceptional results.

Watch the video so you see big improvements today

My obsession is to help you fly. To take back your power and create a life you adore.

Your life will be better for it. And so will our world.

You can do this. You can change the game. You can become one of the GREAT ONES.

In a few days I’ll be posting another video that shares the next piece of my formula for extreme achievement. It’s all about how to get up early so each of your days are world class.

My best wishes,

P.S. If you feel stuck or even if you’re successful but want to reach the next level, today’s video is key to watch

Ted Turner’s Wealth Psychology

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

By Robin Sharma
#1 Bestselling author of “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Ted Turner's Wealth Psychology

Ted Turner’s a pretty amazing man…

—he founded CNN from nothing

—he started The Cartoon Network

—he’s won the America’s Cup

—he created Ted’s Montana Grill

—he launched The Goodwill Games

—he’s given away billions to great causes

So how did he build such a TEL (Truly Epic Life)?…

…In today’s message, I’m not going to get into his winning business choices

… I’m not going to rant about his daily success habits nor the rewards that his associations with the entrepreneurial elite brought to him

…And I’m not going to get into his strong relationship with his powerful father and the influence that connection had on him

This piece (that I’ve worked really hard to get right for you) is about something else…the root cause of all rare-air productive, financial, personal and global success…

…your psychology.

If you’re not thinking like the dominant star of your industry, your performance will never rise to match that expectation.

If you’re not thinking you can get your massive dreams done, your behavior will never be sufficient to get giant goals done.

If you’re not thinking like someone who’s the rockstar of their field, financially free, healthy as an athlete and happier than you could ever imagine, then there’s no way you’ll get there.

Why? Because your outcomes always reflect your self-identity (a.k.a. your psychology).

Researchers like Sonja Lyubomirsky have done some fascinating work on “the power of the self-fulfilling prophecy”. Definitely read her book The How of Happiness this week.

Bottom line: the hard-core psychologists confirm that your psychology and expectations for your performance determine your results.

You absolutely have to learn to think like the very best do to experience the rewards and lifestyle that the VERY best have.

So back to Ted Turner…

… even when he was the “new kid” going up against ABC, NBC and CBS–with nothing but the unreasonable idea for a 24 hour news network– he believed that he’d win because he surrounded himself with other visionaries and “industry disruptors” who modeled massive success. [The Law of Association].

… even when he was kicked out of the company that he founded, he started a new one (Ted’s Montana Grill) because his psychology was such that he had developed the “neural architecture” of resilience and radical confidence. [The Law of BounceBack].

[Btw: none of this is natural talent. It's all the result of learning how to think like this and then practicing it until it becomes a habit].

… even when his beloved father died, he kept his fierce focus on his greatest dream alive by outworking, outinnovating and outproducing everyone around him because he got his psychology right. [The Law of Grit].

So what were the core beliefs that he practiced relentlessly until they hardwired in as his psychology of fantastic productivity, ingenuity, wealth, confidence, influence and impact?

I’ve identified 5 of them below and have observed the same ones in the industry titans and international superstars that I advise:

#1. Ted was Obsessed with Making Everything Better

In an interview with famed broadcaster Charlie Rose, Ted Turner said:

“I like to make things better. When I was in the news business, I was just trying to make things better. In the restaurant business, I’m just trying to make things better…

…When I was a boy my parents said ‘Do The Best You Can’. I’m just following orders.”

#2. Ted Focused on Producing Value vs. Making Money

This way of thinking is so contrarian to the way most businesspeople think (and that’s why most businesspeople never join the ranks of the financial and influential elite).

If your whole focus is on making money, it’s off delivering the staggering value that will create the fanatical followers who will pay you money.

Ted Turner was a Rotarian (as was my father and myself). The motto of Rotary is: “He profits most who serves the best.”

Of course, serve for the beauty and internal fulfillment of serving. But know that the inevitable by-product of phenomenal service to others (your customers, communities etc.) is material prosperity well-beyond anything you’ve yet to experience.

#3. Ted Played The Long Game

Some things never change as society changes. No matter what anyone tells you, traits like integrity and honesty will always yield success and victory. Yes–if you play the short game and cut ethical corners, you may win for a while.

But nothing is more valuable (and an industry differentiator) than the value of your good name. Making your reputation a priceless asset is a brilliant decision.

Turner was always honest. Always ethical. Always did his best to stay true to his word.

“I wanted my Dad to think I was worthwhile, like every son. And I wanted to impress my mother. It was great to have her proud of me.”

#4. Ted Went for Uncommon Opportunities

Turner said that building a television network was actually easy. Why? Because the barriers to entry were so high that most people didn’t have the capital nor the stomach to get in.

He did. And so he made a fortune. And changed the world.

The belief worth wiring into your mindset: go for the opportunities very few believe they can realize. It’ll be a lot easier than you think to get traction as well as to lead the field because there’s so little competition.

#5. Ted Built Bridges

Turner and Rupert Murdoch had been fighting for years. But as Ted Turner matured, he realized that energy spent on conflict is energy stolen from “production”.

So when Rupert Murdoch “went green” (Turner is a passionate advocate for environmental causes), he reached out to him with sincere congratulations.

Murdoch replied with an invitation for lunch. And a truce was forged.

Ted’s psychology: pick your battles. And focus on getting great things done versus trivialities and pettiness.

Ok. There you go my friend. Ted Turner’s psychological foundations that allowed him to craft an iconic life.

And as always, THAT’S my greatest wish for you.

All green lights…your fan,