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A Cool New Tool For You

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma shares a cutting-edge new tool for you to rapidly remove any form of victimhood from the most important areas of your life.

I want you to win.

The world needs you to fly.

Deep disruption seems imminent.

For the victim, the messy times will be frightening.

For the Titan, the impending changes will be inspiring.

And energizing. And a rich opportunity to deliver awesome value for others and to live your finest life.

I’ve made a cutting-edge new tool for you to rapidly remove any form of victimhood from the most important areas of your life so you grow your productivity, prosperity, lifestyle and impact exponentially.

Here it is

As always, hope it helps you rise.

P.S. Here’s the big key: it doesn’t matter where you fall on the scale of this powerful new tool. It’s what you DO NEXT that defines you. Success is never about where you were a step ago – or how you defined yourself even a MOMENT ago. It’s what you do NOW. Here’s my invitation: today, walk into a dramatically better future and move your life up to a world-class level. Here’s how

…and please know, I’ve never been more committed to helping you on this journey to your finest performance and the life we both know you’re meant to live.

Dream epic dreams. Take massive steps. Stay true to you.

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The Victim to Icon Spectrum

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma shares a powerful identification process to see where we play victim and where we show iconhood.

This morning I dropped into “creative jedi” mode in a cafe.

I am crafting the fresh models + insights + epic performance technologies I worked on today for the small group of human beings in my IconX program, my private coaching inner circle. They get my best/first information to help them lead the field in their industries and lives. [For everyone wondering: you can only get into the program by first attending The Titan Summit in December and then applying].

So here’s the piece I worked on in the cafe: The Victim to Icon Spectrum. Basically a powerful identification process to see where we play victim and where we show iconhood in 4 core arenas: Creativity. Productivity. Adversity. Humanity.

And once you know better you can achieve more…

My Icons get the model when we meet in Rome in a few weeks and the whole execution playbook but here’s a little taste as I believe it’s an extraordinarily valuable thinking tool:

Arena 1: Creativity

The Victim:
–waits for inspiration before working
–allows a seduction of distraction
–aims to do a ton of projects
–believes the haters so stops the dream

The Icon:
–works to get the inspiration [because The Muse Blesses The Dedicated]
–monomaniacally focuses on essential enterprises
–focuses on their Sistine Chapel
–knows that the better you become, the more you won’t fit in

Arena 2: Productivity

The Victim:
–makes excuses
–starts a new project when the work gets hard
–accepts mediocrity
–relies on willpower

The Icon:
–delivers results
–remains relentless until the project is done
–adores perfection
–installs rituals

Arena 3: Adversity

The Victim:
–becomes negative in thinking and in perception
–feels helpless
–judges the event as tragic
–generates fear-based emotions
–resists what life has delivered
–uses toxic language + behavior

The Icon:
–processes the event as a gift
–experiences states of grace
–has no judgement knowing the event just is
–creates strength-based emotions
–stands in confident acceptance of the condition
–deploys leadership language and performance

Arena 4: Humanity

The Victim:
–expresses a resignation to the ordinary
–knows little connection to the species
–has no awareness of their Compelling Cause
–endures an addiction to taking
–fosters a postponement of audacity

The Icon:
–knows their responsibility to make history
–has a full-on connection to all other humans
–polishes their obsession with their mission
–lives via a devotion to giving
–is all about a 1000% conviction to getting gorgeous dreams done with radical speed

If what I’ve produced above speaks deeply to you and you want to learn an all new way of thinking, creating, producing and living in this world that gets you to the highest level on the planet (and makes you undefeatable),then here’s a fine opportunity I lovingly encourage you to jump all over as your life will never be the same after it…


My team’s been getting a ton of questions about this year’s Titan Summit, my annual 4-day live event that is widely considered one of the most transformational personal mastery + business acceleration experiences on the planet.

Here are the beautiful details

It’ll be held at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto December 5,6,7,8.

My Faculty this year includes…

…NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, Blue Angels jet pilot and leadership superstar John Foley, top advisor to great companies and bestselling author of Fascinate Sally Hogshead, peak vitality + longevity master Dr. James Rouse, maximum achievement guru Dr. Isaiah Hankel, bestselling author of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff for Families and Heartbroken Open Kristine Carlson, the founder of the awesome clothing company Spiritual Gangster Ian Lopatin, The New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Awesome Neil Pasricha, revolutionary private coach to legendary entrepreneurs Alex Charfen and famous marketing thought leader Scott Stratten of Unselling celebrity…and there are more that I’m keeping as surprise guests.

Yes, as usual, this is a labor of love for me and my goal (no, obsession) is to give you 20x the value of your investment back [that’s just how I think and the way I play] so you feel the event was free to you.

To also answer the big question “Can I still get seats?”…

…I opened up seating back in the Spring and those seats (at the special $9997 price) sold out. And out of respect for those from around the world who snapped them up, I can’t offer any more seats at that tuition fee. Sorry.

But I’ve just opened up some more seats and the price is still nicely under the regular $25,000 fee (which is coming soon).

I’d love to meet you personally at the event if you want to be in the room, learn from this truly world-class faculty and make friends with many of the smartest, most successful and most loving people on the planet who will be there as attendees. So please trust your gut, do what every world-builder does and take some action if this feels right to you…

Go ahead and get your seat here

This event isn’t for everyone but if you’re ready to think + create + produce + live at your absolute highest level (and make a massive impact in the world while you’re at it), then my loving encouragement is crystal clear: do whatever it takes to get into this room. Your life will never be the same [we have so many stories of past attendees–people just like you–who went on to experience explosive productive + economic + creative + health + happiness success post-event].

You can get your seat here

Wishing you only the best in life and excited to get to know you and help you fly in the most important areas of your life.

Hope you LOVED this post I handcrafted with such care.

P.S. Here are all the details on The Titan Summit 2015

Speak soon and amped to spend 4 days of my life with you in a few months.

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The Secrets of Uber-Wealthy People [and 100x more]

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma offers a wealth of insights and lessons on the secrets of the super-successful.

I’m on an airplane flying home from Scottsdale, Arizona. The trip was supposed to be about business but it effortlessly morphed into something so much more…just like this blog post, as you’ll soon discover ;)

…In a world where so few have the attention and discipline to read content to the end, I encourage you to do so here as I’ve offered you a wealth of insights and lessons that I naturally believe are very much worth 10 moments of your precious day.

Fair warning: this piece is not short. But it’s a seriously valuable message, with layers of insight that those who dig in will find…

…so let’s get this going…

…on the trip, I met new friends who play at the level I love to play at, who talk about the things I long to talk about and who have the rare ability to create vast worldly success yet, at the same time, are on a mission that verges on obsession for bringing the world higher with them. These are the beautiful people each of us can call into our days, once we develop the insight to see them.

The trip taught me a few core lessons that I humbly share with you in the heartfelt hope they serve you exponentially:

Trip Lesson #1: Life Wants You to Win.

It really, really, really does. You just need to get out of your own way (by staying super open, holding your goals with a very light grasp and trusting the wisdom of your instincts over the chattering of your logic). Deep within us lurks a saboteur, a voice of fear that convinces us to stop when we are set to start or surrender when we are close to the gold. Best to notice that voice a little more and shout it down so you begin to fly.

Trip Lesson #2: Real Risk Delivers Large Rewards.

A few years ago, I skied down a mountain in New Zealand. I’d never skied deep powder before that day. But I had no choice but to betray my demons, transcend my insecurity and drop down that epic summit the helicopter left me on. That day of my life was messy, awkward, terrifying, gorgeous, inspiring and seriously unforgettable. Please know: If I hadn’t had the guts to say a big YES to the opportunity, I’d have missed a grand adventure life had in store for me. The main suggestion: that project you want to do but are frightened to do is the best one to do. Your greatness demands no less.

Trip Lesson #3: You’re Not Supposed to Understand Everything.

It’s human nature to wish for an explanation to everything. We create a mental architecture from the time we’re children and then try to fit the events of our lives into these neat intellectual models. Why? So we feel safe and secure and in control. But that just makes life laugh…

…the true brilliance of your life resides well past your comfort zone and the riches it has in store for you live on the other side of your arena of control.

…allow me to ask you…what if…you were actually safest out in the vast unknown of your deepest blue oceans? I’m learning that so much of life is an amazing mystery. We’ll never figure it out. And while it may not unfold the way you want, it always–eventually–turns out even better than you expected.

Trip Lesson #4: Generosity Delivers Miracles.

I rarely use the word “miracles” in my work. But it is beyond stunning to me what happens when I commit to being the most generous, giving, loving and open instrument of extreme service in every room I happen to be in. The hand that gives, gathers, it just does.

Look, I run a number of businesses, adore being an entrepreneur, cherish being an ultra-creative, used to be a litigator and have spent most of my life very much in the world as builder/maker + global citizen…BUT…

…so much of the dominant beliefs of this world seem to be false. And maybe that’s why so much of this world is broken?

…And though my boots are very much on the ground, I’ve also learned that the moment you release the thinking that all around us have taught us, and have the utter bravery to TRUST what you already know to be true in your heart (versus what is socially cool), your life explodes into the happiness, creativity, productivity, vitality, originality and massive beauty that was there for you to experience from the very beginning.

…And once you trust life enough give (give your best work + give your best mindset + give your best courage + give your best love + give your best gifts + give to those in need), the miracles that reside on the other side of your wildest imagination just begin to show up in an endless parade.


…this post was supposed to be about the secrets of the wealthiest people on the planet. And just like “miracles”, I don’t employ/deploy the word “secrets” very often. But the richest of the richest think + feel + do things that most people don’t know about (remember: “To have the lives very few have, think and do what only very few do”). And so they are secrets.

Here are 7 of them based on my 20 years coaching many of the richest, most successful people in business and working with the superstar producers who flock to my Titan Summit every December in ice-cold Toronto:

Secret #1: They Don’t Care What Others Think.

This is a core insight. How many times have you had a world-building idea that would 100x your own life in the process and given up on it the moment someone in your inner circle shot it down.

You can become an icon. Or you can fit into society. But you can’t do both. This world was constructed by eccentrics and misfits. In the great book by Peter Thiel Zero To One he notes many of the Silicon Valley greats have Asperger’s Syndrome, on the autism scale. These people are wired with no need to fit in. This became their advantage. And so they dreamed up grand visions and got them done, denying the chattering voices of the naysayers around them.

Trust your gut my friend. Block out those who don’t get you. Go ahead and nail your dreams. You’ll be considered a genius at the end.

Secret #2: Emotions Power Wealth.

Look, a big heart always beats cold logic. I’m not saying you don’t have to have the bravery of a warrior to win at your goals. All I’m saying with the deepest of respect is that every financial tycoon was driven by a cause so much bigger than themselves. And it came from their emotional dimension versus their intellectual realm.

Passion. It comes from an insanely great purpose. Like to invent a better way to inspire kids. Or a social platform to connect humans. Or a shoe company that also helps children without shoes get a pair.

Secret #3: Your Social Circle Determines Your Net Worth.

You’ll never rise to financial freedom until you populate your life with bigger thinkers and better performers than you. My life transformed with a single decision: don’t let energy vampires and dream stealers into my bubble and welcome in those of radical ingenuity, bold productivity and off-the-charts humanity.

Those associations shattered my limitations, opened me to universes of mental + emotional + financial + spiritual possibility that accelerated my results more than I can express.

All it takes is one conversation with a game-changer to alter the rest of the way your life unfolds. Period. No more need be said.

Secret #4: Your Money Never Exceeds Your Identity.

Getting your internal foundation right is what the billionaires I work with make job #1. As the late great Jim Rohn said: “Income rarely exceeds personal development.”

Without building up an undefeatable mindset, installing a massively fit physical life, releasing the toxic waste of anger and sorrow from your emotional core and sculpting your empires in your soul, how can you possibly walk out into the world and do amazing things?

The world really is a mirror, giving us not what we want but who we are.

Secret #5: Too Many Great Opportunities Costs You Every Opportunity.

Why write 50 books when all you need to write is a single The Prophet or How to Win Friends or Harry Potter?

Focus on your singular masterpiece. Your Taj Mahal. Your Sistine Chapel. Your Moonwalk. One of the things that destroys great companies and lives is pursuing too many once in a lifetime opportunities versus developing a monomaniacal focus around the best one.

Secret #6: The Moment You Become Successful Is a Very Dangerous Place.

Few things fail as well as success does. So easy to arrive at the summit and then begin to stop doing the very things that got you there.

Oh–and the real trap is that the moment you become wow, you start thinking you’re wow…

…but masters never think like masters but beginners and so they stay as masters.

Secret #7: To Make Millions Help Millions.

The real key to wealth is service. Be of use. Release art into the world. Because the more people you help and the more value you deliver the more life rewards you in kind.

I truly hope this post has been helpful. And if you’re the kind of person who wants to exponentially raise your game and results and your life…

And if you are really ready to make VAST improvements in your prosperity, positivity, productivity, performance, lifestyle and contribution to the people of our world, there is such a beautiful and profoundly valuable opportunity I’d like to share with you with the utmost respect but strong encouragement that you recognize what this means to you, if it feels right for you…

…you may have heard about my flagship event, The Titan Summit. I only do it once a year. It’s very exclusive. It takes place over 4 days. I bring in faculty members ranging from Richard Branson to Seth Godin. The human beings in the room are many of the smartest, most successful, most decent, most giving and awesome humans I’ve ever met…

…the people fortunate enough to get seats at The Titan Summit leave this live event:

–knowing the insights, habits, techniques, hacks and ways of doing what only the top 0.0001% of people on the planet know.

–with new friends and the deep relationships with the kind of people they always wished they knew. People who inspire them to transform and show them models of possibility they never knew existed.

–a fire in the belly and a newfound mindset that translates into the finest business, personal, social and fitness results they have ever experienced in their lives.

Like anything ultra-valuable, this annual 4 day event with me is not for everyone and isn’t inexpensive.

One regular-priced seat goes for $25,000 (which I honestly believe is underpriced given that many attendees receive 10x that value after just the first day)…

…I opened up advance seating to The Titan Summit 2015 many months ago and all of the early registration seats offered at $9997 are completely gone. And out of respect for all of those people, no more seats will be offered at that price.

But I have some very, very, very good news to everyone wondering if they can still get into this year’s event being held in Toronto on December 5,6,7,8


–my faculty this year includes one of the most iconic pro athletes in the history of sports (yes, his name is still a surprise but just know he’s a true legend, now a super-successful business Titan and a very committed philanthropist who will let you in on his best moves) AND…

…one of the world’s top entrepreneurial thinkers whose methodology has caused revolutions in the businesses he coaches (surprise guest too, for now :))

…the famous author of The Book of Awesome, Neil Pasricha, elite performance superstar Dr. Isaiah Hankel, #1 bestselling author of Fascinate and growth guru to the FORTUNE 500, Sally Hogshead, legendary health expert Dr. James Rouse (his session is worth the price of your investment alone), brilliant speaker Scott Stratten (bestselling author of Unselling and Unmarketing) just to share some of my faculty at this year’s event.

…Yes, my design is to blow your mind with 10x plus the value you pay so you leave feeling the whole investment was absolutely free. If you know me and have been to past Titan Summits, you know I give my heart and soul to making this one of the most game-changing/priceless events on the planet. Period.


–if you want to join everyone who has already snapped up one of the limited seats I offered back in the Spring, I have been able to open up more seats.

–you can get yours today at a special price still nicely below the regular $25,000 fee.

–you can secure your seat for $10,997 when you act today.

–past attendees have found that it costs more not to be at this event and miss all the learning than to invest in their seat.

Snap up one of the limited new seats now available here

Definitely trust your gut if this feels right to you and snap up your seat before it’s too late right here

I can’t wait to meet you at The Titan Summit 2015 and hang out with you and my world-class faculty for 4 of the greatest days of your life.

Very best wishes,

P.S. The seats I’m making available will be taken very quickly so please just trust your gut on this one and get your seat now here

I really want to help you, create ridiculous transformation for you and the reality is this event is the best way I know of to get you there.

I predict you’ll look back on your wise choice to be in the room with us as the decision that dramatically changed the direction of your life.

Claim your seat right here

Hope you received great value from this post! Speak soon.

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The Methods for Superhuman Productivity

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma shares 4 game-changing methods for superhuman productivity.

We live in The Age of Dramatic Distraction. Many shiny toys to chase every waking moment yet so few of those pursuits create real value and grow a life brilliantly lived.

Too many of us are overscheduled, overconnected and overstimulated by all the noise, interruptions and complexity of current society.

The cost of this way of operating? You’ll arrive at the last hour of your final day and realize you spent your highest potential on your lowest leverage activities.

Epic performers, A-Players and World-Builders play a very different game. The Elon Musks, The Mark Zuckerbergs, great artists and top scientists all run their days under completely different mindsets and rituals than those who get trapped in the groove of “being busy being busy.”

As a private coach to many of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet and founder of The Titan Summit, which brings together ultra-performers from 43+ nations for 4 days of elite training on productivity, business acceleration and lifestyle optimization every December in Toronto, I’ve observed firsthand how human beings who get more done in a week than most get done in a quarter realize their results. I’ve also developed a complete methodology for exponential productivity that I teach participants at this event.

Here are 4 of the game-changing elements of my approach:

#1. The 20/20/20 Formula.

The way you start your day powerfully shapes how productively you live it. Reserve the first 60 minutes for personal preparation. As the Spartan warriors said: “Sweat more in training and you’ll bleed less in war.” Spend your first 20 minutes in intense exercise. Sweating releases BDNF, a brain chemical that actually grows neural connections. Working out also releases dopamine (the neurotransmitter of motivation) and serotonin, which makes you feel happy.

For the next “20 minute pocket”, review your annual plan and reflect deeply on your quarterly goals. Clarity precedes mastery and this practice will deepen your focus through the day.

Invest the final 20 minutes of this morning routine on learning (i.e., read autobiographies of great humans or listen to a leadership podcast or download the lessons of yesterday into your journal).

#2. The 90/90/1 Rule.

This habit alone has delivered vast value for my clients. Simply stated: for the next 90 days, dedicate the first 90 minutes of your work day to your single most important opportunity, the one thing that if you executed on it flawlessly, would cause everything to rise.

Average performers get to work and check their email or surf the net. For the true leader, reaching the office is the start of showtime. They understand that developing a monomaniacal focus on their vital few priorities unleashes legendary results.

#3. The 60/10 Method.

Good research confirms that what makes the best athletes the best in the world is not what they do in their sport but how effectively they recover. For example, it was the rituals that star tennis players did in between points that made them stars. What made the Russian weightlifters so undefeatable was their “work-rest ratios”.

So, set a timer for 60 minutes and during those intervals, turn off your technology, shut your door and dive—with massive intensity—into the project that matters. Then, recover with a pristine break like walking, listening to music or reading. Just try this protocol for a month and witness the gains.

#4. Find Your Circle of Genius.

Behavioral scientists have discovered the phenomenon of “emotional contagion.” This describes the fact that, unconsciously, we adopt the beliefs, feelings and behaviors of the people we spend most of our time with.

Want to get ultra-fit? One of the finest ways is to join a running group or make friends with athletes. Ready to be happier? Then remove the energy vampires and complainers from your life. Set to build a truly world-class company? Then start spending far more time with those who have been there and done it. Their mindsets and ways of being will automatically influence you, over time. And associating with people whose lives you want to be living shows you what’s possible. And once you know more, you can achieve more.

Finally, please allow me to remind you about the shortness of life. Even the longest one is a relatively short ride. You owe it to the talent you were born into, the team you lead, the family you love and the world that longs for you to display your greatness to do whatever it takes to reach exponential productivity.

Hopefully, you’ll embrace the methodology I’ve shared to fulfill your leadership potential.

As always, I hope this message has delivered real value to you and sets you up to finish what remains of this year “in the rare air of outright mastery.”

Your partner in leadership + success,

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A Personal Story on Turning Fear into Freedom

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Feeling scared just means you're making progress. Fear's your friend. So turn it into fuel.

As you pursue the highest version of your largest vision, it’s so very easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re the only one who deals with self-doubt, faces endless obstacles and the icy fingers of a thing called fear…

…but you’re not…

scared is the price brave people pay to enjoy lives that make history

…and the feeling of fear just means you’re making nice progress. And being a hero to every single one of us watching your rise…

I feel frightened too. I’ll admit it. I confront–and walk with–fear all the time. Pretty much every day, actually…


…because I relentlessly hold myself to a standard higher than you could ever imagine (yes, that standard is an ideal and I’m far from where I want to be–I’m a work in progress, like every human).

…because I push for better endlessly, move toward my discomfort daily and am viscerally devoted to spending the rest of my life realizing my potential. And giving everything I have to lifting others up with me…

…and because in my mind, good enough (even when everyone around you thinks you’re uber-successful) isn’t very good. The whole game of life is to leverage every day to become more, create more and give more, no?

Just one example…from my own life…and one of the icons of our world…

…last year I made a dream come true. I’d always longed to create and then deliver a world-class 4-day business and personal change event that not only created revolutions in peoples’ lives but allowed them to make friends with people at the highest level of success, wealth, decency and service to our world.

…I put together an elite faculty of top experts on peak performance, business mastery, health and longevity and social impact that included Seth Godin, Darren Hardy, Verne Harnish, James Rouse, James Victore and Kevin Harrington.

…I called the gathering The Titan Summit: The Ultimate Mastermind for Ultra-Successful Performers.

…I limited the the group to just 100 seats so it was intimate, transformational and unforgettable…and my team and I poured our hearts into making it epic.

…it turned out to be one of the single greatest experiences of my 18 year career.

…some called the event “poetic” and have used what they learned to build fortunes. Some took the insights and advanced tools and raised their personal lifestyles to the point where they feel true freedom for the first time in decades. Some left the event and rewired their mindset for deep gratitude, daily happiness and their finest health of their lives. The success stories still pour in…


…it would have been so easy for me to repeat what I did last year and see similar results…

…but I need to push myself 100X. Always. So I came up with an idea…it was dramatic…and it scared me

…what if I reached out to Sir Richard Branson, widely considered the most famous entrepreneur on the planet, a veritable Titan and asked him to join us for this year’s gathering?

…look, I come from very humble beginnings. My parents are immigrants. I grew up in a town of 2000 people. No silver spoon in my mouth…so this was a reach…

…those in my inner circle told me it was impossible. He was too busy with Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceline, philanthropic ventures and unleashing all his other big ideas on the world.

…those around me said that even if I could get to him, he would say no.

…but the impossible is mostly just the untried. And so I set about on a fierce mission to make my dream happen. I made phone call after phone call, sent email after email and did whatever was in my power to get my goal done.

…I was scared (of rejection, of success, of being laughed at). But forged forward anyway knowing that the more we practice being fearless, the more fearless becomes our way of being

…after relentless effort, I was connected with the person at Virgin who is responsible for Sir Richard’s engagements. And after more calls, communications and interactions, we got the job done.

…Sir Richard Branson will be at The Titan Summit 2014 LIVE along with my all-star faculty who will show the Titans in the room how to create EXPONENTIAL growth within their business and personal lives.

…I’m now turning my focus and drive to bring a hip-hop legend to the event. Who knows whether I can get to him and if he’ll come. But I need to give perfect effort to see what can be. And it never hurts to ask :)

If you’re interested in getting one of the very limited seats to The Titan Summit 2014, please check your inbox this Wednesday. I’ll open registration then.

Watch this short video trailer about the event.

With much respect and appreciation,

P.S. Kindly note I’ll only be offering about 100 seats to The Titan Summit 2014 with Sir Richard Branson (the rest of the spaces have already been sold to last year’s participants and clients at T48T this past June)…

…so if you feel you belong in that room, watch for my “registration open” message this Wednesday.

…and watch this video now.

All green lights! :)

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