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Very Personal

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Personal Mastery Academy Online

My loved ones and I are having a family celebration to mark me moving into my third decade teaching leadership + personal mastery. And I needed to include you.

Sharing personally with you, it’s against all odds that I’m doing what I’m doing today…

…I grew up in a small town, come from basic beginnings, had my talent dismissed by many, was regularly treated disrespectfully as a self-published author and told by an editor I’d hired that The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari was utterly unreadable. And that I had no right to be in the game…

…at the Chicago convention of the American Booksellers Association, I stood at the top of the escalator with the cardboard cover of the book dangling from a string around my neck. Yes, I looked silly. Sure I felt foolish. Definitely I was relentless to spread my message of hope, bravery and humanity…

…though I was put down, knocked down and muddied, I have to tell you that my devotion to serve was bigger than the influence of my critics. And so I persevered. Through the walls. Past the personal trials. Beyond my stumbles…

…into my purpose, potential and possibility.

My real point: if I can do my dreams, you can do your dreams. It’s not that I’m any different from you, I just installed certain mentalities, re-conditioned certain rituals and wired in certain ways of operating that accelerated what I wanted to do.

From my first seminar with only 23 people (21 family members) and publishing my first book in a Kinko’s copy shop to sell at fairs and service clubs to the privilege of having over 3,000,000 followers on Facebook, millions more in my digital circle, helping NBA/NHL/NFL stars and other elite performers play at their greatest level and running The Titan Summit (in Zurich this year, December 4-7) that has had luminaries like Richard Branson, Shaq and many of the world’s top thought leaders on my Faculty, it’s been a fascinating ride.

None of this would have been possible without you. As far as I am concerned, we are positively improving our world TOGETHER.

As a way to show you my PROFOUND appreciation I’m doing something SPECIAL for you

…You probably know that my new live event Personal Mastery Academy completely sold out. Many people from across the planet were very disappointed they missed getting a seat.

So, I decided to record the entire event beautifully and build it into a world-class learning course called Personal Mastery Academy Online (PMAO) so you get to experience the feeling of being right there in the room with me + discover the most powerful information I have ever taught on mastering your mindset, performing at heroic levels and enjoying a life that you absolutely adore.

…As a way of showing you my massive gratitude for your support over the years and saying a giant THANK YOU, I’m taking 70% off the price of Personal Mastery Academy Online until THIS SUNDAY.

Please note: Personal Mastery Academy Online will not be available to the general public for 6 months so this is your advance chance to get it! Also note that when you invest in your 70% off membership into Personal Mastery Academy Online you will receive your 5 valuable bonus gifts immediately but it will take us 4-6 weeks to edit and produce the course at the quality you deserve so I request that you be just a little patient ;)

Here is where you can claim the 70% OFF savings as part of this big client appreciation celebration.

Personal Mastery Academy Online will show you my best insights + tools that the billionaires, CEOs and famous entrepreneurs I’ve personally coached have used to exponentially grow their fortunes, multiply their performance and live beautiful lifestyles, well beyond their highest dreams.


To REALLY wow you + show you my LOVE: 70% off + Get 5 Free Bonuses!


If 70% off my life-changing new course Personal Mastery Academy Online doesn’t get you to snap up my special client-appreciation offer, these FIVE FREE gifts will definitely inspire you to act:

Bonus #1: The Hierarchy of Legendary Performance video and playbook.

Bonus #2: The “One-Page Plan Strategy” HyperProductivity Session.

Bonus #3: The famous “Anatomy of Mastery” webinar.

Bonus #4: A PDF copy of the inspirational documents given to the PMA attendees.

Bonus #5: How to Craft a World-Class Life audio download.

That’s more than I’ve ever given before and you get ALL these awesome bonuses for FREE when you enroll in my revolutionary new online course today at 70% off [memberships are limited].

Get your seat here to claim one of the memberships before they’re all gone.

Again, sincere + deep thanks for believing in me and what I do. I’m more committed than ever to help you lift your craft, love your life and grow your impact on the world. Let’s do this together.

It’s your time. Now is your moment. Believe in your best. And go be great!

With respect + a ton of appreciation,

P.S. This very special (and extremely rare) 70% off sale ends at midnight on Sunday. If you are really ready to master your mind, x100 your confidence and live the rest of your life at the highest level of happiness, prosperity and influence, definitely take advantage of this 70% off client appreciation sale and go here now

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Robin Sharma: “My Blessing For You And Those You Love In 2015”

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

I’ve written this special message for you as encouragement to make 2015 the finest year of your life yet. This is your year. Period.

I hope you sense my passion to help you fly and trust that I’ll do all I can to fuel your greatness as we move through this New Year.

And so, please know…

Today, you’ve been blessed with a gift–a fresh, pristine and gorgeous New Year.
The limits of the past no longer can shackle you.
Old fears need not frighten you.
Who you were last year doesn’t define who can be this year.

You see, you have a strength and power within you that longs to awaken now.
You have more bravery than you know.
More wisdom than you imagine.

My prayer for you — and those you love — is that you rise in 2015.
Rise to meet all challenges with a peaceful heart.
Rise above mediocrity in hot pursuit of mastery.
Rise to live the life of your childhood dreams.
You deserve no less.

Happy New Year!

Your fan always,



P.S. I’m on fire to help you experience an entirely new level of confidence, mindset, mastery, health, prosperity and service to the world this year. So now I want to passionately challenge you to take some action so we get you going…

…in the comment section below, share the one audacious/sort of scary/super-inspiring goal that you commit to starting to make 2015 the greatest year of your life.

I’ll read all of them.

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How to Sustain Your A-Game (Every Day)

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Fine to play at world-class for a week...but what makes legendary is sustaining it for a lifetime

Been reading Tim Grover’s book Relentless. And getting a ton of insights on rare-air performance from it.

[Reading’s such a game-changer, yes? Dad always told me: “Robin, if you have to, cut back on other things. But always fill your life with books.”]

One of Tim’s insights (he coaches NBA players) is that a lot of star athletes aim to be great. But the Kobe’s and Jordan’s aspire to an even higher standard…

to become the best there ever was.

During my summer break, I thought for hours on end about what the real game’s all about…

…and one of the concepts that’s really shaping up inside my thinking is that it’s fine to play at world-class for a week…but what makes legendary is sustaining it for a lifetime.

Please allow me to share some core ideas to help you sustain your A-Game every day:

#1. Start with your mindset. Your performance in the world is simply the result of the things you believe. If you really don’t think you’re the kind of person who produces epic results or becomes uber-fit or creates a financial fortune or elevates entire communities, then you’re just not going to do what it takes to make these visions real…

…change your private story about your potential and your behavior changes by itself. Begin within. Always.

#2. Clear out the constraints. So many of us want to sustain our A-Games over an entire career versus being one hit wonders. But we fill our lives with so many energy drains and constraints that we never create greatness that endures. My encouragement: delete the energy vampires from your life, clean out all complexity, build a team around you that frees you to fly, remove anything toxic and cherish simplicity. Because that’s where genius lives.

#3. Walk with icons. You’re smart and talented. So you get that the caliber of your associations determines the level of your success…

…some intelligent research has been done on the drivers of exceptional performance (read Talent is Overrated, for example). And one of the keys to genius is that every great performer was a member of a “talent hub”…

…in other words, associating with others aiming to become world-class lifts up–and sustains–your A-Game. To make the final months of this year the single best months in the history of your entire life, you absolutely must commit to having conversations–and building alliances–with people who are a few levels above you.

#4: Maintain the extreme training. So easy to get to a great place and then slow down on your practice protocols. But the very best of the best practice even harder as they become more successful…

…remember what the Spartan warriors taught us: “sweat more in practice and you’ll bleed less at war.”

#5. Get your routines right. I did a blog post on this recently called Create New (And Awesome) Habits Fast. The main idea was simply this: epic production has less to do with your willpower and more to do with the routines you install. Get those right and you’ll enjoy exponential results automatically.

#6. Never Rest on Your Success. Success is ever so dangerous. Once you rise to success, it’s so easy to stop doing the things that made you successful. The fire in the belly to become legendary can begin to diminish. Arrogance can creep in. Taking customers for granted often happens. And the will to amp up to your next level can be left behind…

…what makes true icons is that they know that the top of one mountain just allows you to see the next peaks to climb.

…for those devoted to sustaining their A-Games over a lifetime, the whole nature of the pursuit is to see how high they can rise, to capitalize on as much of their potential as possible and to contribute as much value to humanity as they can.

All green lights! Let’s get you to beyond great. You deserve no less.

Your success partner,

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How to Wake Up Early

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Did you know we collectively spend 100,000,000 minutes a day playing Angry Birds on smartphones?

Did you know that most people spend 2 hours or more each day being distracted from doing important things that will deliver their dreams by watching dancing cats on YouTube?

Did you know that the more you allow yourself to be interrupted, the more you actually develop a brain that can’t focus?

It’s just unbelievable how many of us are spending the best hours of our days chasing trivial pursuits that add zero value to our lives.

It’s the #1 success destroyer these days…all these distractions that have invaded your best hours…

So how can you break free of “The Addiction to Distraction” so your days become WILDLY productive? And so you create a life you adore?

One of the absolute best ways I know of is learning how to wake up early. Get this one habit right and you’ll achieve more in one day than most people get done in one month.

FACT: From 5 am to 8 am are “The Golden Hours” that the most successful achievers in the world use to set up their days for success. The way you begin your day really does determine how you live your day.

These 3 hours are the hours of least distraction in your day. And when your energy is at its peak.

So in response to the thousands of requests, I took the time to shoot a new training video that shares the next piece of my formula for extreme achievement. It will teach you exactly how to get up early.

Follow the steps I share and you’ll be getting up early within a few days (so you can achieve important things).

Watch the “How to Get Up Early” video now

May it serve your productivity and success beautifully.

Welcome to The 5 am Club :)

You now have two pieces of my formula for extreme achievement. Watch your inbox next week for my next video which will share the third piece of the formula…

…this next video will share the number #1 solution to the number #1 obstacle people around the world have told me is blocking them from the massive success they know they deserve.

Now is your time to shine. I’m here to help and with this formula for extreme achievement I’ve been sharing with you, your life is about to rise to a completely new level of WOW!

Wishing you all green lights!

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How to Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”

On a recent trip to New York City to attend a conference (not to speak, but to learn), I recorded a video that will really help you achieve your biggest and most meaningful goals.

I think it’s one of the most important videos I’ve ever done. (By the way, it’s 15 mins long: it will be the best 15 mins you’ve spent in a long time.)

It’s not edited…. just me speaking from the heart….

…Extreme achievement in any area of your life isn’t about getting lucky. It’s about running a specific formula.

In this video I share a key piece of the formula that I’ve personally used to experience exceptional results.

Watch the video so you see big improvements today

My obsession is to help you fly. To take back your power and create a life you adore.

Your life will be better for it. And so will our world.

You can do this. You can change the game. You can become one of the GREAT ONES.

In a few days I’ll be posting another video that shares the next piece of my formula for extreme achievement. It’s all about how to get up early so each of your days are world class.

My best wishes,

P.S. If you feel stuck or even if you’re successful but want to reach the next level, today’s video is key to watch

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