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20 New Rules for The New Year

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

You are born into genius, but have you resigned yourself to mediocrity?

I’m on fire to help you make 2015 the year you breathe reality into your most beautiful dreams. Let us accept nothing less.

I suggest we start our work together this year with a simple idea: if you run the rules most people run, you’ll get the results most people receive.

To make a right-angle turn so that 2015 is 100x better than 2014, I encourage you to set some new rules to govern your life by. Here are 20 to consider and then implement over January:

#1. Generosity beats scarcity in every situation.

#2. If you’re the most successful person in every room, find a new room.

#3. If you’re not up early, you’re sleeping too late.

#4. Epic performance has more to do with saying no than saying yes.

#5. Commit to becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of your craft.

#6. Get fit so you can serve more people.

#7. Impact is a better measure of success than income.

#8. A failure only becomes a failure if you let it become a failure.

#9. Your job is to see the greatness in people who have yet to own the greatness within themselves.

#10. Don’t wait to be inspired to start your dream. Start your dream to grow inspired.

#11. What the victim calls luck, the hero calls relentlessness.

#12. Be polite. Be on time. Be optimistic.

#13. Make each fresh day of this new year a little better than yesterday. Daily optimizations will soon lead to exponential improvements.

#14. Make time to rest. Sleep is a secret weapon of true A-Players.

#15. To double your income, triple your investment in your professional education and on your personal development.

#16. Trust your instinct more than what society says is reasonable and possible.

#17. Go directly to where your fear lives because on the other side of that is where your power lies.

#18. Genius is less about genetics and more about obsessive amounts of practice.

#19. Never be too busy to be kind.

#20. Remember that life’s just too short to play small with your potential this New Year.

Oh–and please remember, the way you start 2015 profoundly influences the way you’ll end it so definitely kick it into HIGH gear right now.

Resource: I’ve meticulously built out a 4-part video training series that walks you through how to make this New Year the single best year of your life.

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With appreciation and respect,


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Together, let’s make this YOUR year…the year you changed the game and made HISTORY.

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Robin Sharma: “My Blessing For You And Those You Love In 2015″

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

I’ve written this special message for you as encouragement to make 2015 the finest year of your life yet. This is your year. Period.

I hope you sense my passion to help you fly and trust that I’ll do all I can to fuel your greatness as we move through this New Year.

And so, please know…

Today, you’ve been blessed with a gift–a fresh, pristine and gorgeous New Year.
The limits of the past no longer can shackle you.
Old fears need not frighten you.
Who you were last year doesn’t define who can be this year.

You see, you have a strength and power within you that longs to awaken now.
You have more bravery than you know.
More wisdom than you imagine.

My prayer for you — and those you love — is that you rise in 2015.
Rise to meet all challenges with a peaceful heart.
Rise above mediocrity in hot pursuit of mastery.
Rise to live the life of your childhood dreams.
You deserve no less.

Happy New Year!

Your fan always,



P.S. I’m on fire to help you experience an entirely new level of confidence, mindset, mastery, health, prosperity and service to the world this year. So now I want to passionately challenge you to take some action so we get you going…

…in the comment section below, share the one audacious/sort of scary/super-inspiring goal that you commit to starting to make 2015 the greatest year of your life.

I’ll read all of them.

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50 Rules to Lead The Field

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Nothing works unless you do the work.

Just home from the tour that included stops in Zurich, Stockholm, Kuwait, Moscow, Saudi Arabia and Lisbon.

I know I should be in refueling mode but I needed to share these 50 Rules with you. These will remind you that leadership is less about a title and more about a decision…

…to work with wonder, achieve with awe, go the extra mile in all you do, innovate like Beethoven composed music, radiate optimism like Mr. Mandela led and pretty much lift up everyone you meet by the gift of your masterful example.

Our world demands that of you and I, yes?

I guess what I’m suggesting with love and respect is really this…

…leadership’s not just for CEOs and Presidents…we ALL can lead. Because leadership’s mostly a mindset and a way of doing things…

Taxi drivers can lead and street sweepers can lead and teachers can lead as can managers, artists and salespeople…

These 50 Rules are drawn from my over 18 years of passionate work with the Fortune 500 and from The Leader Who Had No Title

If you still haven’t read this book that’s been a complete game-changer for so many people and organizations, you can get it here

Ok. Let’s go…

#1. To lead is to serve.

#2. At the heart of mastery lives consistency.

#3. Take care of the relationship and the money will take care of itself.

#4. The seduction of safety is always more dangerous than the illusion of uncertainty.

#5. To double your income triple your investment in your professional education and your personal development.

#6. The swiftest way to grow your company is to grow your people.

#7. If you’re not leaving a trail of leaders behind you you’re not leading–you’re following.

#8. An addiction to distraction is the end of creative production.

#9. The caliber of your practice determines the quality of your performance.

#10. Leaders Without Titles are less about ego and more about getting things done.

#11. Don’t worry about the economy when you can be so genius at what you do that you create your very own personal economy.

#12. Lead where you are planted. Start where you stand. And remember that much of winning is just beginning.

#13. The true measure of our leadership is how we perform in volatile conditions versus in times of ease.

#14. To lead is to be yourself in a world of clones.

I recently re-read one of my favorite business books–Do You, the bestseller by Russell Simmons, the legendary entrepreneur who founded (and sold) Phat Farm clothing and co-founded Def Jam records. He reminds us that to win in business, “do you” by staying true to your vision even when everybody’s laughing…

BIG NEWS…Russell Simmons has just signed on as a member of my faculty for The Titan Summit 2014, joining Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Daniel Amen, Todd Henry, Dr. John Izzo and Dr. James Rouse. All these thought leaders will be in the room with us helping you grow your business and mindset so you become unstoppable…

Watch this short but inspiring video to get one of the remaining seats before they’re gone and you miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

#15. Aim for iconic. Why be in it if you’re not dreaming of being in the history books? But be kind, decent and ethical along the way.

#16. The humblest is the greatest.

#17. Energy is more valuable than intelligence. Health is more brilliant than gold.

#18. The thing you most fear carries your greatest growth.

#19. All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

#20. Criticism is the price brave people pay to arrive at iconic.

#21. If you’re not lifting people up you’re bringing people down.

#22. Leadership has less to do with authority and more to do with a mindset.

#23. Where the victim sees a problem a leader sees an opportunity.

#24. Don’t wait until you’re successful to work on your optimism. Work on your optimism and you’ll become a lot more successful.

#25. Be alone a lot. All massively creative people value solitude. It allows them to protect their dreams from the voices of dissent, refuel their creativity and get far more done–free from distraction.

#26. Small daily micro-wins when done continually over time lead to staggering results.

#27. Genius has less to do with natural talent and divinely blessed gifts and more to do with relentless focus (to the point of obsession), extreme practice and uncommon grit.

#28. Disrupt or be disrupted.

#29. Be the most honest person in every room.

#30. Remember that people don’t leave companies. They leave the people they worked for.

#31. Saying you’ll “try” is expressing “I’m not really committed.”

#32. The secret of passion is purpose. As I shared years ago in Leadership Wisdom from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, when you know your why, the hows just start showing up.

#33. If you’re the smartest person you know it’s time to know new people.

#34. Outlearning everyone around you is a game-changer. The best love learning. Because once you know more you can achieve more.

#35. To make more money, help more people.

#36. Leaders Without Titles talk about ideas versus people and dreams versus others.

#37. Eat less food, get more done.

#38. The way you begin your day determines how you live it. So put mind over mattress. Win the battle of the bed. And join The 5 am Club (another total game-changer).

#39. Develop an obsessive attention to detail. World-class user experiences are all about winning at the small stuff everyone else doesn’t care about.

#40. Even if you clean toilets, do it with pride and love. This summer I met a man who cleans toilets at the Johannesburg airport. He beamed “welcome to my office” as I entered. The place was flawless. His passion was palpable. That man is my hero. And he reminded me that all work has dignity and honor.

#41. Leaders Without Titles are in the business of making people feel bigger versus smaller. And smarter versus less knowledgeable. And seeing gifts and talents they’ve never seen before.

#42. Lean into your fears. Commit to what frightens you. Life’s way too short to play small.

#43. The secret to genius is doing less. Developing a monomaniacal focus on being brilliant at one thing is the the key to mastery. You’re smart so you know that the person who tries to get great at many things ends up mediocre at all of them, no?

#44. The moment you think you’re a virtuoso you’ve lost your virtuosity. The best always think like a beginner. And they know that nothing fails like success.

#45. Be decent and kind and loving. At the end you’ll have wished you were.

#46. Never lose the sparkle in your eyes and your sense of wonder about the things most people take for granted. Leadership, business and life is awesome. Don’t miss the simple rewards of standing for world-class.

[Note: there are two types of income...external (money and title) and internal (pride on doing great work and pursuing mastery). The ordinary chase the first. The exceptional want the last].

#47. Remember that the things that get scheduled are the things that get done.

#48. Say please and thank you.

#49. Practice gratitude daily. To lead is to see the blessings each day brings. You’ll also release dopamine–the neurotransmitter of motivation–which will kickstart your performance. The value of being grateful reminds me of the Persian proverb: “I cursed the fact that I had no shoes….until I saw the man who had no feet.”

#50. Do your part. Be the leader you wish the people around you would be. As Mother Teresa said: “If each of us would sweep our own doorstep, the whole world would be clean.”

Now, please go lead….

With every great wish for your rise to iconic…

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So if you’re gut is telling you that you deserve to be in the room with us, get off the fence and just do this…you’ll never look back.

Go ahead and snap up one of the remaining few seats, before you miss this chance.

And definitely apply the 50 Rules I’ve so carefully shared with you.

Speak soon.


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How to Predict the Future

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Nothing works unless you do the work.

Drinking good coffee (Costa Rican) and listening to some great chillout music as I write this message to you.

The first hints of Autumn fill the air. The leaves are filling with color. The vibe is crisper and cooler. And this new season brings with it gifts, blessings and opportunities…

In my thinking, we’re on the final stretch of this year. Just a few months left to go…

…excellent if you started strong. But what makes mastery is how wow you END it…

And the best way to predict how you’ll finish this year within the epic we call your life are the choices you’ll make today.

So, with great respect and encouragement I ask you…on this fine day, will you…

–run your workout so you’re amped and on fire with energy?

–protect your focus and just concentrate monomaniacally on purely what matters?

–dig deep when it’s hard and deliver when it’s tough?

–aim for legendary, hold yourself to Mandela-Level standards and reach for the highest in everything you do?

–think peak thoughts and speak good words?

–be radically helpful, acutely of use to other humans and walk with love in your heart?

And–TODAY–will you learn something new?…

…you’re smart, strong and talented…so you get that all it takes are a few fresh insights, practiced consistently over time, to completely change the direction of your life. Forever…

…a massive commitment to learning and a love of knowledge is a game-changer…because as you know more you can achieve more.

…recently I offered free access for a limited time to a private webinar I delivered to my top coaching clients. The information I shared was worth a fortune…

…people who watched the webinar were stunned by the wealth of value, original insights and uncommon tactics for high performance that I delivered.

…in case you missed it, here it is

…if you only watch one webinar this year, do yourself a favor and watch this one

Hope all this information I’ve worked countless hours to create for you is fueling your inspiration, productivity, happiness and contribution to the construction of a better world.

I’m here to help. And serve.

Your success partner,

P.S. This webinar has enormous value. Many of the ideas you’ll discover are total mind-shifters and game-changers…

Why wouldn’t you make the time to watch this?

Go ahead and watch my webinar now

Talk soon. Your fan always, Robin

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Turning The Pain of Excuses into The Seeds of Greatness

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Now’s your time to fly and to shine and to rise up. This is your day to show the world who you truly are.

I posted this piece on my Facebook page the other day and within hours it had over 45,000 likes.

It’s clearly touched something deep in a lot of people–and fueled a wealth of inspiration within them.

The main insight from the post: the instant we drop our excuses is the moment we enjoy freedom from pain

…because potential unexpressed and dreams left undone are what cause the regret that powers all suffering.

In my ongoing devotion to be an instrument of service to you, I wanted to share the piece…I called it Turning The Pain of Excuses into The Seeds of Your Greatness

Here you go…

“Why make excuses when you can start your dreams?

Why do nothing when you can begin something?…

Look, you know you have a lot more power within you than you’re revealing to the world. We ALL do.

But because of the distractions and interruptions and responsibility and excuses we sell to ourselves, we coast along–at the same level–for the best years of our lives.

Only a few have the guts to make A LEAP…

…a leap into new habits, new routines and a whole new story about their place in the world–and their service to it.

The Gandhis and Mandelas and Zuckerbergs and Mozarts were just ordinary people who had an idea, protected it from the voices of dissent, advanced it daily via tiny wins and got up every time they got knocked down.

YOU have this power too. But power unused deteriorates. And potential unexpressed turns to PAIN.

Now’s your time to fly and to shine and to rise up. This is your day to show all the world who you truly are.”

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here are the fun details

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Now’s your time to step up to your absolute best.

With much respect and many great wishes

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