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What I’m Reading

Monday, June 6th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Education is inoculation against disruption.

Education is inoculation against disruption.

As you learn and study more, you’ll know more about your craft and understand how the masters lift their games. And once you do that, you’ll be able to deliver more value to your marketplace.

And those who deliver the best value get paid the most, enjoy the greatest fulfilment and create lives they adore.

So, in the spirit of sharing, here are some “learning updates” from me to you:

#1. What I’m Reading.

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

–Knight’s the iconic founder of one of the most successful companies on the planet. He explains how he started, his fascination with Zen and what makes him great.

The Billionaire Who Wasn’t by Conor O’Clery

–Another superb book. About Chuck Feeney who made his fortune at duty free shops and then stayed underground about his wealth. And finally gave it all away.

Smartcuts by Shane Snow

–Productivity hacks and super-efficiency mindsets that will help you scale a better company and produce a brighter life.

Mad Genius by Randy Gage

–I loved this book about how to grow in creativity, ingenuity, audacity and bravery. Randy’s a straight-shooter. And tells it like it is.

#2. What I’m Watching.

Last Mogul: The Life and Times of Lew Wasserman

–I find immense and intense value in watching documentaries of lives well lived. Wasserman was the king of Hollywood and an innovator who brought moves like actors getting a cut of the gross to the game. Fascinating, inspiring and ultimately tragic. Watch it.

Runnin’ Down a Dream: The Tom Petty Documentary

–Again, another one I loved. Tom Petty has sold almost 100 million records, fought the industry titans when he was mistreated and produced some of the finest songwriting in history. Superbly done documentary on a very cool human, who works his craft like a pro.

#3. What I’m Doing.

–You know from my Instagram and Facebook posts I’ve been writing my new book The 5am Club in Rome and other places. For everyone asking, I’m really not sure when I’ll release the book. It needs to be my best work before I can put it out there. And I’m not sure when I’ll feel I’m there.

Personal Mastery Academy, my new live event, completely sold out. The only other live event my shop will produce this year is my flagship annual event The Titan Summit. It will be held from Sunday, December 4 To Wednesday, December 7 in Zurich. Most of the seats have already been purchased by my Titans at last year’s event but I will offer some seats over the coming months. When they are offered, grab them. Your business and life will never be the same.

Here’s the trailer

Hope all this helps you outlearn your industry, rise in mastery and impact our world.

With love and respect,

P.S. Here’s The Titan Summit trailer

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Very Sorry

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Very sorry but I need to close doors to registration for my new live event Personal Mastery Academy being held at The Ritz-Carlton in stylish Toronto this June so my team and I can get set for the 2-day experience.

The response has been superb. I am grateful. All of you who got in are exceptional. And you will be beautifully rewarded for your dedication to discovering your greatest self.

Those of you who have secured your seats from across the planet showed me clearly that you still believe in your bravest dreams, deleted your excuses for not finding a way to be in the room and made a fine decision to live the rest of your life at your highest level.

My team and I look forward to wowing you. And delivering two days that will exponentially lift the way you think, create, produce and interact with the world.

And if you haven’t gotten your seat yet and want one of the last ones available before doors close, go here now

Personal Mastery Academy is not right for you if:

–you’re content to spend the rest of your life as you are [and if so, that’s ok]

–you have no fire in the belly to get to know and then express the hero within you

–you’re not interested in learning how the world’s most productive/successful + influential people think

–you don’t really care about inspiring people through the way you live and making the world a better place to be

Personal Mastery Academy is PERFECT for you if:

–you’ve wanted to make some massive leaps in your bravery, energy, productivity and prosperity but haven’t been able to

–you’re open and ready to live your greatest life because you know if you don’t, you’ll retire in regret

–you want to spent 2 days with some of the smartest, most successful and decent people in the world who also want to achieve personal mastery

–you’re set to let go of your fears, amped to release your excuses and excited to become the best person (and producer of epic results) that you can possibly be

Doors will close soon. Sorry, but if you don’t take some action to get one of the last seats, you won’t be able to get the transformations that the people in the room with me will get. And you’ll miss this fantastic opportunity.

Get one of the final seats here

I’d truly love to help you create a remarkable life for you and your loved ones.

The information and tools you’ll learn are best of breed.

The 2 days will be so valuable for you.

You’ll meet awesome new friends.

And we’ll get to know each other.

Rise above. Go be great.

P.S. Get one of the final seats to Personal Mastery Academy [doors are closing soon] right here

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The One Idea That Could Change Our World

Monday, May 16th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Transient Hypofrontality.

As I deepen my devotion to understanding and confronting the science beneath genius and otherworldly performance, I’ve come to believe that this single phenomenon explains genius.

If you understand it and apply it, you’ll lead your field and dominate your industry. And you just might revolutionize our world.

From a hotel room in Europe, I’ve made this quick video to walk you through the little-known concept.

Please teach it to your teammates and especially to your loved ones as it’s a true needle-mover.


If you want to discover more of what the world’s most successful and influential know (that most don’t), how they think and the routines they run, I really encourage you to read the information below as it will really really help you:

My team has just opened up the final block of seating to my new live event Personal Mastery Academy (PMA) being held in June at The Ritz-Carlton in stylish Toronto, Canada.

PMA is 2 days with me personally teaching you cutting-edge insights and my proprietary self-mastery tools to break through your blocks to world-class success and reach rare-air happiness.

–The content is powerful, profound, inspirational and absolutely designed to cause lasting impact on the rest of your life. It works if you do the work. And it doesn’t if you don’t show up. Period.

–The event is one of only 2 live events my shop will offer over 2016 (I’m travelling and speaking much less these days as I write The 5 am Club).

–Like all my events, the experience is world-class and built with love. I do all this because I want to, because I love to and I care.

–You know that one of the smartest moves you will ever make is to spend 2 deep days rewiring your mindset, reclaiming your bravery and learning how the most successful people in the planet do what they do.

–And you know (from science) that the swiftest way to transform is to do it in a room with other people with the same commitment.

So give the rest of your life a massive gift and snap up your seat before it’s too late. People from across the planet have already snapped up their seats so join them.

Excuses don’t build empires. Action does…

…so go ahead and get one of the remaining seats here before they are gone.

I’ll look forward to sharing 2 days of my life with you in June.

And helping you reclaim the hero within you so you not only get giant dreams done but lift the world along the way.

Much love,

P.S. Personal Mastery Academy is state of the art personal transformation training.

There’s nothing quite like this available anywhere.

Can you really afford not to be in the room with us? It’ll cost you x100 more to miss this.

Get one of the remaining seats here

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The Morning Routine of Legendary People

Friday, May 13th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

For 10+ years I’ve been teaching a concept called The Game-Changing Move.

For 20+ years, I’ve been evangelizing a strategy called The 5 am Club (that has impacted the lives of millions of people).

None of this is motivation. The protocols are built on hard science from brain and performance optimization research. And my “boots on the ground” coaching work with billionaires, movie stars, sports heroes and celebrity entrepreneurs as well as the world-builders in my exclusive IconX program.

Here’s the main idea I offer: dialing in your morning routine is the one move that transforms every other move [and the rest of your day].

In this potent little video I shot off my phone in a quiet burst of sincere passion, I walk you through the morning routine of people who get the most done, have the most fun and do their part to inspire a better world.

I also deconstruct The 5 am Club so you know exactly what to do each morning.

Watch this video if you want to become an early riser who leads your field and creates a life you adore:

Hope it helps you fly. Go be great.

P.S. Here’s the link I mentioned in the video

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Habits to Build Your Empire

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Really, really, really valuable insights in today's message if you want to do the best work of your life and release your highest talents in the process.

Really, really, really valuable insights in today’s message if you want to do the best work of your life and release your highest talents in the process.

So my deep encouragement is to take 5 minutes now, turn off your notifications, breathe, and then focus on this potent piece that is the result of decades as a creative producer devoted to my craft…


…I’m getting a lot of people coming to my events, driven to do gargantuan things in the world.

Many want to build business empires. A lot want to scale creative empires. And quite a number are obsessed with building humanitarian empires.

I’ve been in the productive pocket these past weeks, in seclusion writing my new book The 5 am Club so I’ve had time to reflect on some of the best protocols I run to get massive projects done.

I’ll share 7 of them below and if you want to go x100 deeper into them and get some of the most valuable training available anywhere to build your empire, join me at Personal Mastery Academy, my all-new live event in June.

Ok. Let’s go.

#1. Get Away from Your World.

You can’t do the finest work of your career staying in your city. I’ve found I get big things done when I’m on airplanes or in hotel rooms. It’s a total needle-mover to book a fantastic room in a place you adore and then put the “do not disturb” on the phone and door for a week. Yes, take it off so your room gets cleaned ;)

And put your devices in a plastic bag with a label on it that says “My Masterpiece is more important than my email!”

Just think about it: in a hotel room, no one can distract you, you can order room service when you need to, sleep when you need to, you can workout when you need to workout and you can isolate yourself so that Transient Hypofrontality [the neurobiological state of genius that we ALL have but so few know how to access] just shows up; you can’t miss Personal Mastery Academy if what I’m writing is speaking to you deeply.

Some people say “but a great room costs too much.” I think of what I’ve learned from Warren Buffett: focus on value versus cost. If you do work that wows a whole industry and makes you a legend in your field, was the investment returned 1000 times over?

You can’t become a history-maker stuck in tiny thinking. You just can’t.

#2. Fight to Be Dark.

I know you’re important. I know you’re a busy producer. I get people need your attention and your decisions. Go to war. Fight to go dark and be completely unavailable. Distractions are costing you your genius. The business won’t burn down and your team will figure it out.

You doing masterful work is all that matters here. Trust me on this. Be nearly totally unavailable. Just watch what ideas start downloading and just see the quality of your output.

#3. Become a Spartan.

Don’t fill your room with shiny toys! Have the goodies in the mini-bar taken out before you arrive. Give the magazines and newspapers and welcome basket to Housekeeping with a radiant smile and a big tip.

You’re like a Spartan soldier now. As little in your personal monastery that the world calls a hotel room as possible. You’re Edison and this is now your Menlo Park. The place where you breed the ideas and execute on the concepts so you raise the entire world.

Keep it pure. Keep it lean.

#4. Find a Rhythm.

As I write The 5 am Club, I’ve found a profoundly awesome daily pattern here in a small town in Europe that works so beautifully for me. I rise. I have coffee. And then I write. No food. Just writing.

After three good hours, I run along the lake and watch the snow-capped mountains. Then I do some drills in the gym. Then, after a light meal, I go back to the craft.

After another few hours, I’ll do a 60-minute walk to decompress. Evenings are reserved for a lovely meal and House of Cards ;)

I do this almost every day. All I care about is sharing what works for me so it works for you. And this all works. Period.

#5. Seek Inspiration.

When I need to complete a project of primary importance, I’m around nature a lot. Today, after 7 days at the table, I closed my iPad Pro (a shiny toy worth having) and took the day off. I shot pictures of Spring flowers, basked in the sun, ate lunch outside at a very cool Bohemian shack in the edgy part of town and found a women’s art exhibition in a hidden warehouse.

My game’s refueled. I’ll be back at the writing, re-created, tomorrow.

#6. Resist the Saboteur.

You’ll feel like Skyping the office or checking your Instagram feed (follow me here) or taking a nap.

Don’t let your lower self cause you to betray the gifts embedded in you. Your loved ones need you to fly. And our world will be a whole lot better off when the brilliance of your light shines.

#7. Reward Your Wins.

In over 25 years as a Creative, I’ve hardly watched television. I haven’t known the hip shows nor watched the hot programs. It’s been mostly family, fitness, my personal development and my craft. Very minimalist. Highly unorthodox.

You have a different way of conducting your life? Beautiful. This is how I’ve lived mine. I don’t really do it for the fame or the money. I do it because I need to. Because my heart makes me do it. Because it’s what I’ve signed up for. Because I know no other way.

Anyway, mini-rant aside. I’ve discovered House of Cards. My kids made me do it ;)

So here in this long trip to finish the book, after a day of writing, I eat an excellent meal (fresh food, simply prepared is my favorite) then watch Kevin Spacey work his chops. Total guilty-pleasure. Perfect end to my day in flow zone.

Hope you feel the passion which I feel as I write this.

You are built to do epic work. You are constructed to make a gorgeous impact.

Step up. Show up. Make history.

With love + respect!

P.S. If you want to seriously lift your mindset, performance and lifestyle, you owe it to your talent to be in the room with us at Personal Mastery Academy.

I’m only doing two live events produced by my shop this year. And any event my team and I does is absolutely top-tier. Or we wouldn’t do it.

Get your seat here before there are no seats to get.

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