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We Crushed the Servers

Friday, February 14th, 2014

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

I recently hosted my first global live webinar called “World-Class Willpower” sharing the latest breakthroughs on how to unleash your self-discipline to reach mastery + an epic life.

24,922 people registered so we CRUSHED the platform and our servers.

In case you couldn’t get on here is the replay

Hope you love the ideas and tactics as much as so many people did.

Your success partner,

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The Declaration

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

A Poem by Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

I declare that this 2014 is MY year

I’m no poet. We both know that.

But in a burst of passion and utter inspiration, I wrote a poem to remind you of your greatness as we begin the second month of this new year.

I hope you’ve made some brave new choices, some gutsy new decisions and installed some smart new habits…

…because unless you change the way you operated last year (fast), you’ll be stuck in a groove that will make 2014 a repeat of last year…

The clear reality is…

I want this to be YOUR year, the year you step into your truest power, own your highest talents and create results that are nothing less than monumental.

So here’s the poem…read it, study it, recite it and then live it…

The Declaration:

Today, I declare I am strong and brave, not timid nor weak.

Today I declare that my past will no longer limit my future and just because I couldn’t achieve something yesterday doesn’t mean I won’t do it this day.

Today I declare that I’ll honor my talents, express my gifts and reveal my creativity to everyone around me.

Today, I declare I’ll be loyal to my values, respectful of my mission and fiercely focused on my dreams.

Read the rest of The Declaration here

Very Important Information:

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Sorry, but if you wait you’ll be too late…

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When you snap up one of the limited memberships left right now, you’ll get:

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–and just to completely wow you and show you how much I care and want to serve your highest dreams this New Year, when you register right now I’ll add 12 bonus pre-recorded webinars ($5000 value)

This extraordinary online course is worth over $20,000…

It’s a total program where I walk you through the best ideas and strategies I’ve learned over 17 years of working with the most successful people on Earth to dramatically boost your happiness, health, energy, prosperity, relationships, work and life…

It’s taken me tens of thousands of hours to discover this information–and many of the best years of my life…

But because I want you in it so you experience the ridiculously powerful results Your Absolute Best Year Yet will give you, I’m offering memberships for only $477 before I close doors shortly.

Oh…to show you even more of my love…

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So you really have nothing to lose…why wouldn’t you get your membership today?

Get one of the limited memberships now

Please remember, coming up with excuses will not revolutionize your life–only gutsy action will.

So get off the fence and just do this! :)…

I predict you’ll look back at the decision to join us in Your Absolute Best Year Yet as the decision that changed the game for you.

The program will sell out (it always does) and doors close soon…

So go ahead and get one of the remaining memberships now

With best wishes and tons of gratitude,

P.S. Doors close soon and Your Absolute Best Year Yet will not be offered again until January 2015…

Just think what not being in this program will cost you…over this New Year…

There’s zero risk to try the course and the price I’m offering memberships represents an awesome value…

Go ahead and snap up your membership now

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The First Day of Your Best Life

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 bestseller The Leader Who Had No Title

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve released a series of new training videos designed to help you make this fresh year the single greatest year of your life yet.

They’ve been “handcrafted” with love, care and painstaking effort so they cause deep shifts with your mindset, performance and productivity.

All this training is free. I just wanted to inspire, support and serve as many people as possible…

The videos have gone viral with well over 500,000 views since the first video I sent you on January 1.

Here’s the FINAL video in the series… the one everyone’s been waiting for…and possibly the most inspirational + valuable training video I’ve ever done yet

Watch this very special video now

….and for everyone who’s been asking…

Doors are now open to my famous online course Your Absolute Best Year Yet, the life-changing program that has helped thousands of people just like you live lives they adore.

This is one of the best personal transformation and peak performance courses in the world…

…and the opportunity that I predict will alter the direction of your life forever.

This very moment, people from across the planet are throwing away their excuses and making the decision to live the lives they always dreamed of by joining Your Absolute Best Year Yet.

Memberships are limited and I’ll be closing doors soon to start the course…

So go ahead and get your membership now

It’s fully guaranteed so there’s zero risk to try this… (I just really want you to do this amazing program so you enjoy a GREAT life this year. So I’ve put all the risk on my shoulders with a complete money back guarantee).

Let’s make this YOUR year…I’m ready to help…it’s now up to you to get off the fence and just follow NIKE’s brilliant advice: Just Do It!

Snap up your membership now

At the very special sale price I’m offering, I encourage you to gift memberships to your family, friends and teammates as well so 2014 becomes their Absolute Best Year Yet too.

Hope all these free training videos have kickstarted your passion, fuelled your drive and delivered real value to you.

Your success partner,

P.S. Definitely don’t miss this final–and most important–new video in this training series…it’s a COMPLETE GAME-CHANGER…

Watch the video now

Speak soon. Bye for now.

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Special Habits to Make 2014 AWESOME

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 bestseller The Leader Who Had No Title

Last night I watched a documentary on Steve Jobs called One Last Thing. And I learned something profound…

The key takeaway for me was Steve Jobs explaining in a rare interview that the world teaches us to get a job, live a nice life and coast along quietly, creating no noise and fitting in.

But, he continued, EVERYTHING changes the day you realize that everything in the world was created by “someone no smarter than you”…

…and that YOU can create anything you want, once you understand that–and know what to do.

And so, as a follow up to my recent “New Year’s Day” video (which received 43,000+ Facebook likes and nearly 200,000 views within days of release), I’m sending you this next one to help you create anything you want…

It walks you through the 4 Habits to run to make 2014 the greatest year of your life yet.

Watch the video now

Late next week, I’ll send you a cool new video I shot while I was in Rome for Christmas. It’ll teach you how to delete the energy vampires from your life so you feel more positive and confident throughout 2014.

Look for it in your inbox–I put a lot of effort into making it to serve your goals and highest ambitions this year and it’ll be well worth the investment of your time.

Together, let’s make this year the game-changer for you!

Your success partner,

P.S. Please remember: as you learn more you can achieve more

So watch this free training video I made for you now

All great things to you. I’ll be in touch. Bye.

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How to Achieve ALL Your 2014 Goals

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 bestseller The Leader Who Had No Title

Reach your goals in 2014

We’re a few days into 2014. A new chapter for you. A GLORIOUS opportunity to begin thinking+behaving+producing like the person you’ve always wanted to be.

PLEASE don’t allow this New Year to become a repeat of last year.

PLEASE don’t make the same choices and run the same habits of 2013.

PLEASE don’t sit on the fence and coast through these next few weeks when they present the single best chance to make the new choices that will revolutionize your life.

PLEASE don’t make excuses and give your personal power away to them.

I have never been so fiercely passionate and devoted to helping you make these next 12 months epic…


…consider this key idea: the way you live these first 30 days of 2014 profoundly shapes the way the whole year will unfold.

I’ve crafted some really valuable videos and written pieces that will kickstart your motivation, drive and focus over these next four weeks….definitely look out for them and watch them.

Your life is just too valuable to not seize this unfair advantage I’m giving to you with all this free training…



…just so we get your 2014 goals happening in high-gear–I’m sharing 8 of the finest strategies I know of to make your highest ambitions come true…

Start executing around them now (if not now, then when?…)

Tactic #1: Do a Daily Goal Review. We live in a time of intense noise and distraction. It’s just too easy to start off these first few weeks of this New Year being really really busy chasing the wrong things. So, my suggestion: every morning–while the rest of the world is asleep–take just 5 pure minutes to reread and then actually rewrite your top five 2014 goals. This will boost your focus dramatically and imprint them with total clarity on your subconscious mind.

Tactic #2: Go Complaint-Free. You empower everything you complain about. You strengthen the negative things you speak of. And you energize the problems you vocalize. To nail your 2014 goals, go on a 90 Day Complaint-Free Diet. Enough said.

Tactic #3: Clean All Messes. Masters of Goal Achievement are minimalists. They get that messes create distraction. And distraction reduces your power to achieve every goal you set. The messy office+the disorganized home+the dirty financial life+cluttered mind all weaken your ability to bring your natural laser-like focus to bear on your greatest desires.

Tactic #4: Become an Incrementalist. Bottom line: 5 little goals done a day lead to 1850 goals achieved by December 31, 2014. An awesome work and personal life is more about evolution than revolution. Get serious about the small wins.

Tactic #5: Work In 90 Day Themes. I’ve been teaching this to the billionaire clients I coach for years. The best period to set goals within is a 90 day chunk. And set a theme for every quarter. For the first 90 days of 2014, I suggest themes like “Look 10 years younger + feel 20 years stronger” or “The Quarter of Financial Transformation” or “My Best 90 Family Days” or “3 Months of Best of Breed Productivity.”

Tactic #6: Imprint Your December 31 Statement. Here’s my coaching question to you: “If every single thing you want to happen over the next 12 months happened, what would it all look like?” Fast tip: Clarity is Power. Write out your answer in a single paragraph (or record it on your iPhone). Review it DAILY in your Holy Hour. You’ll go from distracted to massively concentrated. On the few things that count.

Tactic #7: Join A Mastermind. You can’t do it alone. One of the reasons my online course Your Absolute Best Year Yet is one of the most powerful and advanced personal transformation programs in the world today is because you’ll get the support of other go-getters just like you over the 12 weeks of the course. You need to partner with other people. To get their encouragement. To feed off their energy. To share your hopes and dreams with theirs.

Tactic #8: Outlearn Last Year’s Self. The real key to executing flawlessly on every one of your 2014 goals is to outlearn and outthink who you were last year. As you think better, you’re certain to perform better. And all it takes is one new insight or idea–strongly acted on–to take you to a completely different place mentally+physically+financially+socially and spiritually this New Year. So do what the most successful people on the planet do: invest in your learning and self-education.

Hope these 8 proven techniques serve your success beautifully.

And…for everyone asking me when doors are opening to my famous online program Your Absolute Best Year Yet…


If you’re really ready to make 2014 the year you get off the fence and TRULY live the life you are meant to live I have a breathtakingly powerful resource that will be your game-changer…

Last year, the lives of thousands of people just like you were transformed forever by Your Absolute Best Year Yet.

In a few weeks, I’ll open doors (I only offer memberships one time each year)…and if you are one of the lucky ones who get in…

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Your Absolute Best Year Yet is such a fun course to go through and awesomely powerful. It’s worth $20,000+

…but when doors open in a few weeks, you can get your membership for only $477.

Oh…and it’s 100% guaranteed so if you don’t love it, no worries…you’ll get your money back…there’s zero risk to try it…

…so why wouldn’t you?

…We already have many thousands of people lining up to get one of the limited memberships given that I only offer Your Absolute Best Year Yet once a year…

…if you’re ready to join me and make the choice that will change your life forever, definitely get onto my Priority Access List (PAL) right now.

By getting onto my Priority Access List, on January 21, I’ll send you a special message which will give you a full 48 hour advance opportunity to get your membership into this course before I open doors to my online base of well over 1,000,000 people.

By the way…next week I’ll be sending you more free training in the form of a very cool video.

Check your inbox for it and definitely watch it…it’ll fire you up and show you exactly what ultra-successful performers know that average people don’t.

Until then, make 2014 incredible. The world needs you to shine–and we both know you can.

Your partner in success,

P.S. Remember NIKE’s famous mantra: Just Do It…

Just think about what not being in Your Absolute Best Year Yet will cost you over the rest of your life…

I really want you to have all the benefits this revolutionary program will deliver for you.

…so Just Do It…I predict it’ll be the choice that changes your life…

Get onto my Priority Access List now to secure one of the limited memberships

Talk soon. Bye.

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