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The World-Changer’s Conduct Code

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

I’m deep in my Dream Room as I write this potent piece for you [a space of isolation where I come to produce my true work, free from the attractive distractions that destroy our finest potential].

You’ll find what follows supervaluable if you’re someone amped to get much more premium quality product done in far less time. And set to own your field–while you serve the world.

T.S. Eliot once asked: “Do I dare disturb the universe?”

If you’re a world-changer, I suggest you have to.

…you have to install a vision so large it frightens you to your very core.

…you have to find a mission so close to your heart that you’d take a bullet to protect it.

…you have to build the inner power/resolve/relentlessness so you do whatever it takes to get your ambitions done, even if everyone around you tells you you’re a fool to pursue them.

[I was reflecting earlier this morning on the billionaire who ever so graciously gave me a meeting when I started out as an author + leadership teacher; he strongly suggested that I give up on my dream and return to the safety of my legal career; I appreciate his time but am so grateful I didn’t listen to him].

And so, with vast encouragement for your greatest success and largest impact, I offer you 7 performance behaviors to wire in to automatic if you’re really serious about authentic winning:

#1. Fireproof Your Character. I’ve been spending quiet amounts of time studying the ways of being of Roman military commanders. Yes, they were brave. True, they had fierce loyalty toward their empire. Agreed, they understood how to inspire their followers, so they achieved seemingly impossible things on the field of battle.

Yet–what speaks most acutely to me about these titans of heroism is that they were [in general] people of principles. The best of them performed in a way that was more concerned with an internal compass than exterior approval.

How many people do you know–in this age of selfies, addiction to our devices and oversharing of once private lives–who live in a way that is true to themselves?

So many among us have lost the ability to think for ourselves. To fashion our days on our own terms, aligned with our closest values and ferociously respectful of the virtues we most adore…

…Instead of blindly wearing what the celebrities wear, talking like the famous people talk and chasing a story of success that is impotent, superficial and ultimately, empty.

World-changers play in a whole different arena…

…It’s not about fitting in. It’s about standing out.

…It’s not about popularity. It’s about mastery.

…It’s not about being served. It’s about serving.

My respectful advice for you is to spend even more time than you already do refining your character. Trusting instinct over intellect. Developing wisdom, understanding, dignity, courage + grace.

In a world that has never longed for it so much.

#2. Exploit Your Genius Hours. We all have hours within our days when our productive assets of focus/energy/willpower are at their highest. What separates average performers from World-Changers is those that influence entire markets exploit their most valuable hours to deliver beautiful things instead of wasting them.

Fascinating how common it is to want the rewards of success yet not run the rituals and put in the work demanded to receive those very gifts.

While the excuse-maker is spending precious time watching tv/playing games on their phones/coasting at the office + complaining about the economy, the A-Player is dialling in their focus/rising to their best output/putting in the hours/learning daily + doing whatever it requires to become amazing.

You only have 24 hours each day. Use them well. Because as you live your days, so you craft your life.

#3. Engage in Strengthening Scenarios. I read the other night how Seneca, the philosopher, would advise his students to spend one day a month consuming only water and bread. And sleeping on the floor.

I had dinner in Switzerland with one of the most famous authors on the planet who shared that he took many months away from the world to write a book while living in a spartan motel, with little more than a shoddy bed and an ancient desk in it.

See, hard is more valuable than easy if you’re aiming for legendary.

People who produce exceptional work consistently and lead their games understand that we grow by having the guts to go to the jagged edges of our highest limits on a regular basis. And by so doing, those limits expand.

Consciously put yourself in situations designed to push you to excel. To become stronger. To get better. To learn more. To discover talents + capacities + abilities you never knew you had.

Sure, working and living like this, that’s a formula for a messy, confusing and dangerous life. To me, that’s 1000x a more valuable way to live than spending the best hours of our greatest days watching television in a subdivision.

#4. Invest in Morning Preparation. The reason why excellent warriors engage in extreme training at the beginning of each day is so that when they are at war, they perform at elite levels automatically.

The quality of your practice determines the caliber of your performance.

And all victories are won before you even step onto the field.

Yes, I’ve been evangelizing The 5 AM Club for over 20 years [still writing the book; now in year 3. Yikes!]. But I do it because it’s a truly life-altering routine. At that time of the day, the world is asleep. You have time for yourself. To think, plan, write, meditate, exercise, read and simply be…

…Time to refine your mindset, optimize your Heartset, lift your Healthset + sculpt your Soulset. [I’ve been introducing these new words I’ve created– Heartset/Healthset/Soulset–in my work because, while I believe all the talk about “mindset” is valuable, true success requires training all four Interior Empires].

#5. Upgrade Your SOPs. I recently saw the movie The Founder. All about Ray Kroc, the man who scaled McDonald’s.

Part of his brilliance was to systematize processes. So every burger tastes the same no matter which restaurant you ate it in. So that every fry reflected one of the fundamentals every restaurant tries to get right: consistency.

World-Changers do the same. Precisely.

They have set up what I call “Structures + Systems” to automate the non-essential parts of their lives. And to ensure that even the important parts produce consistently high quality.

My encouragement is to think through what systems you need to install so you’re regularly producing at your absolute best. Then do what all leaders do: Execute on your ideas [because even the smallest of actions is superior to the noblest of intentions].

#6. Pursue Magic. New Standard: Only release work that is at a level of poetry. Watch what starts to happen to you.

Then radiate optimism, kindness, decency and love. And see what unfolds for you.

Next: focus purely on the good in others. And savor the gifts that come back to you.

Life gives you what you give it. Stand for world-class in this age of too much average and you’re pretty much guaranteed an epic journey.

Doesn’t mean it will be easy. [The Great Ones have all suffered the most; the fire purified and developed their heroic instincts].

But I promise you it will be worth it.

#7. Lead from Legacy Versus Scarcity. Been teaching this idea for two decades as well. Even wrote a book on it years ago called Who Will Cry When You Die?

One wisdom tradition states: a wise person thinks about their death every day. A fool, only about a good time.

While the ordinary person is focused on getting through the month, the World-Builder is obsessed with elevating the next generation.

I deeply believe, at the core of my heart, that life lived only for ourselves is a very small life.

To be great is to be helpful. And to become undefeatable–as you follow a Mighty Mission that is larger than your ego.

To walk with the icons, devote yourself to the building of a meaningful legacy.

One that inspires you to bring out the fullness of your natural genius, one that causes you to know powers in you that you didn’t know you had. And one that, at the end of your life, allows you to look back on the way you have conducted yourself and say…

“…I had times in the sun. I had seasons in the rain. I reached for my best. I raised others with me. And now, in a state of vast peace, I leave our world better than I found it.”

You’re meant to make a difference. This is your time. Now is your moment. Begin.

With love + respect…

Your fan always,

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My 11 Minutes in a Jail Cell

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

A life can be shifted in a matter of moments. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

A few months ago I was privileged to have been allowed into the prison cell Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his precious life in [of the total 27 years of his confinement].

I witnessed no bed. Just two rugged blankets swept over a cold concrete floor. And a small wooden desk the tall hero would kneel over, to write his reflections. And process through his pain.

In some unreasonable way, my heart rewired that day in South Africa. It will never quite be the same. And my perspective on leadership, personal greatness, individual dignity and the call on humanity was recoded in the process.

For the first time in a year, I’m releasing a new adventure video. In it I share my very private experience on Robben Island along with advanced information to own your craft + revolutionize your life this New Year.

If you only watch one video this year, watch this one

Play: Adventure Video 2017

I’m on fire to help you absolutely unshackle your gifts + express your brilliance in 2017. You’re not alone. I’ve got your back.

Let’s fly! It starts with you investing the time to watch and study this new video

With love + respect,


P.S. If you only watch one personal mastery/self-transformation video this year, watch this one

Hope all this handcrafted content I’ve been sending you so you start 2017 ultra-confident + super-strong is helping you!

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My Best Rituals to x100 Your Results [Deep Post]

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Your genetics predict your success so much less than your daily rituals do.

Install world-class habits and you’ll experience world-class results.

The pros get this. The amateurs don’t.

With this in mind (and heart), I’m doing something special for you today.

I usually only teach The Rituals of Legendary Producers to my Titans. Or at Personal Mastery Academy each June. But today I’ll walk you through three of them.

Yes, they are eccentric.

Yes, they work like rocket fuel.

Yes, you need to do the work to get the glory.

Ritual #1: The Second Wind Workout [2WW]

Working out is one of the finest methods known for multiplying your productivity and prosperity. You’ll reduce the fear hormone cortisol in your system, release the inspirational neurotransmitter dopamine and recalibrate serotonin (which kickstarts your joy).

Add to these beautiful truths the gorgeous facts that you’ll keep body fat low, heighten energy and promote longevity and getting fit like Federer is a game-changer.

Here’s the thing: if you truly get how great fitness is, why would you only work out once a day?

And so…

…I teach clients at The Titan Summit and Personal Mastery Academy to do a “Second Wind Workout” (2WW) at the end of their workday.

Gives them massive game in the evening. Beats depletion. And makes the end of the day one of the best pieces of the day.

Ritual #2: The Daily 5 + The Nightly 3

I’ve been teaching this one for years. To NIKE and Starbucks. To NBA stars and music legends. It works because research has confirmed that when we celebrate “small wins”, our brains get fired up and motivation comes alive.

And because greatness is more about evolution versus revolution: small daily optimizations, when done consistently over time, deliver epic results.

So every morning, please record 5 tiny acts of beautiful progress that you commit to executing on before the day is done.

The Daily 5 ritual ensures you’ll finish 150+ acts of excellence every month. And 1800+ achievements one year from today. Remarkable, yes?

You’re going to get to one year from today anyway. Why not arrive at this destination with a whole new level of momentum, mastery and personal power?

The Nightly 3 routine involves simply writing down three great things that happened to you during your day.

The brain has a negativity bias we need to relentlessly fight against. This primitive instinct served us 1000+ years ago. Destroys our brilliance today.

Noticing items to be grateful for is the antidote to apathy. And the cure for stagnation.

Please note: If you want to get one of the limited memberships into Personal Mastery Academy Online where I teach you all of the daily routines of the world’s most successful people + my most advanced self-transformation tactics, go here

Ritual #3: The 2 Massage Protocol [2MP]

All I can share with you is this: seems strange and works like magic.

Want to sleep less so you join my famous 5 AM Club that now has members in the millions?

Set to have ridiculous amounts of focus, stamina, vitality and creativity?

Ok. Good. Go get two massages a week.

“But Robin, I don’t have time and what would my team think and that’s pretty expensive,” I’ve heard 1000 times.

Trust the ritual by the ROI (Return on Investment).

Your output will pay for itself exponentially. And your team will say zero when they watch you produce like Michelangelo.

Ok. Longer message than usual but you know I’m obsessed with delivering value. And helping you grow. And ensuring you fly.

If you understand the power of learning to transform your life, then definitely make the decision that I predict will change the way the rest of your life unfolds…

…and get one of the remaining memberships here to my ultra-powerful course Personal Mastery Academy Online (PMAO).

PMAO will walk you through the best information I teach on becoming an elite performer.

PMAO will teach you how the billionaires I coach think, how the sports stars I advise live and how the masters stay at world-class.

PMAO comes with a total money-back guarantee so there is ZERO risk to try this out. It’s a beautiful training course. Very results-oriented. Absolutely first-rate content.

We’re closing doors soon so wait and you’ll be too late.

Snap up your membership here

Hope this post really helps you x100 your professional and personal results.

Life’s too short to play small with your talent.

Be great. Bye.


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An Awesome Gift for You

Friday, September 9th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

I have an awesome gift for you today to show you some serious love for following my work and being the kind of person who loves to grow so you own your game.

I’ve created a phenomenal training video called The 7 Unwritten Laws that Only Game-Changers Know.

It is not the shortest video I’ve ever done [you know I’m obsessed with delivering world-class value to you].

But it is absolutely THE most important. It’s loaded with valuable, life-shifting knowledge. Watch the whole thing and your life will never be the same.

Here’s the link

This epic video I crafted with intense devotion to your highest performance and most dramatic impact will come down soon, so watch it now

With respect + massive encouragement,

P.S. People who have watched this intensely powerful training video have been deeply affected by the information. It will come down soon so go ahead and watch it here before you miss this beautiful opportunity.

Hope all this free training I work so hard on is of true service to your mastery + finest life.

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Habits to Build Your Empire

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Really, really, really valuable insights in today's message if you want to do the best work of your life and release your highest talents in the process.

Really, really, really valuable insights in today’s message if you want to do the best work of your life and release your highest talents in the process.

So my deep encouragement is to take 5 minutes now, turn off your notifications, breathe, and then focus on this potent piece that is the result of decades as a creative producer devoted to my craft…


…I’m getting a lot of people coming to my events, driven to do gargantuan things in the world.

Many want to build business empires. A lot want to scale creative empires. And quite a number are obsessed with building humanitarian empires.

I’ve been in the productive pocket these past weeks, in seclusion writing my new book The 5 am Club so I’ve had time to reflect on some of the best protocols I run to get massive projects done.

I’ll share 7 of them below and if you want to go x100 deeper into them and get some of the most valuable training available anywhere to build your empire, join me at Personal Mastery Academy, my all-new live event in June.

Ok. Let’s go.

#1. Get Away from Your World.

You can’t do the finest work of your career staying in your city. I’ve found I get big things done when I’m on airplanes or in hotel rooms. It’s a total needle-mover to book a fantastic room in a place you adore and then put the “do not disturb” on the phone and door for a week. Yes, take it off so your room gets cleaned ;)

And put your devices in a plastic bag with a label on it that says “My Masterpiece is more important than my email!”

Just think about it: in a hotel room, no one can distract you, you can order room service when you need to, sleep when you need to, you can workout when you need to workout and you can isolate yourself so that Transient Hypofrontality [the neurobiological state of genius that we ALL have but so few know how to access] just shows up; you can’t miss Personal Mastery Academy if what I’m writing is speaking to you deeply.

Some people say “but a great room costs too much.” I think of what I’ve learned from Warren Buffett: focus on value versus cost. If you do work that wows a whole industry and makes you a legend in your field, was the investment returned 1000 times over?

You can’t become a history-maker stuck in tiny thinking. You just can’t.

#2. Fight to Be Dark.

I know you’re important. I know you’re a busy producer. I get people need your attention and your decisions. Go to war. Fight to go dark and be completely unavailable. Distractions are costing you your genius. The business won’t burn down and your team will figure it out.

You doing masterful work is all that matters here. Trust me on this. Be nearly totally unavailable. Just watch what ideas start downloading and just see the quality of your output.

#3. Become a Spartan.

Don’t fill your room with shiny toys! Have the goodies in the mini-bar taken out before you arrive. Give the magazines and newspapers and welcome basket to Housekeeping with a radiant smile and a big tip.

You’re like a Spartan soldier now. As little in your personal monastery that the world calls a hotel room as possible. You’re Edison and this is now your Menlo Park. The place where you breed the ideas and execute on the concepts so you raise the entire world.

Keep it pure. Keep it lean.

#4. Find a Rhythm.

As I write The 5 am Club, I’ve found a profoundly awesome daily pattern here in a small town in Europe that works so beautifully for me. I rise. I have coffee. And then I write. No food. Just writing.

After three good hours, I run along the lake and watch the snow-capped mountains. Then I do some drills in the gym. Then, after a light meal, I go back to the craft.

After another few hours, I’ll do a 60-minute walk to decompress. Evenings are reserved for a lovely meal and House of Cards ;)

I do this almost every day. All I care about is sharing what works for me so it works for you. And this all works. Period.

#5. Seek Inspiration.

When I need to complete a project of primary importance, I’m around nature a lot. Today, after 7 days at the table, I closed my iPad Pro (a shiny toy worth having) and took the day off. I shot pictures of Spring flowers, basked in the sun, ate lunch outside at a very cool Bohemian shack in the edgy part of town and found a women’s art exhibition in a hidden warehouse.

My game’s refueled. I’ll be back at the writing, re-created, tomorrow.

#6. Resist the Saboteur.

You’ll feel like Skyping the office or checking your Instagram feed (follow me here) or taking a nap.

Don’t let your lower self cause you to betray the gifts embedded in you. Your loved ones need you to fly. And our world will be a whole lot better off when the brilliance of your light shines.

#7. Reward Your Wins.

In over 25 years as a Creative, I’ve hardly watched television. I haven’t known the hip shows nor watched the hot programs. It’s been mostly family, fitness, my personal development and my craft. Very minimalist. Highly unorthodox.

You have a different way of conducting your life? Beautiful. This is how I’ve lived mine. I don’t really do it for the fame or the money. I do it because I need to. Because my heart makes me do it. Because it’s what I’ve signed up for. Because I know no other way.

Anyway, mini-rant aside. I’ve discovered House of Cards. My kids made me do it ;)

So here in this long trip to finish the book, after a day of writing, I eat an excellent meal (fresh food, simply prepared is my favorite) then watch Kevin Spacey work his chops. Total guilty-pleasure. Perfect end to my day in flow zone.

Hope you feel the passion which I feel as I write this.

You are built to do epic work. You are constructed to make a gorgeous impact.

Step up. Show up. Make history.

With love + respect!

P.S. If you want to seriously lift your mindset, performance and lifestyle, you owe it to your talent to be in the room with us at Personal Mastery Academy.

I’m only doing two live events produced by my shop this year. And any event my team and I does is absolutely top-tier. Or we wouldn’t do it.

Get your seat here before there are no seats to get.

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