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Big Announcement: All-New Event…

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Personal Mastery Academy

Recent research confirms that the #1 way to make strong improvements in your life easily is to associate with people who you want to be and live like.

For example, a study at Dartmouth College by economist Bruce Sacerdote found that students who weren’t achieving great grades raised them noticeably simply by finding roommates who were doing well. The researchers wrote:

“The students appeared to infect each other with good habits” that caused better grades.

Extremely cool information, yes?

In the landmark book Connected, Nicholas Christakis M.D., Ph.D. writes:

“Social networks help us achieve what we could not achieve alone. One biological mechanism that makes behavior contagious may be the so-called mirror neuron system in the human brain. Our brains practice doing actions we merely observe in others.

The Powerful Idea: if you want to make PROFOUND improvements in the way you think, feel, perform and live FEW things work as well as being at a LIVE event with other people making the same improvements.

And so I’m personally inviting you to spend 2 life-changing days with me in a room of some of the most successful, creative, vibrant and amazing people on the planet at my ridiculously valuable all-new event Personal Mastery Academy (PMA).

Go ahead and get your early-registration seat(s) here and save over 70% off the regular tuition fee, which will soon be in place

This is the first new LIVE event I’ve done in a few years and it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before.

This event is absolutely for you if you are ready to experience world-class levels of confidence, fearlessness, productivity, prosperity, energy, happiness and beautifully impact the world in a powerful community of other people just like you.

This is your time. Believe in your greatness. You are worth it. Let’s do this TOGETHER.

See you at The Ritz-Carlton in ultra-stylish Toronto, Canada Saturday June 11 + Sunday June 12.

With vast encouragement + much respect,

P.S. Please don’t delay in getting your seat(s) to my all-new live event Personal Mastery Academy because if you hesitate, PMA may be sold-out and you’ll miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

Go ahead and get your seat here

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What Happened in Vegas? [on video]

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

For over a year, I’ve been thinking of how to craft a new adventure video like the one I shot down in The Seychelles 2 years ago that would not only inspire you but offer exceedingly-valuable information on lasting transformation.

I finally made one that starts in Monaco, moves to Vegas and ends at 5 am on the ancient streets of Rome.

If you watch one video this year, watch this one

I know this new video will really energize you, lock in your focus for a gorgeous new year and teach you some science-based information to create explosive results. Watch it here

I’ll be sending you another new training video called “The SuperProducer’s Secret” in a few days (it’s all about habit installation that lasts) so watch for it as it’s also very valuable as you install the rituals of world-class.

And…[such a great opportunity here for those who are devoted to learning, growth and lifelong progress]…

…if you’re ready, I’d LOVE to help you make sure the opportunity of the fresh new year doesn’t get missed…


If you’re really ready to make 2016 the single happiest, healthiest, most successful and fun year of your life yet, I’m willing to help you accelerate your results exponentially.

I’ve just opened up another very limited number of new memberships to my famous online course Your Absolute Best Year Yet. It’s widely considered one of the best life transformation programs in the world.

We’ll be closing enrollment soon so I strongly encourage you to snap up your spot now before it’s too late.

Go ahead and get yours here

Sorry…this breakthrough personal improvement course isn’t for you if you want a quick-fix that doesn’t last. And it’s not right for you if you don’t want to do any work to make 2016 the best year of your life to date.

But…the great news is that…

It is for you if you want an online coaching system that really works to help you make the changes you’ve always wanted to make.

This is THE video-based training program that has helped many thousands of people just like you in 50+ countries achieve the results they’d never been able to have before.

If you want to make this year the single greatest year of your life yet you definitely want to release any excuses and get one of the memberships before they are all gone.

The program comes with a 100% no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t love it so there is ZERO risk to try this out. So why wouldn’t you?

Make the choice that will change your life and snap up one of the limited memberships here before it’s too late.

Ok. Watch the new video a few times. Share it with your family. Discuss it with your team. And go do something amazing!

With lots of love + respect,

P.S. This new video has ideas in it that will cause all-new levels of understanding of how people who achieve great lives do it…

…it’s very special so watch it now before it comes down.

Hope I’m serving you well by all this free information I work so hard on + send you in the spirit of generosity.

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The Giant Achievement Method [and free worksheet]

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

The Giant Achievement Method [and free worksheet]

The way you begin these early weeks of 2016 dramatically sets up how well you live it. Momentum matters. And starting strong counts.

I want to walk you through a procrastination-destroying, confidence-unleashing, results-awakening methodology I’ve used with my private coaching clients in IconX and my global influencers at The Titan Summit.

I share the entire practice below. Worked hard to write out the whole process for you.

I know you’re busy. But what makes mastery are those with the wisdom and conviction to go deep. So go deep and study the method below.

It’s a game-changer. Period.

Please just trust that it’s totally worth the 15 minutes of your life it’ll take to learn it. And going through the worksheet is easy and great fun.

The process is called “Exponential Focus Mapping”. Learn this method well, execute on it daily and you will generate explosive progress in your thinking, productivity, performance, prosperity and service to the world.

The protocol is simple: like all great tools. You just go through a blueprint for a beautiful year that I’ve built out, recording your key production indicators and the deliverables that need to get done so this year becomes the year you make history.

The power of the process lives in what going through the blueprint shifts in your subconscious mind and deepest core. As the eminent positive psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson has found: your story about your potential determines whether you live your potential.

Why? Because if you don’t think you can change or be world-class, then you won’t take the steps needed to change and be world class. Human beings just never rise higher than their self-identity. [Powerful idea there].

To be of service to you, you can download the form right here

Print it out and then let’s get started:

Step #1. Do Your Big 5.

These are the five outcomes that absolutely must get done for 2016 to become the best year of your life yet. Writing these down breeds clarity and trains your brain to strip out distractions and get centered around core priorities.

Step #2: Note Your Top 5 Values.

Few things diminish your energy than self-betrayal. We all have a wise witness deep within us, watching every move we make. I truly believe that the heart records every experience we have, every place we go and every act we do. Yes, we are that amazing. Until your daily behavior reflects your deepest values, you will never have the firepower to fly. So get these onto paper.

Step #3: Write Your Quarterly 10.

Pretty straightforward: deconstruct and then reverse sequence your Big 5 into 10 tinier goals that you will nail over the first 90 days of this fresh new year.

Step #4: Go Through Your Life Assessment.

Just have a look at the circle on the blueprint and evaluate yourself from 1-10 in the success arenas listed. Doing this will give you vivid awareness of how you’re doing. And with better awareness you can make better choices. With better choices you’re guaranteed to experience brighter results.

Step #5: Run Through Your Monomaniacal Obsessions.

This is just deepening your understanding around your Big 5 and locking your subconscious brain onto the vital few over the next 12 months.

Step #6: Draw a Cartoon of 2016 as Your Best Year Yet.

Drawing gets you into creative + genius versus logical and limited thinking. At this point of your blueprint experience you draw what you want over this new year. Clarity builds mastery and a vague vision produces vague results. So draw out your ideal home, fitness, financial, professional and adventure life. Doing this also generates hope and releases energy; elements necessary to get you more momentum at the start of this year.

Step #7: List Your Daily Rituals.

The quality of your performance comes down to the caliber of your habits. Here, on the form, list the routines you commit to running each day to the point of automaticity. I suggest you use my 20/20/20 Formula, The 90/90/1 Rule, The 2 Massage Protocol and The Second Wind Workout–all proprietary rituals I’ve taught to my best clients who have leveraged them to achieve fortunes of success beyond most people’s boldest imaginations. [If you want to learn my most powerful teachings on “Routines and Rituals” so you achieve exceptional results in 2016, snap up one of the limited memberships I’ve made available to my famous online course Your Absolute Best Year Yet right here before we are sold out.

Step #8: Create Your Stop Doing List.

Average performers have a To-Do List. A-Players do Stop Doing lists. Note down, on the blueprint I’m giving you (get it here), all the activities you intend to stop doing over the new year. Examples include: complaining, gossiping, procrastinating, missing workouts, stagnating at work and coasting through life instead of making the new choices that will make your life brilliantly better.

Step #9: Add in Your Vital 10.

Just rewrite your most important ten goals for the first quarter of this new year. Repeating this exercise from earlier in the blueprint is a conditioning play and hypnotizes your thinking to focus on the positive and release the negative.

Step #10: Set Your Growth Tool.

The #1 way to double your income and impact, triple your investment in your personal development and professional education. Why? Because as you build a stronger mindset and a braver internal core, the fears that limited your success will vanish. You’ll believe in possibilities you previously didn’t feel you could do. You’ll see opportunities average producers miss. And you’ll rise to mastery in your field. So here, note down your learning and growth commitments for 2016. Then schedule them so they get done.

Step #11: Construct Your Circle of Giants.

You will become your associations. Lots of good new science confirms that you unconsciously adopt the thinking, emotions, behaviors and lifestyles of the people you spend most of your time with. If you’re the most successful person you know, I strongly encourage you to make today the day you start to know some new people. On the blueprint, write your new circle of influence here.

Ok. That’s it. I’ve just given you a life-altering strategy as well as the form I give to my best clients so you can work through the whole method. I just really want to help you let go of the past, dramatically grow your inner power and start off 2016 on fire to realize epic results in the most important areas of your life.

Let’s make 2016 YOUR year. You can do this. You are worth the effort. You will fly!

If you want me to help you achieve epic results this year, read on:

If you find the insights and sincere sharing above valuable, want to discover my elite-level ideas that REALLY work to transform your life and would like my help over the next few months so you translate your big intentions into REAL results, then I strongly recommend you go here now

Given the super-enthusiastic demand, I’ve just opened up a new block of memberships to my famous online course Your Absolute Best Year Yet.

I’d LOVE to help you experience the best success of your life in 2016. The system works beautifully, it’s fully guaranteed so there’s ZERO risk to try it out and a percentage of your investment goes to The Robin Sharma Foundation for Children, so together, we help kids in need…

…make the decision I predict will change the rest of your life and get one of the remaining memberships now before we close enrolment.

Please note: this online course just isn’t for you if you want a quick-fix that doesn’t last. This is a real life-transformation program for real people who want real results–and are willing to do the work to get them.

Claim your membership here before they’re gone.

This is THE video-based training program that has helped many thousands of people just like you in 50+ countries achieve these 5 outcomes so they created the single best year of their lives:

#1. Shatter your mental limits/fears so you install a mindset that is undefeatable.

#2. Release the past and unleash your highest happiness for this year and the rest of your life.

#3. Get more real work done in a week than most people get done in three months (so you grow your prosperity, performance and impact).

#4. Get into the best fitness and finest energy of your life to date.

#5. Step into a way of living that is magical, so you wake up every morning feeling uncommonly grateful, generous and free.

If you want these 5 things in your life quickly, then I strongly encourage you to snap up one of the limited memberships right now before we’re sold out for another year

Your Absolute Best Year Yet comes with a 100% no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee so there is ZERO RISK to try it out. Why wouldn’t you?

Make the choice that will change the rest of your life and claim one of the memberships here before we close doors to start the program.

Speak soon + please use the beginning of this new year to make the new choices that will generate your best life.

You CAN do this. You ARE worth it. 2016 is YOUR year!

With lots of love + respect,

P.S. One of the main traits of the highest-producing people on the planet is that they invest in their growth and progress relentlessly

…because when you know more you can do more.

So definitely jump all over this opportunity to get one of the limited memberships into my famous online life transformation course Your Absolute Best Year Yet before they are all gone…

…it’ll cost you more NOT to join us in this course…

…it comes with a total money back guarantee if you don’t love it so just do this. There’s zero risk and only beautiful gains for you.

Get your membership here before we close doors.

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28,334 People Crashed Our System!

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Did you miss the game-changing webinar I did that just crashed our system! People from across the planet, in a frenzy to get on, watched it and LOVED it! The WOW feedback has overwhelmed my team (1000+ emails today alone). You really need to watch this now

Even if you did see it, click here to watch it again because there was a wealth of information that I shared that is really worth studying and mastering.

This replay is your first move in installing the mindsets, behaviors and operating protocols of game-changers. Learn these and you’ll get to live a life free of fear, empty of scarcity and without any form of average. Go here now before it closes

I so hope all of this high-content, result-driven and free information I’ve been sending your way is causing you to live a bigger life.

Tons of love + respect,

P.S. If you’re ready for a change, for outright greatness, and the life you’ve always wanted, this webinar is where you begin

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50 Rules to Lead The Field

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Nothing works unless you do the work.

Just home from the tour that included stops in Zurich, Stockholm, Kuwait, Moscow, Saudi Arabia and Lisbon.

I know I should be in refueling mode but I needed to share these 50 Rules with you. These will remind you that leadership is less about a title and more about a decision…

…to work with wonder, achieve with awe, go the extra mile in all you do, innovate like Beethoven composed music, radiate optimism like Mr. Mandela led and pretty much lift up everyone you meet by the gift of your masterful example.

Our world demands that of you and I, yes?

I guess what I’m suggesting with love and respect is really this…

…leadership’s not just for CEOs and Presidents…we ALL can lead. Because leadership’s mostly a mindset and a way of doing things…

Taxi drivers can lead and street sweepers can lead and teachers can lead as can managers, artists and salespeople…

These 50 Rules are drawn from my over 18 years of passionate work with the Fortune 500 and from The Leader Who Had No Title

If you still haven’t read this book that’s been a complete game-changer for so many people and organizations, you can get it here

Ok. Let’s go…

#1. To lead is to serve.

#2. At the heart of mastery lives consistency.

#3. Take care of the relationship and the money will take care of itself.

#4. The seduction of safety is always more dangerous than the illusion of uncertainty.

#5. To double your income triple your investment in your professional education and your personal development.

#6. The swiftest way to grow your company is to grow your people.

#7. If you’re not leaving a trail of leaders behind you you’re not leading–you’re following.

#8. An addiction to distraction is the end of creative production.

#9. The caliber of your practice determines the quality of your performance.

#10. Leaders Without Titles are less about ego and more about getting things done.

#11. Don’t worry about the economy when you can be so genius at what you do that you create your very own personal economy.

#12. Lead where you are planted. Start where you stand. And remember that much of winning is just beginning.

#13. The true measure of our leadership is how we perform in volatile conditions versus in times of ease.

#14. To lead is to be yourself in a world of clones.

I recently re-read one of my favorite business books–Do You, the bestseller by Russell Simmons, the legendary entrepreneur who founded (and sold) Phat Farm clothing and co-founded Def Jam records. He reminds us that to win in business, “do you” by staying true to your vision even when everybody’s laughing…

BIG NEWS…Russell Simmons has just signed on as a member of my faculty for The Titan Summit 2014, joining Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Daniel Amen, Todd Henry, Dr. John Izzo and Dr. James Rouse. All these thought leaders will be in the room with us helping you grow your business and mindset so you become unstoppable…

Watch this short but inspiring video to get one of the remaining seats before they’re gone and you miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

#15. Aim for iconic. Why be in it if you’re not dreaming of being in the history books? But be kind, decent and ethical along the way.

#16. The humblest is the greatest.

#17. Energy is more valuable than intelligence. Health is more brilliant than gold.

#18. The thing you most fear carries your greatest growth.

#19. All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

#20. Criticism is the price brave people pay to arrive at iconic.

#21. If you’re not lifting people up you’re bringing people down.

#22. Leadership has less to do with authority and more to do with a mindset.

#23. Where the victim sees a problem a leader sees an opportunity.

#24. Don’t wait until you’re successful to work on your optimism. Work on your optimism and you’ll become a lot more successful.

#25. Be alone a lot. All massively creative people value solitude. It allows them to protect their dreams from the voices of dissent, refuel their creativity and get far more done–free from distraction.

#26. Small daily micro-wins when done continually over time lead to staggering results.

#27. Genius has less to do with natural talent and divinely blessed gifts and more to do with relentless focus (to the point of obsession), extreme practice and uncommon grit.

#28. Disrupt or be disrupted.

#29. Be the most honest person in every room.

#30. Remember that people don’t leave companies. They leave the people they worked for.

#31. Saying you’ll “try” is expressing “I’m not really committed.”

#32. The secret of passion is purpose. As I shared years ago in Leadership Wisdom from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, when you know your why, the hows just start showing up.

#33. If you’re the smartest person you know it’s time to know new people.

#34. Outlearning everyone around you is a game-changer. The best love learning. Because once you know more you can achieve more.

#35. To make more money, help more people.

#36. Leaders Without Titles talk about ideas versus people and dreams versus others.

#37. Eat less food, get more done.

#38. The way you begin your day determines how you live it. So put mind over mattress. Win the battle of the bed. And join The 5 am Club (another total game-changer).

#39. Develop an obsessive attention to detail. World-class user experiences are all about winning at the small stuff everyone else doesn’t care about.

#40. Even if you clean toilets, do it with pride and love. This summer I met a man who cleans toilets at the Johannesburg airport. He beamed “welcome to my office” as I entered. The place was flawless. His passion was palpable. That man is my hero. And he reminded me that all work has dignity and honor.

#41. Leaders Without Titles are in the business of making people feel bigger versus smaller. And smarter versus less knowledgeable. And seeing gifts and talents they’ve never seen before.

#42. Lean into your fears. Commit to what frightens you. Life’s way too short to play small.

#43. The secret to genius is doing less. Developing a monomaniacal focus on being brilliant at one thing is the the key to mastery. You’re smart so you know that the person who tries to get great at many things ends up mediocre at all of them, no?

#44. The moment you think you’re a virtuoso you’ve lost your virtuosity. The best always think like a beginner. And they know that nothing fails like success.

#45. Be decent and kind and loving. At the end you’ll have wished you were.

#46. Never lose the sparkle in your eyes and your sense of wonder about the things most people take for granted. Leadership, business and life is awesome. Don’t miss the simple rewards of standing for world-class.

[Note: there are two types of income…external (money and title) and internal (pride on doing great work and pursuing mastery). The ordinary chase the first. The exceptional want the last].

#47. Remember that the things that get scheduled are the things that get done.

#48. Say please and thank you.

#49. Practice gratitude daily. To lead is to see the blessings each day brings. You’ll also release dopamine–the neurotransmitter of motivation–which will kickstart your performance. The value of being grateful reminds me of the Persian proverb: “I cursed the fact that I had no shoes….until I saw the man who had no feet.”

#50. Do your part. Be the leader you wish the people around you would be. As Mother Teresa said: “If each of us would sweep our own doorstep, the whole world would be clean.”

Now, please go lead….

With every great wish for your rise to iconic…

RESOURCE: If you’d like your team to shift from average performance to Leadership Without a Title so your organization becomes unbeatable, check out my new program to grow leaders at every level fast


…If you are seriously ready to enjoy exponential growth in your business, performance and lifestyle and rise to the ranks of the global elite, come join me, business icon Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneurial legend Russell Simmons and the rest of my all-star faculty at The Titan Summit 2014

…I predict you’re life will never be the same after these four days.

…you’ll learn exactly what the best in the world do to get their results and save years of frustration and wasted time.

…you’ll network with people who will share their insights and lift your thinking, game and results dramatically.

…and you’ll get 10X the value of what you invest to be in the room with me, my faculty and many of the world’s most successful people (remember: ordinary people focus on the cost…ultra-successful people focus on the value and ROI)…

…actually, it’ll cost you more to miss this opportunity.

So if you’re gut is telling you that you deserve to be in the room with us, get off the fence and just do this…you’ll never look back.

Go ahead and snap up one of the remaining few seats, before you miss this chance.

And definitely apply the 50 Rules I’ve so carefully shared with you.

Speak soon.


P.S. Watch this video to experience the power of The Titan Summit.

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