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The World-Changer’s Conduct Code

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

I’m deep in my Dream Room as I write this potent piece for you [a space of isolation where I come to produce my true work, free from the attractive distractions that destroy our finest potential].

You’ll find what follows supervaluable if you’re someone amped to get much more premium quality product done in far less time. And set to own your field–while you serve the world.

T.S. Eliot once asked: “Do I dare disturb the universe?”

If you’re a world-changer, I suggest you have to.

…you have to install a vision so large it frightens you to your very core.

…you have to find a mission so close to your heart that you’d take a bullet to protect it.

…you have to build the inner power/resolve/relentlessness so you do whatever it takes to get your ambitions done, even if everyone around you tells you you’re a fool to pursue them.

[I was reflecting earlier this morning on the billionaire who ever so graciously gave me a meeting when I started out as an author + leadership teacher; he strongly suggested that I give up on my dream and return to the safety of my legal career; I appreciate his time but am so grateful I didn’t listen to him].

And so, with vast encouragement for your greatest success and largest impact, I offer you 7 performance behaviors to wire in to automatic if you’re really serious about authentic winning:

#1. Fireproof Your Character. I’ve been spending quiet amounts of time studying the ways of being of Roman military commanders. Yes, they were brave. True, they had fierce loyalty toward their empire. Agreed, they understood how to inspire their followers, so they achieved seemingly impossible things on the field of battle.

Yet–what speaks most acutely to me about these titans of heroism is that they were [in general] people of principles. The best of them performed in a way that was more concerned with an internal compass than exterior approval.

How many people do you know–in this age of selfies, addiction to our devices and oversharing of once private lives–who live in a way that is true to themselves?

So many among us have lost the ability to think for ourselves. To fashion our days on our own terms, aligned with our closest values and ferociously respectful of the virtues we most adore…

…Instead of blindly wearing what the celebrities wear, talking like the famous people talk and chasing a story of success that is impotent, superficial and ultimately, empty.

World-changers play in a whole different arena…

…It’s not about fitting in. It’s about standing out.

…It’s not about popularity. It’s about mastery.

…It’s not about being served. It’s about serving.

My respectful advice for you is to spend even more time than you already do refining your character. Trusting instinct over intellect. Developing wisdom, understanding, dignity, courage + grace.

In a world that has never longed for it so much.

#2. Exploit Your Genius Hours. We all have hours within our days when our productive assets of focus/energy/willpower are at their highest. What separates average performers from World-Changers is those that influence entire markets exploit their most valuable hours to deliver beautiful things instead of wasting them.

Fascinating how common it is to want the rewards of success yet not run the rituals and put in the work demanded to receive those very gifts.

While the excuse-maker is spending precious time watching tv/playing games on their phones/coasting at the office + complaining about the economy, the A-Player is dialling in their focus/rising to their best output/putting in the hours/learning daily + doing whatever it requires to become amazing.

You only have 24 hours each day. Use them well. Because as you live your days, so you craft your life.

#3. Engage in Strengthening Scenarios. I read the other night how Seneca, the philosopher, would advise his students to spend one day a month consuming only water and bread. And sleeping on the floor.

I had dinner in Switzerland with one of the most famous authors on the planet who shared that he took many months away from the world to write a book while living in a spartan motel, with little more than a shoddy bed and an ancient desk in it.

See, hard is more valuable than easy if you’re aiming for legendary.

People who produce exceptional work consistently and lead their games understand that we grow by having the guts to go to the jagged edges of our highest limits on a regular basis. And by so doing, those limits expand.

Consciously put yourself in situations designed to push you to excel. To become stronger. To get better. To learn more. To discover talents + capacities + abilities you never knew you had.

Sure, working and living like this, that’s a formula for a messy, confusing and dangerous life. To me, that’s 1000x a more valuable way to live than spending the best hours of our greatest days watching television in a subdivision.

#4. Invest in Morning Preparation. The reason why excellent warriors engage in extreme training at the beginning of each day is so that when they are at war, they perform at elite levels automatically.

The quality of your practice determines the caliber of your performance.

And all victories are won before you even step onto the field.

Yes, I’ve been evangelizing The 5 AM Club for over 20 years [still writing the book; now in year 3. Yikes!]. But I do it because it’s a truly life-altering routine. At that time of the day, the world is asleep. You have time for yourself. To think, plan, write, meditate, exercise, read and simply be…

…Time to refine your mindset, optimize your Heartset, lift your Healthset + sculpt your Soulset. [I’ve been introducing these new words I’ve created– Heartset/Healthset/Soulset–in my work because, while I believe all the talk about “mindset” is valuable, true success requires training all four Interior Empires].

#5. Upgrade Your SOPs. I recently saw the movie The Founder. All about Ray Kroc, the man who scaled McDonald’s.

Part of his brilliance was to systematize processes. So every burger tastes the same no matter which restaurant you ate it in. So that every fry reflected one of the fundamentals every restaurant tries to get right: consistency.

World-Changers do the same. Precisely.

They have set up what I call “Structures + Systems” to automate the non-essential parts of their lives. And to ensure that even the important parts produce consistently high quality.

My encouragement is to think through what systems you need to install so you’re regularly producing at your absolute best. Then do what all leaders do: Execute on your ideas [because even the smallest of actions is superior to the noblest of intentions].

#6. Pursue Magic. New Standard: Only release work that is at a level of poetry. Watch what starts to happen to you.

Then radiate optimism, kindness, decency and love. And see what unfolds for you.

Next: focus purely on the good in others. And savor the gifts that come back to you.

Life gives you what you give it. Stand for world-class in this age of too much average and you’re pretty much guaranteed an epic journey.

Doesn’t mean it will be easy. [The Great Ones have all suffered the most; the fire purified and developed their heroic instincts].

But I promise you it will be worth it.

#7. Lead from Legacy Versus Scarcity. Been teaching this idea for two decades as well. Even wrote a book on it years ago called Who Will Cry When You Die?

One wisdom tradition states: a wise person thinks about their death every day. A fool, only about a good time.

While the ordinary person is focused on getting through the month, the World-Builder is obsessed with elevating the next generation.

I deeply believe, at the core of my heart, that life lived only for ourselves is a very small life.

To be great is to be helpful. And to become undefeatable–as you follow a Mighty Mission that is larger than your ego.

To walk with the icons, devote yourself to the building of a meaningful legacy.

One that inspires you to bring out the fullness of your natural genius, one that causes you to know powers in you that you didn’t know you had. And one that, at the end of your life, allows you to look back on the way you have conducted yourself and say…

“…I had times in the sun. I had seasons in the rain. I reached for my best. I raised others with me. And now, in a state of vast peace, I leave our world better than I found it.”

You’re meant to make a difference. This is your time. Now is your moment. Begin.

With love + respect…

Your fan always,

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9 Top Tips for Nomads + Influencers

Monday, August 15th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

9 top tips for nomads + influencers

I fly a lot. To work my craft. To serve my clients. To pursue my Mighty Mission of helping as many people lead, create and produce legendary lives as I can. For as long as I can.

The world is becoming messier, more volatile, increasingly chaotic and less human than I’ve seen it.

You and I need to work together–as never before–by doing our finest work, modeling our greatest brilliance, expressing our highest values and optimistically influencing everyone we encounter to make their rise from status quo to rare-air.

So, as you adventure through life, here are 9 tips I lovingly wrote for travelers who want to stay at their peak, while waiting at the airport in Rome for a flight to Zurich before an all-night flight to South Africa:

#1. Stay rested.

Get more than your usual amount of sleep. Grab a nap when you can. Staying rested keeps you inspired, creative, productive and joy-fueled as you travel. It also prevents you from forgetting your iPad or passport in a security checkpoint bin because you’re exhausted. Frequent flyers know exactly what I mean.

#2. Stay hydrated.

Water is the uber-traveler’s ultra-weapon. Optimizes the brain. Scales your energy. And keeps you healthy while you explore the globe.

#3. Stay safe.

Keep your eyes open. Watch your belongings. Be polite and respectful. Don’t be out late. Don’t look for trouble. And trouble won’t find you.

#4. Stay fit.

Run my Forced Optimization Strategy (FOS) that I’ll teach in detail, along with 100s of other elite performance tools, at my annual flagship event The Titan Summit coming up this December in Zurich. [Registration for the small number of seats available opens late in September].

The FOS simply means you “force” a ritual by setting it up, scheduling it and automating it, long in advance.

So book a trainer to meet you at 5 am at your hotel to push you hard in the gym each morning of your visit. Your energy will be so much higher. Your health will grow so much better. And please remember: the way you feel after an intense workout with a pro is always massively better than the way you felt before your early morning workout.

The Forced Optimization Strategy is a beautiful tactic for zero-excuses to stay lean and strong while you travel the planet.

#5. Stay productive.

Flight time is game time. Eat clean. Less entertainment at 40,000 feet. More planning and making your finest work.

Put too much salt on your dessert so it’s impossible to eat it. Put three Flight Goals on a Post-It Note on the TV screen in front of you to inspire your brain to get them done during the trip.

Think about all your flights over all your career. Using that time like a history-maker versus an amateur makes the difference between average results and legendary impact.

#6. Stay happy.

FaceTime your family from cool places. Bring a good book or journal when you’re eating alone. Find the time to savor precious art, get lost in a new city, run along the iconic sites and have some fun. Life’s too short to stay stuck in serious.

#7. Stay lean.

Anything more than carry-on is lost luggage in my mind. Also wastes a lot of time at the other end while you wait for your bags.

And don’t buy much–including magazines and airport trinkets. Stay nimble, fast, lean and Spartan.

A special life has less to do with what you purchase and more to do with what you experience.

#8. Stay focused.

Airports, hotels and restaurants have become noisier than ever as people take calls over meals, watch videos on their devices on planes (sometimes without headphones) and get notified about new social friends in cafes.

Block it all out by rising early (running at 5 am in a beautiful city is an unforgettable blessing), using your own headphones (I sometimes play the sound of water falling on a lake to delete all the distractions; read about “attention residue” and you’ll get why an addiction to distraction is the end of masterful production).

Carving out time alone in your room to recalibrate and refuel is just how A-Players play.

#9. Stay humble.

My father is one of the humblest people I know. He’s taught me so much. Worked as a family doctor until he was 79. I asked him why? “Because my patients need me,” he replied simply.

So as you travel, leverage your humility.

Exploit the opportunity to learn, have conversations with the locals and maintain The Eyes of Wonder. Remember: what makes a master is she never thinks she’s a master. Stay open, present, curious.

Hope these 9 tips I’ve discovered by having boots on the ground for 2 decades in 80+ countries are helpful to you. Love every minute as a road warrior. You’re blessed to fly.

PLEASE NOTE: I’d truly LOVE to help you make the remaining months of the year the single best months of your life yet…

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All green lights. Go for great. Bye :)

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Become a Rockstar of Productivity

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

You can do world-class work. Or you can please everyone around you. But you can't do both.

Today I wanted to share some of my most powerful productivity insights and tools with you…

…so you become The Bono of Your Craft, The Jagger of Your Field and The Drake of Your Game (ok–Drake’s not a rocker but you get my point ;)

Let’s dive right in…

#1. Get Your Routines Right

Ultra-productive producers focus less on using their willpower and a lot more on building their routines.

Stephen King starts writing every day between 8 and 8:30 am, whether he’s motivated or not. He has his vitamin pill, sits in the same seat and plays the same music.

This ritual triggers his imagination. And kickstarts his inspiration.

A while ago I was at a Yankees game in New York City. A major financial player was seated next to me. He shared that he’d recently brought NBA legend‎ Magic Johnson to speak to his corporate team.

Magic spoke of the fact that during one season Larry Bird dominated him when it came to free throw success. And so, Magic vowed that the next year, he’d show Bird his own mastery.

For the next 6 months, Magic built the following morning routine: he’d wake early and go down to his home basketball court. And he wouldn’t leave until he’d make 100 successful free throws. In a row.

Some days, Magic would be done by 7 am. Other days he’d still be shooting at noon. But he never left before making his 100 daily consecutive free throws‎. It was a dedicated routine.

The next year, Magic Johnson beat his rival Larry Bird in free throws.

I also adore Maya Angelou’s daily routine. She says she can’t work in pretty places like her home. So after she wakes up at 5:30 am each morning and has her coffee, she drives to a spartan, gritty motel room that she rents.

The rough nature of that environment pushes her to her creative edges. And provokes her greatest work.

She starts writing at 7 am and keeps at it until 2 pm. This is how she gets exceptional things done.

So get your routines right.

And please remember that inspiration isn’t some random event. No, it’s an organized result.

#2. Enjoy Being Disliked

Look, I get it. Part of being human involves a need to be liked. To fit in. To avoid conflict.

This neurobiological need served us when we lived on the savannah hundreds of years ago. If we strayed from the herd, we’d be eaten by tigers. Or die of starvation.

But now we’re in a world without the same threats. And with a staggering array of comforts.

Yet we still work and live in a way designed to sustain the approval of all those around us.

Here’s my real point: you can do world-class work. Or you can please everyone around you. But you can’t do both.

The very nature of being massively productive and creating masterful output means you’ll have to block out all the emails asking for immediate responses, turn off your mobile demanding your attention and say no to a ton of social obligations that only serve to distract you from the body of work that will raise you to iconic.

And this means people will be unhappy.

But the full expression of your gifts, talents and genius into the world is more than worth the disapproval you’ll attract. Actually, your mastery demands it.

#3. Value Suffering

I know this one won’t be popular with most people. But whoever said you’re playing at “most people level”…

We live in a society that sells us easy.

Anything that seems hard or uncomfortable or messy is called bad.

And the quick-fix, pleasurable and fast is considered good.

But here’s the thing: every master suffers. And to become the single most productive person you know, you’ll have to accept some pain along the path.

Van Gogh remained mostly anonymous his entire life, only reaching fame after his death. Yet, he kept on producing his art.

Steve Jobs was considered a misfit, eccentric and oddball. Yet, nothing stopped his monomaniacal pursuit of world-class.

JK Rowling couldn’t get Harry Potter published. And still she persisted and persevered until one editor got the brilliance of her concept.

I guess what I’m suggesting is that every visionary is initially ridiculed and later revered.

Every artist, chef, manager, athlete, entrepreneur and scientist committed to mastery faces criticism as they pursue originality, cynicism as they hunt their passion and ‎condemnation as they chase their commitment.

And so they suffer for their dream, knowing that…

…the thing that’s easiest to do is rarely the thing that’s the best thing to do.

#4. Do Real Work Versus Fake Work

Really important distinction here….

Average producers confuse activity with productivity.

They think movement equals effectiveness.

And they get trapped into spending the best hours of their best days climbing mountains only to realize that at the end of the day they scaled the wrong ones.

Peter Drucker said it beautifully: “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which shouldn’t be done at all.”

Checking email first thing in the morning, pushing paper, doing senseless meetings and engaging in administrivia when you should be creating remarkable value are all examples of doing fake work…

…the kind of work designed to make you feel like you’re getting big things done but actually dig you deeper into the hole of mediocrity and overwhelm.

At my upcoming annual self-mastery event The 48 Hour Transformation, I’ll walk all the participants from around the world through my advanced ideas on elite productivity so they get more important things done in a week than most people get done in a quarter.

But for now, please allow me to share The 90/90/1 Rule that has created huge breakthroughs for so many of my beloved clients…

…for the next 90 days, spend the first 90 minutes of your workday on your #1 opportunity.

Just stop doing any fake work first thing in the morning. Check your email after lunch. Make your phone calls in the afternoon. Surf the Net in the evening.

#5. Be an Incrementalist

Massive productivity isn’t the result of one revolutionary act.

Instead, it’s actually the result of supertiny daily wins.

5 little acts of progress on your key plays every day delivers 1850 wins in a year.

“A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules,” observed British novelist Anthony Trollope.

Beautifully said.

So please remember: the things you do regularly are 100X more important than those things you do rarely.

#6. Understand that Elite Productivity without Deep Refuelling Causes Dramatic Depletion

Try carrying a heavy load for a long time and you’ll be forced to stop in a short time.

But take rest breaks every little while, and you can go farther than you’ve ever dreamed…

Old-school performers think that the best way to get more done is to work harder. But research shows that’s actually the way to get less done.

Pushing yourself relentlessly without regular periods of renewal has actually been proven to deplete your key assets of focus, energy and productivity over time.

The smarter move? Work in intense bursts of total focus for 90 minutes and then take 10 minutes to rest, refuel and relax. Run these cycles through your workday and watch your energy and overall performance rise to breathtakingly great levels.

#7. Know The Power of The 3 S’s

Here’s a valuable idea: exceptional creativity and uncommon productivity need a space to present themselves.

Ordinary producers are always so distracted and busy being busy that there’s no opportunity for their best ideas and performance to come out and play.

Ultra-productive performers get that time alone allows the brain to shift from the left side into the right side–the realm where your personal genius resides.

With quiet time, your brain waves shift into alpha state. And you receive the insights and reflections that truly can move you to change the game within your industry and inside of your life.

I learned The 3 S’s from my work as the private advisor to some of the most successful business-buil‎ders and entrepreneurial titans on the planet…

…the best of them understand the value of a period of daily Solitude, Silence and Stillness. They’d carve out time to think, plan and visualize. Every 24 hours. Without fail…

And ironically, by making the time to reflect, the actions that followed were vastly more focused, productive and excellent.

By “doing nothing”, they achieve everything.

#8. Practice Spectacularity

Ok. I made up a word here. Forgive me.

But the principle is this: practice being spectacularly productive long enough and being spectacularly productive will become your way of being.

Recent science confirms it’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than think your way into a new way of acting (super important idea here).

So by behaving like the most productive person you know (for 66 days says the habit-installation research of University College of London)–even when you’re not there yet, you’ll rewire your brain patterns to the point where world-class productivity soon becomes automatic. Your default. And your new normal.

And this is my great wish for you.

Ok. So there you go Rockstar…

…8 of the best tactics for seriously amazing productivity that have helped so many of my clients produce epic results and become legendary within their fields.

Be great. Bye.

P.S. Are you really ready to create explosive productivity and get giant results like the most successful people in the world?

Here’s an awesome opportunity for you

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