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The Misfit’s Manifesto

Friday, April 28th, 2017

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Not easy standing for your highest.

The highway to the resident genius within you is a massively messy ride.

The path to personal heroism + private elevation is confusing, uncomfortable and dangerous.

Just saying.

And my loving [I really do love you] and deeply sincere suggestion to you is that this way of living out the remainder of your life is the wisest [and bravest] decision you’ll ever make.

Your very legacy depends on this one choice. It does.

Not sure if I’m being super clear for you here, as I wish to be. So allow me to go more granular.

We live in a broken world…

–we shoot and kill brothers and sisters of our own global family

–we violently drag grandfathers off airplanes for no real reason

–we flee our creativity via an addiction to escapism on our phones, mindless video games and following the days of people we don’t even know on the “social” media [who only show you what they want you to see from their un-perfect lives; because we all have parts of our lives that are under construction.]

–a person who fiercely protects their productivity, ferociously expresses their greatest talents + joyfully does work that serves many is considered weird.

–someone who works really hard, shows up early, overdelivers on expectations, has good manners, sweats tiny details and keeps their promises is called strange.

–one who verbally appreciates people, smiles with radiant positivity and looks people in the eyes [versus down at some device], wears their feelings on their sleeves and stands for a blinding love of humanity is considered a freak.

–an individual who dares to be an individual, soaks in their originality and pursues their own colorful vision of a glorious ambition is labeled an eccentric…

In a damaged world a truly high-functioning human is not only vastly misunderstood. They are seen as broken.

See, the job of society is to get you to fit in, never stand out.

The main aim of our culture is to produce factory workers who think like the herd, behave like the crowd and smother the fire for outright greatness that is the natural birthright of every one of us.

“Don’t you dare think you can play at world-class”, they tell you.

Be not so foolish to believe you can do work that wows, have health that soars and a life that allows you to feel alive. And makes history [in your own unique way].


–Stay on that phone.

–Numb out those feelings [How can you love until you first feel I ask you?].

–Block those brave thoughts.

–Stifle the big ideas that would allow you to own your industry.

–Dismiss your instincts to choose mastery [over mediocrity] of your craft.

–Close that heart that longs to open—and connect.

–Miss the breezes, avoid the magical moments [starry nights, simple food beautifully prepared, children laughing in a playground, a wise book that stirs your soul, music that makes you want to jump like you were 5 again].

–And definitely don’t talk to strangers.

Sidenote: A week and a half ago I was in a bookstore. I stood in the Economics section [yes, I read widely]. The man next to me sneezed…

…I said “Bless you.”

He remained quiet. Looked at me oddly. I walked a little closer…

…”Everyone needs as many blessings as we can get”, I offered.

He paused, didn’t say a word. For an extended minute.

Then, tenderly, he grabbed my shoulder. For just an instant. Sadness [and tears] filled his eyes. Silently telling me my little act of decency helped him in a hard time.

People are in a lot of pain, you know.

Saw a flight attendant the other day, smiling throughout the cabin. On her game. Proud of her impact. A Leader Without a Title. Then she vanished behind the curtain. Finally able to take some time to breathe.

I went up to use the washroom. Noticed she was crying.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Ian Maclaren

Look: I’ve never said I was a guru.

Never. No interest in that. No need for you to applaud me, appreciate me or elevate me. I have my talents. And I have my flaws. I have my precious hopes for the future and carry the scars of my past cuts. Very imperfect. Just a man.

…Trying to be a light.

I love the line: everyone seems normal—until you get to know them.

All I’m saying in this message is this…

…The things that make you a misfit in the eyes of the majority are the very things that make you special [and great/beautiful/a standout].

These are your gifts.

Maybe today, you and me will start honoring how we’re built. Celebrating what makes us who we are. And cherishing our wiring.

George Bernard Shaw made the point so much more brilliantly than I can in this moment:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

…If you’ve been with me on this leadership + personal mastery ride over the 20+ years I’ve been in this game, you know my “To have what very few have you need to do what very few do” brain tattoo.

…By these words I mean that to experience the rewards of the top .001% of producers on the planet [think Mandela + Gandhi, Musk + Branson, Serena + Messi, Da Vinci + Basquiat—and that legendary Starbucks barista at the Phoenix airport named Alya who utterly models possibility], you need to get super-cool with being an outcast.

Because every visionary is first ridiculed before they become revered.

As Kanye says in his masterful song Life of Pablo: “They call every genius crazy.”

And so…

If this post validates the way you would really love to start living

…And if you feel you’re finally ready to express your gifts, declare victory over your fears, feel extraordinarily happy/strong/peaceful and rise to a way of being that’s world-class…

…Then you really should watch this inspirational video because your highest life is waiting for you and days are slipping away.

And I also strongly encourage you to let go of all your excuses and make the choice that will beautifully [and swiftly] elevate the rest of your life by getting one of the final seats left for my famous event Personal Mastery Academy here.

We’re 97% sold out…

I would really really really love to teach you how the most successful and fulfilled people on the planet do it…

…When you get one of the few seats that remain before we’re sold out for another year you’ll learn:

–how to rewire your thinking so greatness is automatic + and fearlessness is your default

–the science behind genius and the tools for you to live it daily through my proprietary world-builder systems

–my advanced methods for exponential productivity + prosperity that I teach only to the billionaires I advise [these techniques alone will pay for your tuition investment x50].

–potent ways to break through your limits to own your game and be the heavyweight champion of your field

–revolutionary tactics to live a life you absolutely adore

And you’ll spend two days with some of the most successful + wonderful people on the planet…

Wait and you’ll probably not get in this year…

So just DO THIS: go ahead and get one of the few remaining seats here

Hope this post I worked hard for you on has helped.

Make this time of your life an epic time of your life. Believe in your talents. Honor your gifts. And get ready to inspire the world.

Love + respect,

P.S. Definitely go ahead and watch this inspirational video now before it comes down

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How to End 2016 On Fire

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

I write to you on this colourful Autumn day in my hometown to share 3 quick points...

Hope today’s message finds you in fine spirits and lifting your game into high gear as we close out this fresh year.

I write to you on this colourful Autumn day in my hometown to share 3 quick points:

#1. I’m really sorry so many people are disappointed that they couldn’t get into The Titan Summit 2016 in Zurich with the co-founder of Apple (Steve Wozniak), the former CEO of Starbucks Jim Donald and an all-star cast of global thought leaders.

–We are SOLD OUT and my team has tried to fit as many people in as we could. We just can’t accept any more people this year.

–We’re back in stylish Toronto for The Titan Summit 2017. Dates: December 7-10. At The Ritz-Carlton, so mark the dates. First seats go to my current Titans then to those who come to Personal Mastery Academy in June.

–To be helpful, I’ve decided to open up registration to The Titan Academy [the online course based on The Titan Summit sessions]. If you’re interested, here are the details

#2. If, like me, you love documentaries, I think you’ll really like these:

I’ll be Me

Don’t Stop Believin’

Searching for Sugar Man

Man on Wire



I Am Ali

#3. Books to read to end 2016 on fire:

Peak by Anders Ericsson

Grit by Angela Duckworth

Spark by John Ratey

It’s Your Ship by Michael Abrashoff

On Writing by Stephen King

The Seventh Sense by Joshua Cooper Ramo

Ok. Think like a warrior. Behave like a genius. And love like a saint.

With every great wish for your highest impact + most beautiful life,

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What I’m Reading

Monday, June 6th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Education is inoculation against disruption.

Education is inoculation against disruption.

As you learn and study more, you’ll know more about your craft and understand how the masters lift their games. And once you do that, you’ll be able to deliver more value to your marketplace.

And those who deliver the best value get paid the most, enjoy the greatest fulfilment and create lives they adore.

So, in the spirit of sharing, here are some “learning updates” from me to you:

#1. What I’m Reading.

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

–Knight’s the iconic founder of one of the most successful companies on the planet. He explains how he started, his fascination with Zen and what makes him great.

The Billionaire Who Wasn’t by Conor O’Clery

–Another superb book. About Chuck Feeney who made his fortune at duty free shops and then stayed underground about his wealth. And finally gave it all away.

Smartcuts by Shane Snow

–Productivity hacks and super-efficiency mindsets that will help you scale a better company and produce a brighter life.

Mad Genius by Randy Gage

–I loved this book about how to grow in creativity, ingenuity, audacity and bravery. Randy’s a straight-shooter. And tells it like it is.

#2. What I’m Watching.

Last Mogul: The Life and Times of Lew Wasserman

–I find immense and intense value in watching documentaries of lives well lived. Wasserman was the king of Hollywood and an innovator who brought moves like actors getting a cut of the gross to the game. Fascinating, inspiring and ultimately tragic. Watch it.

Runnin’ Down a Dream: The Tom Petty Documentary

–Again, another one I loved. Tom Petty has sold almost 100 million records, fought the industry titans when he was mistreated and produced some of the finest songwriting in history. Superbly done documentary on a very cool human, who works his craft like a pro.

#3. What I’m Doing.

–You know from my Instagram and Facebook posts I’ve been writing my new book The 5am Club in Rome and other places. For everyone asking, I’m really not sure when I’ll release the book. It needs to be my best work before I can put it out there. And I’m not sure when I’ll feel I’m there.

Hope all this helps you outlearn your industry, rise in mastery and impact our world.

With love and respect,

P.S. If you are ready to massively shift your mindset + performance + impact on your industry, do the rest of your life a favour and get onto the waiting list to claim a seat at my 2 day live event at The Ritz Carlton Toronto in June 2017: go to

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The Morning Routine of Legendary People

Friday, May 13th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

For 10+ years I’ve been teaching a concept called The Game-Changing Move.

For 20+ years, I’ve been evangelizing a strategy called The 5 am Club (that has impacted the lives of millions of people).

None of this is motivation. The protocols are built on hard science from brain and performance optimization research. And my “boots on the ground” coaching work with billionaires, movie stars, sports heroes and celebrity entrepreneurs as well as the world-builders in my exclusive IconX program.

Here’s the main idea I offer: dialing in your morning routine is the one move that transforms every other move [and the rest of your day].

In this potent little video I shot off my phone in a quiet burst of sincere passion, I walk you through the morning routine of people who get the most done, have the most fun and do their part to inspire a better world.

I also deconstruct The 5 am Club so you know exactly what to do each morning.

Watch this video if you want to become an early riser who leads your field and creates a life you adore:

Hope it helps you fly. Go be great.

P.S. Here’s the link I mentioned in the video

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The ONE Thing Titans Do

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

The ONE Thing Titans Do

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Really important message today. It’s a little long because I’ve put A LOT of effort, research and thought into what’s below…

…But the ideas, hard-core “elite performance intel” (and the announcement at the end) are DEFINITELY worth 3 minutes of your precious time…

I’m in Durban, South Africa as I write this. At a special little hotel called The Oyster Box. It’s a rest day on this tour. My windows are open, the sea roars and the breeze is salty.

I’m genuinely hoping you are feeling on game, fuelled by your mission and executing brilliantly on your vision for 2013. Not so much time left to make this year your best yet….

Which brings me to the idea of being “A Titan”.

…In Greek mythology, “Titan” referred to a member of an ancient race of powerful Gods with incredible strength, power and influence.

…In today’s world, a Titan is a man or a woman who is a member of the financial, business and social elite.

Ultra-billionaires Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega, Warren Buffett, Li Ka-Shing, Liliane Bettencourt, Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault are just a few who come to mind.

But so do athletes like Roger Federer, LeBron James, Lionel Messi, Floyd Mayweather and Maria Sharapova.

Artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna, Basquiat and Warhol are Titans.

22 year old chess wunderkind Magnus Carlsen qualifies…as do former Navy Seal Eric Greitens, author J.K. Rowling and inventor of the Internet Tim Berners-Lee.

And of course world-builders like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. are Titans.

So what’s the ONE thing each of these people have in common?

— yes, each of them has what University of Pennsylvania psychology professor Angela Duckworth calls “grit”. [Her research has proved that people with “grit”—the trait of exceptional persistence and devotion in the face of obstacles—consistently outperform those with higher IQs].

— yes, each of them understands that “focus plus time equals genius” so that while average people are trying to do 100 things, these performers are monomaniacally focused on doing just a few things really, really well.

— yes, these SuperAchievers all have an uncommon respect for time (time truly is priceless and the hours average people waste on gossip, tv and video games, Titans use to create remarkable results).

— yes, these people all engaged in deep daily practice which led to their exceptionalism (please read the article “The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance” by Anders Ericsson–the father of “The 10,000 Hour Rule” and you’ll have all the science you need to understand that greatness in ANY field is far less about natural talent and far more about deliberate practice).

— yes, they take “hedged risks” (versus betting the farm) that ordinary people don’t take because it makes them feel too uncomfortable and scared.

— yes, most Titans invest far less on entertainment and so much more in their education (especially on their personal development). The world TRULY belongs to the learners because the more you learn the more you will achieve.

— and absolutely yes these people had the guts to believe in their own vision of their future even when they were the only people on the planet who believed in that vision.

But out of all that I’ve observed coaching so many of the financial elite and ultra-achievers for 17+ years, sharing long meals with them and traveling to exotic locales with them, the ONE thing they all have in common is this:

All Titans live and breathe “The Law of Association” (which says that “your results always rise to the level of your influences.”).

This is REALLY REALLY important my friend…

To create world-class results you absolutely MUST spend time with people whose lives you want to be living.


— Science has proven that mindsets and emotions are contagious. Associate with elite performers, those leading world-class lives, who are in the top .001% financially, super-healthy and seriously great human beings and their ways of thinking, doing and being unconsciously start to influence you.

And…The Law of Association also ensures that:

#1. Your income generally is the median income of the 10 people you spend most of your time with.

#2. Your levels of motivation will look A LOT like the motivation of the people in your social circle.

#3. Your ability to execute on your goals and deliver results on your dreams will be a lot like the “execution intelligence” of your friends and associates.

#4. Your lifestyle will reflect the lifestyles of the people who populate your life.

#5. And your overall beliefs and happiness-levels are definitely a mirror of the beliefs of those you associate with most of the time.

So my strong encouragement is to take a good hard look at who you associate with (as well as your environmental influences).

Few things are as important as getting this piece of the “uber-success code” right.

So starting today, my strong and respectful encouragement is that you have the guts to clean out associations that are toxic, limiting and demotivating…

Your productivity, wealth, fitness, mindset and family life will transform when you get this one thing flawlessly done. And the highest level of success and performance is my greatest wish for you.

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