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What Only The Great Ones Know

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Today is the first day of the remainder of your life

Today is the first day of the remainder of your life.

And I deeply believe that you’ve been set up to shine, constructed to fly and destined to amaze.

I just don’t care what anyone tells you. There’s no doubt in my heart: you have a hero within.

Look, I get the world hypnotizes us to be average and negative and needy and selfish.

My war is against all of that.

Yes, I understand that life can shatter your loftiest ambitions and destruct your highest hopes. [Don’t doubt I’ve been there; I get you more than you know].

Sure it’s true we all get busy being busy and distracted away from our dreams.

Definitely we get frustrated by the distance between the life we know we deserve and the place we seem to stay at.

And yet, you’re here. Reading my words. Hopefully, feeling my love. And devotion to getting you to world-class. [Or higher ;)].

This morning I awoke at 4:20 am.

I savored my coffee on the verandah of my room in a desert valley, amid bougainvilleas and the early rays of an original sun. Then I worked out. Hard.

Outside of the gym of the hotel I’m at, I had a conversation with a gardener.

Wisdom leapt from his eyes. Humanity oozed from his lips. Zero coincidence I met him.

He spoke from the best place inside of the gift he’s been given as the caretaker of Nature’s blessings. He shared of his father’s death and his mother’s aging. And that every day above ground is a glorious gift.

He was my teacher this morning.

Reminding me of truth versus fiction. How our personal stories can smother us. And of the reality of what makes a life beautifully lived.

So, remember: as we rise to the height of our dreams, struggle and stumbles are part of the game. And that few things are as important as to answer The Call.

The Call on your life to liberate your heroic potential.

The Call on your life to produce work that is pure poetry.

The Call on your life to model mastery and elevate your community.

The Call on your life to be brave when others are timid, understanding when others are petty and kind when others are savage.

And once you do, you’ll leave the frightened mass of The Cult of Mediocrity and spend the rest of your days in the rare-air of the best who have ever lived.

You really are built to be great. You truly deserve to know heroic. You definitely can become a Titan.

And, of course, that is my heartfelt wish for you.

If you are ready to be a part of one of the most special experiences in my life, go ahead and watch this video

Your fan always,

P.S. If you are ready to answer The Call that rests on your life to work at legendary and craft a life that makes history, I’d love to be of service to you + help you make 2017 the year you make history.

Here’s how:

–The iconic co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, has signed on to be a part my Faculty at The Titan Summit 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland along with many of the smartest/best thought leaders on the planet who will absolutely rewire the rest of your life.

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The Titan Summit is NOT for everyone.

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Nothing transforms until you act…

Go ahead and get one of the limited seats left here before we’re completely sold out.

Own your Craft. Rock your World. Make History.


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Don’t Watch This Video

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve released a series of new training videos designed to help you make this fresh year the single greatest year of your life yet.

They’ve been “handcrafted” with love, care and painstaking effort so they cause deep shifts within your mindset, performance and productivity.

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At the very special sale price I’m offering, I encourage you to gift memberships to your family, friends and teammates as well so 2016 becomes their Absolute Best Year Yet too.

Hope all these free training videos have kickstarted your passion, fuelled your drive and delivered real value to you.

Your success partner,

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Speak soon. Bye for now.

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6 Minute Audio Inspiration

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma shares an audio recording that will remind you of your highest nature and the poetic possibility you're truly built for.

A gorgeous spring day in my hometown, as I write this. It’s what I schedule out as a “Deep Creative Day”. So no technology, no distractions and zero interruptions. Just real work versus the fake stuff ;)

My game plan is to end the day doing my new favorite sport: mountain-biking in the woods. I just adore being in the forest, blitzing along the trails with a grin on my face at the joy I’m feeling–like I’m 8 years old again. With not a care in the world.

Anyway, that’s fun for later. My reward for doing what I’ve set out to do today…

…But for now, I want you to know that in a burst of inspiration that showed up this morning, I pulled out my smartphone and recorded a 6 minute audio that will do 2 things for you:

#1. Remind you of your highest nature and the poetic possibility you’re truly built for. [Life gets us off course…My obsession is to get you on course].

#2. Teach you The 7 Acronyms of A-Performers (you know I love my acronyms and these ones will be fascinating for you).

Oh–before I get to the link, so many people have been asking me how they can get a seat to my legendary 4-day event The Titan Summit that many are calling the single best business acceleration + peak health/longevity + self-mastery event in the world today.

…Kindly know I still haven’t opened doors but if you want to get a chance at a seat definitely get onto my Advance Registration List…

I expect over 5000 people will be on this list for one of the limited seats so obviously not everyone will get in but it’s your smartest move if you want to join me, my remarkable faculty (that has included Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Dr. Daniel Amen, Darren Hardy, Jonathan Fields and Dr. James Rouse) and the amazing human beings that attend from across the planet every year. [32 nations were represented in that room at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto last December].

This is my favorite event. I pour my heart and soul into giving attendees 10X the value of their investment. My team shows up at 1000%. And this year’s event will be nothing less than mind-altering and limit-shattering–taking the rest of your life in its highest direction.

This isn’t for everyone but if you feel like you’re ready to attend an event of this caliber, get onto the list here

And here’s the 6 minute audio I call Your Return to Greatness

All green lights + go for great + make your mark,

P.S. Go here to get onto my Advance Registration List to have your best chance at getting a seat at The Titan Summit 2015.

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How to Grow Self-Discipline

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma shares that learning the latest methods to improve your willpower is one of the best ways to create immense success.

I’ve been longing to write this piece for you…

Why?…Because learning the latest science + methods to improve your willpower is one of the best ways to create immense success.

At the base of all legendary performance in business, sports, music, relationships and life lies a strong character—born from well practiced self-control.

Study Kobe Bryant and Roger Federer. Gandhi and Zuckerberg. Darwin to Gaga. They all rose to where they are via the vehicle of inner strength.

You see it takes self-discipline to:

–put in the 10 years of practice research like Anders Ericsson’s has taught us is the minimal amount of training time needed before genius-level performances begin to present themselves.

–make the sacrifices needed to be made to get epic results. You can play video games for hours each day or become the undisputed master of your craft. But you can’t do both.

–to be relentless and display the grit needed to stay in the game and remain loyal to your vision long after the initial inspiration has vanished.

–keep learning each day, iterating your moves and optimizing your performance.

–remain focused, centered and devoted in the face of the inevitable ridicule and laughter that your aim for iconic will generate. People residing within The Cult of Average don’t like to see others rise. It threatens their security. And spotlights their low self-worth.

As well, it’s my humble observation that we live in a world that doesn’t value the development of willpower so much. We revere the over-selfied TV stars and pedestal the viral video “fails”. But…

…the craftsperson quietly making art in her studio gets no due.

…the startup entrepreneur who gave up his luxuries to launch the dream is considered crazy.

…the mother or father who resists many social obligations to spend peak-quality time with their children is called an outlier.

…the manager who awakes at 5 am to run their morning ritual so they fly at work is labelled an eccentric.

Society invites us to pursue instant pleasure + fast bursts of joy + quick hits of feeling good.

But as you know if you’ve been following my work for a while: To have the results only 5% have, you have to do what only 5% are willing to do.

And high on the list is the pursuit of self-discipline. So here are some of the keys (many confirmed by recent research and good science) to help you to install world-class willpower:

#1. Please know that self-control (scientists refer to it as “self-regulation”) has been found to be a lot like a muscle: the more you exercise it the stronger it grows. It’s pure myth that elite achievers are born with gifts you don’t have. And buying into that idea is a great way to avoid the discomfort of doing the work you need to do to enjoy the success you deserve to have.

#2. Research is also revealing that, every day, we draw willpower from the same reservoir. This means that checking your social notifications, watching the news, surfing the web and shopping online steals the self-discipline that could be used for developing a core skill, scaling your business, getting ultra-fit, nourishing a gorgeous family life or strengthening your internal world.

#3. As you exercise the muscle of your will by making decisions, taking actions and pursuing activities, your self-control “muscle” depletes. One of the world’s foremost researchers in this field, Roy Baumeister (definitely read his superb book Willpower) calls this phenomenon “ego depletion”. This explains the behavior of celebrities that have destroyed their careers by one foolish move: they used up so much of their self-discipline energy on their crafts/practicing/performing that they had none left to wisely handle a temptation.

#4. By installing a daily routine to ensure “willpower renewal”, you’ll avoid ego depletion–and perform at your highest level. I suggest you schedule practices like visualization, conversation, smart entertainment and even napping into your day to make that happen.

#5. By pushing yourself to do what’s important but not easy, your self-control reservoir will expand. The places where your discomfort lives are the places where your power lies.

#6. Science also confirms that when we are tired, under stress and depleted, we have low glucose in our systems. And low levels of glucose diminish our self-discipline. By eating low glycemic index foods like meat, vegetables and nuts, you’ll avoid that crash. And getting enough sleep also keeps your glucose levels where they should be. Sleep-deprived people don’t do beautiful work.

And if you want to learn a lot more of this kind of cutting-edge information so you become the highest performing person you know, completely lead your field at work and experience the success you’ve always wanted, you can get onto my priority access list to get a chance at one of the limited seats for my famous four-day live event The Titan Summit when I open up registration by going here

Hope all this helps. I know you have the capacity for your own form of greatness. I hope you’ll do whatever it takes to realize it.

Wishing you all great things,

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The Real Reason We Fail

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma shares some insights to help you not only take your performance to the next level but to make your life exponentially more meaningful.

Having my morning coffee. In a small town by the sea. People still smile at strangers, strike up random conversations and wear their hearts on their sleeves…I love it here.

I wanted to share some thoughts I’ve been thinking. To help you not only take your performance to the next level but to make your life exponentially more meaningful. I’ll jump right in…

#1. There’s a paradox of success: mostly, what we want isn’t really what we want.

Just one example: many make cash their God. But it’s not really the money they want. It’s the feelings of prosperity, abundance and freedom from fear they’re after. If they could only see that, and fill the hole within, they would play a different game. But too many don’t, and so they fail. Why? Because they live a life that just isn’t theirs.

My humble suggestion: dig deep and ask yourself, is what you think you want truly the thing you want or is it a deeper feeling you’re really after?

#2. Disappointment is better than regret.

I believe that the heartbreak of regret is always 100x bigger than the pain of trying and failing. So much smarter–as you lead and grow–to have the guts to go for epic…who cares if you fail? That just makes your life richer, more colorful and much cooler.

I get society doesn’t think like this. But you wouldn’t be following my work and be with me on this ride if you were building your life around what society thinks.

…Personally, I’d rather live FULL-ON–and play full out–versus joining the timid souls who never risk and arrive at their ends with hearts full of regret.

#3. Fear offers a shot at fearlessness.

The vast majority of human beings run from fear. An opportunity to dare is resisted. A chance to stand in the fire is denied. But here’s the powerful idea: each of the situations that frighten you are–in truth–special gifts for bravery training. The more you get knocked down by fear and then rise above it, the more fearless you become.

#4. Success is less about luck and more about character.

Look, there may be some luck in it all. I just happened to be in the right bookstore at the right time when the then-president of HarperCollins, Ed Carson, saw my self-published version of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and gave me the break that changed my life. Maybe it was pure luck. Not sure. Forever grateful though.

But here’s what life has taught me so far: a strong character always beats waiting for luck to visit…

–hard work profoundly makes a difference
–gritty persistence vastly raises your chances
–optimism amid adversity grows your results
–treating people with respect yields blessings

#5. Your daily habits matter more than your natural talents.

What made Musk and Edison and Beckham and Mandela were more their habits than their talent. The world is full of misused genius…

Take care of your days and a legendary life will take care of itself. What makes the best performers the best, are really their routines. And if you’ve followed my work for a while, you know some of the ones I teach. Like The 20/20/20 Formula, The 90 Minute Rule, The Daily 5 and, of course, The 5 am Club.

Practice them until they become your default. Then mastery will become your normal.

#6. Be More Loving.

Yes, my work is with leaders. The FORTUNE 500. And elite entrepreneurs. And top producers. And game-changers. And titans…

But I have zero issue reminding you to be more loving to every person you’ll meet today. Love is the glue that keeps us together. It inspires, uplifts and affirms the value of each human being walking the planet today.

We live in a world where so many of us are putting up walls around ourselves. I was in a coffee shop yesterday. People had headphones on their ears and eyes riveted on computer screens. Not much conversation. Very little connection. What has happened?

When you show love to others, you not only remind them of their truest nature. You access that greater part of yourself. It’s there for you this moment. Longing for you to honor it.

Hope today’s message has been of service to you. If you’ve liked it, please share it. My mission is to help as many people and organizations as possible.

Be great..always…

P.S. For everyone asking, I’m still not ready to open registration to The Titan Summit 2015. Seats will be hard to get this year given how legendary this four-day event has become.

If you want a chance at a seat, please look out for my next post which will contain details on how to get on the priority access list.

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