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The Real Reason We Fail

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma shares some insights to help you not only take your performance to the next level but to make your life exponentially more meaningful.

Having my morning coffee. In a small town by the sea. People still smile at strangers, strike up random conversations and wear their hearts on their sleeves…I love it here.

I wanted to share some thoughts I’ve been thinking. To help you not only take your performance to the next level but to make your life exponentially more meaningful. I’ll jump right in…

#1. There’s a paradox of success: mostly, what we want isn’t really what we want.

Just one example: many make cash their God. But it’s not really the money they want. It’s the feelings of prosperity, abundance and freedom from fear they’re after. If they could only see that, and fill the hole within, they would play a different game. But too many don’t, and so they fail. Why? Because they live a life that just isn’t theirs.

My humble suggestion: dig deep and ask yourself, is what you think you want truly the thing you want or is it a deeper feeling you’re really after?

#2. Disappointment is better than regret.

I believe that the heartbreak of regret is always 100x bigger than the pain of trying and failing. So much smarter–as you lead and grow–to have the guts to go for epic…who cares if you fail? That just makes your life richer, more colorful and much cooler.

I get society doesn’t think like this. But you wouldn’t be following my work and be with me on this ride if you were building your life around what society thinks.

…Personally, I’d rather live FULL-ON–and play full out–versus joining the timid souls who never risk and arrive at their ends with hearts full of regret.

#3. Fear offers a shot at fearlessness.

The vast majority of human beings run from fear. An opportunity to dare is resisted. A chance to stand in the fire is denied. But here’s the powerful idea: each of the situations that frighten you are–in truth–special gifts for bravery training. The more you get knocked down by fear and then rise above it, the more fearless you become.

#4. Success is less about luck and more about character.

Look, there may be some luck in it all. I just happened to be in the right bookstore at the right time when the then-president of HarperCollins, Ed Carson, saw my self-published version of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and gave me the break that changed my life. Maybe it was pure luck. Not sure. Forever grateful though.

But here’s what life has taught me so far: a strong character always beats waiting for luck to visit…

–hard work profoundly makes a difference
–gritty persistence vastly raises your chances
–optimism amid adversity grows your results
–treating people with respect yields blessings

#5. Your daily habits matter more than your natural talents.

What made Musk and Edison and Beckham and Mandela were more their habits than their talent. The world is full of misused genius…

Take care of your days and a legendary life will take care of itself. What makes the best performers the best, are really their routines. And if you’ve followed my work for a while, you know some of the ones I teach. Like The 20/20/20 Formula, The 90 Minute Rule, The Daily 5 and, of course, The 5 am Club.

Practice them until they become your default. Then mastery will become your normal.

#6. Be More Loving.

Yes, my work is with leaders. The FORTUNE 500. And elite entrepreneurs. And top producers. And game-changers. And titans…

But I have zero issue reminding you to be more loving to every person you’ll meet today. Love is the glue that keeps us together. It inspires, uplifts and affirms the value of each human being walking the planet today.

We live in a world where so many of us are putting up walls around ourselves. I was in a coffee shop yesterday. People had headphones on their ears and eyes riveted on computer screens. Not much conversation. Very little connection. What has happened?

When you show love to others, you not only remind them of their truest nature. You access that greater part of yourself. It’s there for you this moment. Longing for you to honor it.

Hope today’s message has been of service to you. If you’ve liked it, please share it. My mission is to help as many people and organizations as possible.

Be great..always…

P.S. For everyone asking, I’m still not ready to open registration to The Titan Summit 2015. Seats will be hard to get this year given how legendary this four-day event has become.

If you want a chance at a seat, please look out for my next post which will contain details on how to get on the priority access list.

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The Awesome Power of Getting Wild

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of “The Leader Who Had No Title”

There’s staggering power in leaving the world and heading out into some solitude for at least an hour every day.

There’s just huge and staggering and awesome power in leaving the world and heading out into some solitude for at least an hour every day.

Our world celebrates the extroverts and reveres the over-committed.

The Great Game of Success, society suggests, is won by filling our days with complexity, our hours with noise and our moments with interruption, distraction and overstimulation.

Yikes…what a mess that causes…along with serious destruction of our highest potential.

I guess what I’m suggesting with love and respect is really this…


…rare-air producers and epic performers know of a different game…

…from Picasso to Kobe, Gates to Mandela, Maya Angelou to Mozart…most of the best of the best spend a ton of time alone. Walking in the wilderness. Thinking in a room. Communing with deep pockets of total solitude…

…getting wild from the confines of the world, breaking free of the chains of “normal thinking” and going deep into the loftiest realms of creativity, introspection and uncommon insight…

The science behind the rewards of solitude is pretty phenomenal…and in this email, I’ll share how making time to be alone actually shuts down the part of the brain responsible for self-criticism, firing up the part of your brain that contains your natural state of genius.

The phenomenon’s called “transient hypofrontality.” And understanding it kickstarts your A-Game…

…in the four-part video training series on extreme achievement I’ll be releasing in early November, I’ll walk you through all of this new material…you’ll be blown away by a lot of it…

…for everyone asking, this video training I’ve spent these past weeks post-tour building out will be completely free…it contains revolutionary insights from neurobiology, the science of elite performance and even breakthrough understanding from epigenetics and how our environment dramatically influences the expression of our genes…really, really valuable videos…

Again, zero charge. Please just use and share all you’ll learn.

But to get you some nice results today, please just consider the following key points on the imperative of ritualizing solitude at least once a day:

#1. When you get out into “the wild” (I love to do a one hour nature walk at the end of my work day but the wilderness for you could be a quiet room in your home or running through your neighborhood), your brain waves slow down from beta to alpha.

#2. When this happens–amid solitude–the part of your brain responsible for self-criticism, mental chatter and constant worry shuts down. This silencing of the prefrontal cortex happens temporarily and is known to neuroscientists as Transient Hypofrontality…

…cool so far?….ok…this is where it gets seriously good..

#3. With the prefrontal cortex temporarily quiet and your monkey mind on a little vacation, you enter the Flow State. Elite athletes know this as “the zone” and it’s the place where all great performance begins.

#4. In Flow, your neurochemistry is altered. Dopamine (the neurochemical of inspiration) gets released. Anandamide (the neurochemical of bliss) shows up. And serotonin (the neurochemical of pleasure) kicks in.

#5. With what I call “A Pharmacy for Mastery” in place, you get your best ideas. Your creativity makes explosive gains. You begin to see around corners. And solve problems that few humans ever get to solve.

This is your natural state. Available to you daily. Most don’t know they have it. And not many create the conditions to experience it.

You can…by going to solitude. Consistently.

Ok. I trust you’ve found this piece of value. As always, hope it serves your rise up to extreme achievement beautifully…


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…and of course, I’ll be with you for the entire 4-day experience, sharing my advanced insights on leadership, epic performance, the way to Mastery and crafting a life that you’re proud to have lived at the end…

…it’s pretty clear that this event is a life-changer. You really can’t put a value on learning what you’ll learn from the experts in this room…

…if you want to join us, now’s the time as The Titan Summit 2014 will soon be completely sold out…

If you want one of the handful of seats left, go here

And please definitely get to solitude every day. The rewards are measurable and special.

With tons of best wishes,

P.S. Here’s the inspiring video trailer for The Titan Summit 2014

Talk soon.

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The 7 Beautiful Things Excellent Leaders Do

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Learn to lead

I’m up here in the mountains with my loved ones post-tour. Refueling. Reviewing 2014 year-to-date results. And doing some early Spring skiing.

Been thinking so much about what my team and I need to take the Lead Without a Title movement that’s exploding around the world to the next level of virality.

So more people show leadership. So many more unleash their brilliance on an unsuspecting marketplace. And so the world has more Picassos walking within it.

Which also got me thinking about the 7 things excellent leaders do.

Let’s run through them together…

#1. Excellent Leaders Focus on The Vital Few

Too many amongst us fill our lives with more complexity–missing out on the key fact that genius resides in the realm of simplicity.

Pick that one thing you can be BIW (Best in World) at and then have the discipline to say no to everything else. Picasso didn’t practice the piano. And Beckham didn’t study bookkeeping.

Seriously–for the next 90 days, clear the decks and focus on that one project or opportunity that will be the game changer.

And do the same for your personal life. Simplify. Become pristinely focused on just the few, most important, things.

#2. Excellent Leaders are Masters of Their Crafts

Oh–what an awesome opportunity. Most businesses and most business people operate at average.

Walk into their restaurant and no one smiles, the room’s a mess, the food is mediocre, the details are undone and there’s zero element of utter surprise.

Hop onto most airplanes. Or observe most retailers. All average. No wow. Underwhelming passion. Bankrupt innovation. Just a bunch of companies copying everyone else and playing not to lose versus aiming to win.

This leaves a gorgeous chance for you and your business to stand for Mastery. To know more about what you do than anyone who has ever done what you do. To dazzle by acumen and skill. To leave us–as your customers–with tears in our eyes by the exceptionalism that you model.

Please remember: a job’s only a job when seen as a job. See your job as your craft. And your chance to leave your mark on the world.

#3. Excellent Leaders Cherish Time

Ordinary people watch time. Exceptional people leverage time…to create epic results, financial fortunes and global impact.

When I think of the celebrity CEOS, famed billionaires and superstar entrepreneurs I’ve served as the private advisor to, I think of people who don’t waste time gossiping about people, who would never think of waiting in line for an hour to get into a restaurant and who have a ferocious respect for the value of every passing moment.

These excellent leaders decide with speed, delegate everything but what they do best and have gigantic execution intelligence.

Please remember…time is such a special asset. Use it to fuel your dreams, realize your ideals and elevate society for the generations who follow.

#4. Excellent Leaders Forge Human Connections

The bigger the dream, the more key the team.

Swift and superb companies understand that a brilliant vision without an effective team is a delusion.

Make the time to develop your teammates. Invest in growing a high-performance team. And dedicate yourself to building a culture within your organization where people can bring their best selves into the office every morning.

#5. Excellent Leaders Have Optimization Mindsets

When Microsoft released their first version of MS-DOS, it was filled with over 300 bugs. But they just kept iterating it until the product got better and better.

When Cirque du Soleil first launched, the big tent collapsed at a press conference. But they just kept making things better. Consistently. Daily.

Here’s my point: what makes a great company, career or personal life isn’t some great win. Nope. What makes outright greatness are those small steady supertiny wins when done each day with focus and resolve lead to world-class over time.

So make innovation, iteration and optimization your obsession. Over the long run, you’ll arrive at a place where your firm is the dominant player in your industry. And where your peers revere you as a legend.

#6. Excellent Leaders Don’t Surrender

The #1 factor that determines success isn’t intelligence or creativity. It’s “grit”–that ability to stay with your goal longer than the world thinks is reasonable to stay with your goal.

It’s stunning–and sad–how quickly ordinary performers give up on an objective on the first sign of failure.

Excellent leaders are different. They get knocked down or laughed at or disappointed. And they stay in the game. They persist. They keep the faith. They rise even higher.

And so, in the end, they win.

#7. Excellent Leaders Have Impressive Habits

Study anyone who is at the top of her game. And guess what you’ll see? An individual who has installed strikingly strong habits of success.

These often include:

–an early morning workout

–a meticulous daily plan

–an hour a day for learning

–attending a conference every 90 days

–consume smaller amounts of food

–a weekly period of renewal and reflection

–scheduled family dates and dinners

–nature walks

–associating with positive, A-performers

–little or no TV

So make Leadership your way of being. You know leadership has less to do with a title and more to do with your mindset, performance and dedication to making a difference.

If you’d like to turn your teammates into Leaders Without Titles who create world-class results, checkout the details of my new train the trainer program right here

My team and I will help your company become a “victim-free company” where everyone shows leadership and excellence in all they do.

All green lights. Bye.

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How to Think Like a Superhero

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 bestseller The Leader Who Had No Title

Hope you’re superb today, making these mission-critical first 90 days of 2014 rich with results, productivity, creativity and pure excellence.

A respectful reminder: The way you begin this year drives the way you’ll end it.

So today I’m sharing a pretty cool video on “How to Think Like a Superhero”.

You’re smart so you know that your thinking creates your reality. And that the fastest way to see better results in your life is to install better beliefs in your brain.

Watch the special video now

Hope all these free training videos have kickstarted your passion, fuelled your drive and delivered real value to you.

Let’s do something great together!

Your success partner,

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A Formula For Uncommon Success This Year

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 bestseller The Leader Who Had No Title

A few weeks ago, I vacationed in Rome with my family.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, we sat in the Sistine Chapel and adored Michelangelo’s masterwork on the ceiling.

Tears filled my eyes at the sight of this epic work. His devotion to expressing his artistic genius just moved me.

That night, we walked the streets of Rome, taking in the Colosseum, the Pantheon and climbing the Spanish Steps–sipping hot espresso while consuming dangerously delicious gelato…Yes, I couldn’t sleep that night ;)

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Paris, New York and Moscow lately, but Rome is provoking my passion and creativity as never before…

And so, to follow through on my devotion to uplifting, championing, supporting and serving your personal greatness in 2014…

…I rose early one morning to shoot a new training video for you. It’s a superb way to get reconnected to the few things that will make the greatest difference in your success this year.

I wish you could have walked the Roman streets with me and my family, but this video will be the next best thing…

Remember: the thoughts you think, the projects you start and the habits you run these first 90 days of 2014 will make all the difference…

And so, on this practical video recorded in my hotel room (yes, the background is a little different than usual), I walk you through 5 supremely powerful rituals to run to see swift and superb improvements…

Watch the video now

All my best wishes and hope the video kickstarts your highest potential!

Your success partner,

P.S. You know that victims make excuses while successful people are making results…

And that the key to doubling your success in 2014 is tripling your investment in personal development in 2014…

So definitely watch this great new video

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