You Are Royalty [From My Heart]

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma reminds you that you are royalty. A sovereign over the empires of potential within you.

You are royalty. A sovereign over the empires of potential within you.

The hardships of life may have hypnotized you into forgetfulness of your greatness.

The pain of dreams gone bad may have shuttered your passion and smothered your conviction.

The arrows of jealous critics may have caused you to imprison the hero within.

Please know: this day is a fresh chance. A miracle in waiting.

This moment is a vast gift.

This minute presents you with a blank canvas of acute possibility and breathtaking opportunity…

…to reclaim the royalty you have been born into. To conquer vast new lands of compassion, creativity, audacity and humanity.

You being alive today is no accident. There is a reason you are reading this. And a readiness deep within you to shed the shackles of past pain to make your rise to a new way of seeing the rest of your life.

Rise up! Own your birthright for your unique form of greatness that we of the world demand from you.

Be a light. Spot the gorgeousness of the future you can make, via the right thinking, speaking, behaving and producing.

One small step–done in a single minute of glory on this gift of a day–will be the beginning of a new way of being, when done consistently and devotedly.

You deserve to remember your highness. To know the privileges of your royal–and finest self. And as you make the leap from your current life to the life that longs for you to know it, I will watch your star blaze.

Because that’s what I do.

And we all will applaud your bravery.

Much love + with boundless belief in the brilliance that you are,

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An Awesome Gift For You

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

I have an awesome gift for you today.

I’ve created a brand new training video on The 7 Unwritten Laws that Only Game-Changers Know.

It is not the shortest video I’ve ever done.

But it is absolutely THE most important. It’s loaded with valuable, game-changing knowledge. Watch the whole thing and your life will never be the same.

Here’s the link

This is your invitation to come behind the curtain with me and learn how everyday people become game-changers, swiftly + elegantly – starting today.

With respect + encouragement,

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Want to Walk With Giants?

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma asks: Are you ready to walk with the giants?

Are ready to walk with the giants?…

Then make these decisions:

–Release scarcity + adopt generosity as your main way of thinking.

–Forgive the unforgiven, as you are carrying them on your back.

–Understand that every person who has shown up in your life arrived to help you become the person you now are. Appreciate and love them.

–Trust that suffering grows strength and your trials can serve your growth vastly. The best of us who have graced this earth leveraged their pain into greater humility, bravery and love.

–Commit to doing the projects that terrify you + shifting from accepting good work from yourself to demanding legendary production from yourself.

–Never miss an opportunity to serve or encourage another human.

–Refuse to cling to stagnation. Complacency destroys potentially awesome lives. So as you rise to new levels of success and joy, keep optimizing.

–Aggressively notice the miracles in every so-called average day–they are there for those awake enough to witness them.

–Smile at strangers, do kind things for zero return + be polite (it’s so uncool to be rude).

–Make a stop doing list so you delete the misuses of your oh so precious time.

–Less news more books. Period.

–Be a person of depth, wisdom, understanding, ingenuity, audacity, decency and love. At the end, even the finest of us will have wished we’d loved more. So do it now. Please.

–Remember that we get what we settle for, so set audacious goals that evoke the fiery brilliance that resides within you.

–Write hand written thank you notes to your mentors and those who have helped you. In a world of digital, it shows how much you care.

I believe in your talents + gifts + dreams.

Stay strong. Stay true. Be great,

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The Symptoms of Greatness

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Inspired by recent conversations, Robin Sharma shares the symptoms of greatness to remind you of all that you are.

Hope you’re superb and crushing your main aims as you round out this year.

I’ve been on the road a lot lately, from Monaco to Rome to Vegas to Bucharest. Loving the sights + stages + beauty + people. All the conversations have deeply inspired me. And so I’ve written these Symptoms of Greatness to remind you of all I believe you are.

Own these versus resisting them and we’ll make sure you finish this year uber-strong:

1. An acute and irreversible lust for learning.

2. Ridiculously beautiful goals + dreams.

3. A fire in the belly to become relentless amid naysayers.

4. The ability to spot the finest in people and to fan their flames of excellence.

5. An uncommon adherence to politeness, punctuality and graciousness.

6. A heroic devotion to standing in full expression of creativity + originality.

7. No need to be like everyone else.

8. A breathtaking desire to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of their craft.

9. A capability to leverage pain into strength and heartbreak into joy.

10. Massive amounts of energy born of heightened inspiration.

11. A refusal to cling to the status quo.

12. A visceral desire to become a light to many.

13. A devotion to being a game-changer, world-builder + a citizen of mastery.

Exuding these symptoms–starting today–is my sincere hope for you.

Be true. Be you. Be great.

Thank you for following me + helping me spread my message. The world needs us to shine as never before. TOGETHER we make a difference to those who need us.

Your fan always,

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The 2 Greatest Words?

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma shares that language is powerful and that the words we use drive the deeds we do.

Language is powerful. The words we use drive the deeds we do.

Call a condition a problem and you get to reply to it from the position of a victim.

Speak an excuse, and you get to deliver your power to it, sometimes for a lifetime.

Words can destroy people’s confidence, provoke their greatness, electrify your performance and free entire nations.

Maybe two of the best ones to recite to automaticity so they become a part of your vocabulary are…

Just start.

…nothing happens until you move!

And once you do, life begins to put the wind behind your sails. The Muse comes out to play. Your best self starts revealing more of its higher nature.


–just start the needle-moving project that will rewire your career

–just start the conversation needed to forgive the unforgiven

–just start the run that will become your marathon

–just start the craft that will raise you to genius

–just start the relationship that will lead you to love

–just start the book that will awaken your thinking

–just start the course that will transform your life

–just start the habit that will shift your productivity

–just start the dream that will change the world.

You’ve been blessed with hidden jewels that lie deep within. These are the talents that slumber, the gifts that lay dormant and the calls on your life that we all ask you to live.

Without you showing up, shining fully, standing up after you’ve fallen, persisting when you feel like surrendering, we’ll all be less of a human family. Things will be colder. And the world will be less bright.

So please. Just start. We’ll applaud your rise. And I’ll watch your star blaze the path that so many will follow.

With love, respect and enormous encouragement.

P.S. If you’re really, really set to start something GREAT…

…and stop making excuses, living half-heartedly–without the inspiration, creativity, power, prosperity and gorgeous life that you know you could live…

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Dream higher. Produce better. Stay true.

I’ll be in touch.

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