Make Victory Your New Normal

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

I gave my heart and soul (and countless hours) making this new video for you

Those within my inner circle are saying it’s the single most life-changing video they’ve ever seen…

…but it’s taken a lot out of me…to share so much information, inspiration and visceral passion…

So in a few weeks, I’ll say goodbye for a while. It may be for a week or two. Or it may be longer. I just need time for myself…to renew, refuel and rethink…

Watch this video that I made with such devotion to awaken the bravest and best part of you

At my very core is my highest belief: that you are made to astonish, built to wow and designed to live a life that makes history.

This video will fuel your rise

With a ton of respect and true appreciation,

P.S. This epic video will expire soon so please watch it now before it comes down

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The 6 Quiet Rituals of Enormously Successful Humans

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

There’s a hidden beach on a tiny island that–for years–has been kept a complete secret…

…very few people have ever walked its sand and savored its staggering wonders.

I’d heard so much about the raw beauty of this hideaway and its remarkable power to inspire that I felt a longing to find it…

…and so I booked a helicopter, found a world-class crew and set off on a truly extraordinary adventure (that led me deep into the Indian Ocean, then over to Florence and later into the Tuscan countryside)…

I recorded it all for you because…

…along this unforgettable journey–I wanted to coach (and inspire) you on my hottest and most game-changing new ideas on creating EPIC success and producing the kind of results that only a limited group of people in the world have been able to achieve.

In this new video, I walk you through little-known insights and tactics that will help you shatter your limits, make quantum leaps in your personal power and get extraordinary things done in your life…

Watch it now before it expires

I know you’ll get so much value from all that you’ll see, learn and experience as you travel with me through this new training video that I made with such care, passion and love…

I viscerally feel you deserve to live your GREATEST life now versus later. We all have genius and boldness within us but most people just don’t know “the code” to unleash it.

My mission is to share it with you so TOGETHER we rock your dreams and get you to the place where you and I both know you deserve to be playing at.

Life’s just too short to postpone what’s most important!

Your success partner,

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39 Ways to Die Enormous

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

When you fall, feel the pain. And then stand up. You were born for victory. And failure has no place in your world.

Hip hop icon Jay-Z once observed “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant.”

And I know you totally get that your days (and mine) are numbered. So this day’s the right day to start living FULL ON…

With this outcome in mind, I spent many hours reflecting on and then writing 39 of my best ideas for living in a way that will cause you to make history…

May these 39 insights fuel your rise. And transform your game…‎

#1. ‎Dream up a vision so brave it makes all around you roll with laughter. Or reply with ridicule.

#2. Care a lot more about how many people you help than how much recognition you receive.

#3. Become the heavyweight champion of your craft. The undisputed titan of your field. And–quite simply–the best there ever was.

#4. Protect your pristine reputation. It’s an asset of priceless value. And each day, make your good name worth even more by doing acts of excellence, work that astonishes and gestures that inspire.

#5. When you fall, feel the pain. And then stand up. You were born for victory. And failure has no place in your world.

#6. Offer great words. Your language forges your beliefs. And your beliefs drive your behaviors. Speak like a lion, never a sheep. Talk like a leader, never a victim.

#7. Lean into your fears. Go out to your edges. Because the place where your greatest limits live is also the place where your greatest growth lies.

#8. Become a walking, talking excuse-free zone, understanding that your excuses are nothing more than the lies your shadows have sold you. As of this moment, do what needs to get done. And remember: just because something was hard to do yesterday doesn’t ‎mean it won’t be easy to do today.

#9. Silence your critics. Ignore your haters. Delete your cynics. The very act of playing at mastery and elevating the world is a massively disruptive act. Average people will become threatened by your brilliance. And so, try to stifle your genius.

#10. Mentor a child. Inspire a kid. Raise a neighborhood. To be great is to be of use. And an instrument of service.

#11. Most epic performers invested in 2.44 hours of daily training for ten straight years before the first signs of their greatness showed up (that’s ten years of anonymous). Most iconic companies took twenty years before they dominated their industries. World-class is a process. And legendary takes time.

#12. To double your success, triple what you spend on personal development and professional learning. Because the person who knows the most becomes the best. This idea alone not only built my life–it saved it.

#13. Forgive those who need to be forgiven. Each of us is doing the best we can, based on the information we know. No point in wasting too much time getting even. The Chinese proverb said it best: “before you go off to seek revenge, it is best to dig two graves.”

#14. Be radically generous. Give your customers 100X the value they expect (they’ll fall in love with you). Give your loved ones 100X more love than they demand (they’ll adore you). And do it without expectation of any return. Otherwise it’s not a real gift–it’s a trade.

#15. Be an original. Copycats never become ubiquitous. And clones don’t become game-changers.

#16. Spend time in solitude. Daily. As you rise into your heroism and construct a life that will make history, you’ll face the voices of dissent. Spending time alone will forge your conviction for your mission. And allow you to refuel. So you stay strong for your vision.

#17. Be not afraid of heartbreak. The root of the word “passion” means “to suffer”.‎ And all masters suffer. They suffer the pain of stumbling their way to greatness. And the hurt of standing for their artistry. And the wound of being misunderstood. Along with the sacrifice of practicing their craft to extreme degrees.

#18. When you witness injustice, speak up. And do something about it. If you don’t, you allow unfairness to rule our world.

#19. Get fit like an athlete. Not just to look good and become lean. But to live long. So you can inspire, elevate and serve for many many more years. Staying in the game longer than anyone around you is a gorgeous strategy for becoming iconic.

#20. Be real. Too many of us are so petrified to be ourselves that we invest our energy in becoming great pretenders. But few things are as powerful than a human being who’s comfortable in their own skin.‎ Authenticity is an element of mastery. Oscar Wilde said it perfectly: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

#21. Say sorry when you need to. Say thank you like you mean it.

#22. Remember that gratitude is the antidote to misery. Neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine get dumped into your brain. You’ll feel happier, stronger more alive and on fire to rise to remarkable.

#23. Trust that the only opinion that matters is your opinion of yourself.

#24. And stop comparing yourself to others. It’s a great way to destroy confidence and diminish performance. There’s only one you on the planet today. You’ve been built to dazzle. And designed to inspire.

#25. Never lose your exceptional curiosity. Just watch a child: their eyes sparkle from the wonder they see. Lose that and you’ve lost it all.

#26. Do a living funeral now so you deeply understand what will be most important on your last day. Then reverse engineer it to start living in that way today.

#27. Develop a monomaniacal focus on contributing massive amounts of value, ingenuity and beauty to as many human beings as possible. The person who helps the most humans wins.

#28. Care about the smallest of details. Little refinements done consistently stack up into unforgettable user experience. And you and I are both in the business of wow.

#29. When you see someone doing a first-class job, do not hold back. Unleash your appreciation. Share your fascination. And tell them they’re awesome. You’ll change the world this way.

#30. Remember that dead people don’t care about monuments. Better to focus on producing masterpieces and being incredible while you’re alive than to spend much time on your legacy. [Yes, I know I've written so much on legacy in my books. Sorry. I've changed my mind.]

#31. Know that success belongs to those who learn, grow and study. And that education is inoculation against disruption.

#32. The moment you feel like quitting is the time you need to keep on going. Persistence fuels genius. And grit creates champions.

#33. Develop singularity of focus. Simplicity breeds mastery. And genius is more about what you have the discipline to say no to versus yes to.

#34. Adversity yields opportunity. And a problem only becomes a problem when seen as a problem.

#35. Your associations determine your success. You become your conversations. Spend time with people who show you what’s possible versus diminish your talent.

#36. Fill your life with art. Go to the Sistine Chapel. Spend time at MOMA. Visit the Tate Modern. Being around the works of greatness will awaken yours.

#37. Leave everyone you meet better than you found them. Become an encourager of potential versus a destroyer of confidence.

#38. Remain true to your boldest ideals. Possibilitarians–not cynics–change the world.

#39. And be loving. At the end, each of us will have wished we had cared deeper, served higher and laughed a little louder.

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Good News

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Hope you’re in superb spirits today.

Got some good news for you today… to thank you for being someone with the guts to pursue creativity + productivity + mastery.

So. Are you ready to learn how people like Picasso, Edison, Bill Gates, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, JK Rowling and Mozart think? [They have a COMPLETELY unique way of seeing things compared to most people].

In my hotel room in beautiful Johannesburg, South Africa I recorded this inspiring training video to help you UNLEASH your best in these uncertain times. You’ll learn advanced ideas like “The Seduction of Genius” and my “Scheduled Increments” strategy to 5X your achievement level.

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In about a week, I’ll be sending you a video where I take you on an unforgettable adventure with me. Definitely check your inbox for it.

I’ve worked really hard and spent a lot of money to make all these videos valuable for you. So please ACT on the information. These videos will kickstart your best life. And help you make your mark on the world.

Speak soon,

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For the first time in a year, I’m making a limited number of memberships to my famous 21 day online program for ultra-achievement and living a life you love available. The Robin Sharma Success System has helped THOUSANDS of people just like you defeat their fears, achieve giant goals and enjoy more happiness than they could ever have imagined.

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All best wishes + talk soon.

Begin Video Transcript:

Hi. It’s Robin Sharma, the author of The Leader Who Had No Title. Welcome to my hotel room here in South Africa. I’m in Joburg, one of my favorite cities in the world. The land of the Jacaranda, the land of Nelson Mandela.

I’m about to give a presentation to about 1,600 people at the Sandton Conference Center– or, Convention Center. And I just wanted to in real time– or, right now share some ideas that I think will take you to a whole new level of success, a whole new level of focus. Whole new level of mastery. In other words, the mindset of mastery.

I’m going to get right into it. The first idea I want to share with you is, the hypnosis of genius. Society says the geniuses are somehow cut from a different cloth from us. So when we look at a Messi, a Federer, a Picasso, a Da Vinci, a Michelangelo, a Branson, a Sergey Brin, a Larry Page, a Bill Gates, we see the end result of all their hard work, devotion to their craft, endless hours and years or study to be best in the world at what they did.

So we look at the end result. And we forget the back story behind genius. And I guess what I’m suggesting to you is, if you look at the truth behind genius, not the hypnosis– the truth behind genius is, all geniuses started off and they made a commitment– no, an obsession– to know more about their field of study that anyone else who had ever done their field of study in the history of the world. And then secondly, for years and years and years they practiced.

Now I’m going to give you an example. Bill Bradley. Bill Bradley– very famous many years ago. Very famous NBA player. And people look at him and they looked at the end result of him on the court as an NBA basketball player and they said, he did moves that no one had ever seen before. He could pass the ball almost as if there were eyes on the side of his head. He did jump shots that were incredible. But they didn’t look at the back story.

And here’s the truth.

Bill Bradley fell in love with basketball when he was about 10 years old– and this comes from a book called Mastery, to give credit where it’s due. He fell in love with basketball when he was about 10 years old. But he wasn’t naturally gifted, because genius is not the realm of genetics. Genius is the realm of practice. But one thing he did have going for him, he was very tall. And so what he decided to do to pursue his dream of being a great basketball player was, he devised one of the most disciplined, elaborate, intense practice programs ever known in the history of sports.

What did he do? He got the key to his high school basketball gym. And then he would go in there, and here was his practice regimen. Three and a half hours after school, every day. Three and a half hours on Sunday, eight hours on Saturday, for years.

So while everyone else was watching movies, gossiping, watching TV, having fun, relaxing, chilling with their friends, he had a monomaniacal obsession to be best in the world as a basketball player. What else did he do? He put 10 pound weights on his feet so that would increase the spring in his jump shot. He bought these glasses, eyeglasses and attached these pieces of cardboard underneath them, so that way, when he was dribbling, he wouldn’t see the ball. He’d just look around in front of him. It improved his ball handling.

What else did he do? He got all these chairs and he pretended they were opponents. And for hours and hours, over weeks and weeks, and months and months, and years and years, he would dribble around these chairs to become an even better passer. When he was walking down the streets in Missouri, his hometown, he literally trained himself to look straight in front of him but through peripheral vision, notice the objects in the stores around him. So that strengthened that part of the brain, because here’s another idea, you get the brain you earned not the brain you want.

And literally, through the power of neuroplasticity, you can grow your brain, build a smarter brain, a better brain if you exercise the brain and practice the brain. In other words, another example is, London cab drivers their brains were studied. And the part responsible for spatial reasoning was larger than the average brain because of the streets they had to navigate in London.

So back to Bill Bradley. Then what happened? One day his family– I mean, this guy was obsessed with basketball and practice and devotion and studying the game tapes of the best basketball players, while everyone else was busy being busy, he knew what his personal Everest looked like. Finally, his family said, you know what, let’s go to Europe. We’re going to take a two week trip. Bill will be with us, he’s not going to play basketball. What did he do? In the corridor of the ship, for hours a day, he dribbled up and down, practiced and practiced, did his training regime.

And then what did we do when we saw Bill Bradley as a superstar? We saw him do things that we thought no one else would ever do, and we looked at his and we said, look, he’s a genius. He’s naturally gifted. He’s somehow different from us.

The first point I want to offer to you is simply this, please don’t be seduced by the hypnosis of genius. You can be a genius at the things that you want to do. You can be so much more successful than you currently are. But to have the results that only 5% of the population have, you must be willing to do what only 5% of the population are willing to do.

The second idea I want to share with you is called, scheduled increments. Very simple idea, comes again from the latest science. And what it’s found is, if you actually write things down you increase your commitment to getting them done. And that’s why written goal setting works so well.

And if you actually have a daily schedule– which I teach in my program, The Robin Sharma Success System, exactly what to do– you literally start to learn how to schedule in hourly increments of time. You see, because the hours that ordinary people waste, extraordinary people leverage. And one thing that the billionaires, and the super successful people, and the highly productive superstars all know is, they understand the acute value of every passing hour. They have a gorgeous respect for time.

So this idea about scheduled increments is really important. You want to schedule the best hours of your day in one hour increments and then in those chunks actually write down on a written schedule the most important work you need to get done. Because the things that get scheduled are the things that get done. And what you start to do is, you start to, through the power of neurobiology, increase your commitment to getting things done.

And then the interesting thing– it becomes an upward spiral of success. You start getting things done. You release a neurotransmitter called dopamine which is the source of motivation. Because you got the thing done, you feel even stronger. Now you have more confidence, and more power, and energy to get the next thing done. And it becomes this upward spiral of success where you start doing things you never thought you could do. And this is how you build power, productivity, creativity, and world-class.

And then, the final idea I want to share with you in this video is really the dignity of labor. I mean, all work is noble. All work has dignity. A job is only just a job if you make the choice to see it as a job. Even if you sweep streets, sweep streets like Picasso painted. Because all work is a chance for you to go out in the world today and express your gifts and your talents that you were born into.

All work is a chance for you to bump up against your fears and the things that frighten you, and transcend them by doing the things that you were resisting. All work is a chance for you to express your values in front of your customers and your teammates. All work is a chance for you to inspire other human beings in your job. And my job is to uplift people and give faith to the faithless and inspire people around us. And I guess what I’m suggesting to you, with deep respect as always, all work is a chance for you to change the world.

From Johannesburg, South Africa, as always, I’m your fan, Robin Sharma.

You take great care. Bye bye.

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Mozart’s Secret

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

If you don't believe that you have the potential to be one of the best there ever was at your chosen craft or skill, then there's no way you'll do what it takes to get there

Today’s post is one of the most important I’ve ever written…

…because it speaks to the vast potential within you, how easy it is to betray it and then offers some extremely valuable moves you can make to ensure the world gets to experience it.

Albert Einstein once observed:

“Only those who devote themselves to a cause with their whole strength and soul can be true masters. For this reason, mastery demands all of a person.”


If you’ve attended one of my live events or been a member of one of my online courses, then you already know this fundamental principle for world-class performance: becoming best in class is less about natural talent and more about what you do with what you’ve been given.

The most gifted tennis player doesn’t become the champion…the most focused, practiced and passionate one does.

The most innately talented violinist doesn’t become the virtuoso…the most dedicated and devoted one does.

The most brilliant entrepreneur doesn’t reap the fortune and change the course of history…the one with the most discipline, work ethic and grit does.

Yes, I know…

…this thinking is so counterintuitive to the way society has taught us to consider genius and exceptionalizm. We’re told that the Mozarts and Michelangeos, the Bachs and the Basquiats, the Eminems and the Jordans are cut from some divinely-blessed cloth.

And born into their breathtakingly great gifts.

But a growing body of research into exceptional performance (much of it led by Anders Ericsson who was first to report the now-famous “10,000 Hour Rule”) is confirming that concept of naturally gifted genius is pure myth…

And the reality?

…That those we admire–the awesome mathematicians and the fantastic chess players and the remarkable artists and the heroic business-builders–are just normal people who, early on, made a few uncommon choices and installed a few unusual habits. And in so doing, generated rare-air results.

In my popular online course The Robin Sharma Success System I go deep into exactly how to build your personal genius, unleash your truest power and walk you through the advanced steps that anyone can take to rise to the realm of “The Great Ones”. So in this post I wanted to focus on something‎ a little different…

…the 6 Threats to World-Class Performance…

These are the 6 most common (and often unconscious) ways we sabotage our potential for genius-level results, block our greatness and diminish our opportunity to be one of the best in the world at what we do.

Let’s get right into them…

#1: The Threat of Disbelief.

Powerful idea: if you don’t believe that you have the potential to be one of the best there ever was at your chosen craft or skill, then you won’t do what it takes to get there‎.

In other words…

Your belief about your potential really does determine whether you express it—or let it slumber quietly within you as you coast through your life.

My respectful encouragement is that you take a cold, hard look at the facts: the superstars in sports, music, science, society and business truly were ordinary people. But they, sometimes because of a coach and often due to a parent, came to train their brains to believe (and then expect) that they could be epic performers…if they put in the work, made the sacrifices, maintained the focus and got better every day.

But if you’ve fallen into the mass hypnosis that the people we view as geniuses are genetically different from you so you have no shot at making history, then this belief alone will prevent you from rising to into the realm of awesome.

And so this disbelief in the availability of mastery to you is a threat…please fight it.

#2. The Threat of Undercapitalization.

I recently listened to a superb interview of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

In it, Buffett admitted he’s not the smartest person in the room. The “secret” to his extraordinary success in the capital markets comes down to the “Horsepower Versus Output” distinction.

He explained that “horsepower” is the talent we’re born with but “output” is how much of that reservoir we have the commitment, discipline and guts to realize.

The term for translating potential into results is “capitalization”, because if you are seriously committed to mastery you need to fully capitalize on all the potential you have.

One of the finest ways to ensure complete capitalization of your talent is to start your pursuit of becoming the best in the world at your chosen skill as early as possible (my “dream big, start small, begin now” mantra).

And then to get in the 10,000 hours that Anders Ericsson has discovered is the minimum viable amount of training needed before genius begins to present itself (“The 10,000 Hour Rule” I mentioned earlier; yes, recent writers have popularized it but Ericsson’s the man).

So…let’s get granular so we really really get you going…

That’s 2 hours and 44 minutes of daily practice at one thing for ten years…

And now I know you’re beginning to see that discipline, practice and extreme amounts of training are the “secrets” behind the illusion of “natural talent” and “innate genius.”

…The truth is that you just have to put in ridiculous amounts of time and effort to reach world-class performance.

You really can get there (and you disrespect your potential if you don’t). But most of us are just too distracted, too interested in easy, too affected by criticism and too invested in comfort to heed the call on our lives and do what’s needed to become iconic.

Sad. Don’t let that happen to you. Please.

#3. The Threat of ‎Talent Circle Apathy.

Who you associate with dramatically influences the way you behave and how excellently you perform.

The science behind it involves concepts like “attitudinal contagion” (we subconsciously adopt the mindsets of the people we are closest to) and “goal-contagion” (we assume the same aspirations of the dominant members of our circle of influence).

If the people in your immediate network are aiming for best in world, up at 5 am to start their training, working with mentors who kickstart their mastery and practising from sunrise to sunset, then there’s a great chance you’ll be modelling that ethic.

On the other hand, if the people you’ve populated your life with spend their finest hours being busy being busy, gossiping, watching too much TV and playing too many video games, then your results will reflect those influences.

All geniuses and exceptional performers were parts of hubs of talent…

…kids in The Dominican Republic dream of playing baseball and spend most of their waking hours on the field.‎ Their heroes are major league stars from their country who made it big. And they plan to be just like them.

…children in Brazil aspire to become celebrated soccer players while some Canadian youth regularly pass 10,000 hours on the ice by the time ‎they’re fifteen. All their friends do the same.

…teenagers in Silicon Valley long to launch startups, go to workshops that teach them to code and spend sleepless nights iterating their craft‎. Everyone these kids know wants to be the next Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg.

Your circle of associations matter. And being apathetic and lazy about who you surround yourself with comes at a very real cost to your performance, success and impact on the world with it.

Definitely avoid this threat.

#4. The Threat of Complexity.

Picasso didn’t practice the piano. Jay-Z’s not spending his best hours becoming a chess master. And Stephen King definitely isn’t obsessed with joining the NBA.

All people who rise to genius have another thing in common: singularity of focus.

All masters are monomaniacally focused on their skill. And epic performance is much more about the things you have the discipline to say no to rather than the things you say yes to…

The point I’m suggesting to you is really this one…

…you can try to do many things but you’ll always play at mediocrity. Or you can commit to just one thing. And enter the ring of mastery.

So simplify. Subtract. Get great at saying diplomatic nos. Your potential demands nothing less.

#5. The Threat of Comfort.

Absolutely fascinating to me how many elite performers came from poverty. Seems that they pretty much knew that if they didn’t focus passionately and practice relentlessly they’d not only not live the life of their dreams, they’d likely have little food to eat.

That kind of condition fuels immense drive, unbeatable determination and an iron will to win. And that’s why comfort can be dangerous to greatness…

…Maya Angelou, the famous poet, leaves her home to work in a gritty motel room.

…one of my buddies–one of the bestselling authors on Earth–lived in a hostel for a full year to push himself to do his best work.

…even when Steve Jobs was a billionaire, he slept on a futon.

No matter how revered you become, you just can’t let comfort make you slow, sloppy and old.

To reach legendary levels of creativity, productivity and acumen, you want to keep pushing yourself like your life depends on it—because it does.

And the best way to expand your limits is to consistently push to the edges of them.

As the Spartan warriors said: the person who sweats more in practice bleeds less in war.

#6. The Threat of Infirmity.

Someone once taught me that health is the crown on the well person’s head that only the ill person can see.

It’s not common to link fitness with genius. But being in ultra-strong physical condition is mission-critical.


…how can you put in your ten years of practice if you are sick?

…how can you rebound when you fail if you have no energy?

…how can you do the study and invest in the learning if you lack stamina?

And getting into your best fitness isn’t really about getting the trophies, receiving the fame and basking in the accolades.

That’s all fine. But there’s something more important…

Being strong and healthy and radiant and dynamic allows you to be of use.

You see, when you live your potential and rise to genius, it’s not just you who wins…the world does as well.

We all get to be inspired by the greatness you model. We all feel we too are more than we thought we were. We all get to benefit from your artistry, accomplishments or inventions.

You become our hero. And each of us needs more of them.


…I hope this post is of genuine value to you. I worked really hard on it so it helps you beautifully.

…if you want to go a lot deeper into this information and learn the strategies, insights and tactics that very few people ever discover on unleashing their potential and doing amazing things with their lives then I have some very exciting news for you

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I’ll give you a chance to get one of the memberships before I open doors to the public…

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