Some Very Personal Sharing

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

I write you this message with the utmost of sincerity.

You really need to know that I believe in your ability to be the hero of your life and the undefeatable warrior of your dreams.

And I stand fiercely by your side, as a guide to get you to your most beautiful ambitions.

Because our world needs more people showing up with brilliance, creativity, audacity and humanity.

I guess what I’m offering to you as I produce this note on a glorious autumn morning surrounded by the inspiration of nature and the colors of fall is that…

…you and I are in this TOGETHER.

I’m not going anywhere. I’m in this game for the long run. It’s what I’m built to do.

To inspire and educate, encourage and serve.

You are absolutely never alone on this ride as you express the talents and gifts life has invested within you. [And begs you to display].

Working out is one of the finest methods known for multiplying your productivity and prosperity. You’ll reduce the fear hormone cortisol in your system, release the inspirational neurotransmitter dopamine and recalibrate serotonin (which kickstarts your joy).


Here’s the thing: if you truly get how great fitness is, why would you only work out once a day?

And so…

Please also understand that I’m no different from you.

We’re cut from the same cloth. And anything I have done, you can do. Period.

I come from humble beginnings. No silver spoon in my mouth and no easily opened doors along my journey.

In school, I wasn’t given much of a chance. They said I wouldn’t amount to much. They claimed I shouldn’t reach above average. They shouted down my highest hopes.

Here’s a picture of the small house I grew up in. [Yes that’s me in front of it].

Robin outside childhood home

I’ve faced deep adversity, unexpected tragedies and uncommon blows.

Yet, something inside of me has pressed on.

I turned my wounds into wisdom, my pain into power and my defeats into stepping stones for greater confidence, performance, and helpfulness. [I’ll explain how I did this and how you can too, below].

Today, you and I and everyone who is a member of this movement of millions of people in nearly 100 nations are freedom-fighters.

We understand that true freedom means that:

–The impossible is generally simply the untried.

–Walls are just gateways into growth.

–Your greatest struggle contains your next level of strength.

–As you pursue a brave vision for a better life [and world], critics will try and knock you down.

And that the fact that you are reading my words means there is a heroic instinct at your core that is ready to see the light of day

The REAL KEY to how I unchained my potential and transcended my conditions?

Simple: I made it Job #1 to invest in my personal growth instead of chasing worldly wins. [Society hypnotizes us to do just the opposite. That’s why so many people are frustrated, stuck and not at the success they know they DESERVE].

As I dedicated myself to building a x100 better self, guess what happened? My outer life improved x100. [That’s a REALLY important result to appreciate].

…As I fortified my mind, I saw possibilities where before I could only see problems.

…As I elevated my physical life, I gained the energy and stamina to get more done in a week than I used to do in a year.

…As I detoxified my emotional life, I learned forgiveness and released the past.

…As I optimized my spiritual life, I began to live for a Mighty Mission x100 larger than myself and a Compelling Cause x1000 bigger than my ego. [Starve your ego + you’ll feed your soul, I have learned].

Bottom line…

getting seriously committed to building an unbreakable interior world was the game-changing decision that absolutely revolutionized my exterior world.

See, you’ll never rise any higher than your self-identity. And you’ll never move above your personal story. Think you’re meant to be average and your performance will match that belief. Always.

Yes, we as human beings are great at lying to ourselves and blaming anything lacking in our lives on others.

But the truth is that you are the cause and creator of your current life. And the day you decide to master YOURSELF, you begin to master your world..

If you’re ready to let go of limits, awaken the hero within you and experience more success over the next 90 days than you’ve achieved over the past few years, do the rest of your life a gargantuan favor and read what follows VERY carefully…

–For years those following my work have been asking me to deconstruct how I transformed my life into a system that anyone, anywhere could easily use anytime.

–Many also asked me to share what I’ve learned working with business titans, professional sports superstars, billionaires and icons at a price much lower than my legendary live events and famous online programs.

–I listened to the requests and this past June shared the BEST and most ADVANCED information I know on elite performance and exponential success in a 2-day live event called Personal Mastery Academy (PMA).

Like all my live events, we sold out.

BUT…[good news for you]…

…my team had the entire event recorded and then, over many months, we handcrafted the video modules into a world-class online course…

…the tuition for each seat to the live 2-day Personal Mastery Academy was $5000. (It was worth x100 that). But one of the LIMITED memberships into the online course is a FRACTION of that cost.

And not only is this life-changing online program VERY ‘budget-friendly’, I believe so very much in the results it will bring to you that I’m offering it with a zero-questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t think it’s fantastic.

We are only offering a small number of memberships to keep the user experience wow

Go ahead and get your membership here now before we close doors.

Remember: nothing happens until you move.

And the fastest way to double your income and impact is to triple your investment into your personal mastery and professional capability.

If you are ready to learn:

–The 8 Noble Truths that world-class producers all know to bulletproof their mindsets against negativity.

–The Personal Mastery Power Grid that will unleash your true power swiftly.

–The Emotional Architecture of Average model that will help you let go of the past so you experience a remarkable future.

–The 8 Mentalities of Mastery to hardwire into your brain for maximum achievement.

–The Quiet Science Beneath Stratospheric Success Blueprint that walks you through the latest research on genius-level performance.

–The Habit Installation Protocol so you quickly have the daily routines of the most successful people in history.

–The Wealth Blueprint for Empire-Builders model for epic prosperity so you and your loved ones enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful life [while you positively impact the world].

If you want me to teach you all this and so much more, you really should go ahead and get a membership to Personal Mastery Academy Online (PMAO) before it’s too late for you.

Remember the course comes with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t love it. So what are you waiting for! :)

Snap up your membership here

I’d love to help and serve you. Believe in your best. Go be GREAT!


P.S. Personal Mastery Academy Online (PMAO) is the most valuable self-transformation course I’ve ever offered.

I’ll walk you through potent insights on how the masters think, the rituals of business titans, winning formulas of super-productive professionals and the secrets of ultra-happy people.

if you’re ready to work with me and excited for me to teach you all this and so much more, you really should go ahead and get a membership to Personal Mastery Academy Online (PMAO) before it’s too late for you.

Snap up your membership here

I look forward to helping you craft a world-class life. See you inside the course. Let’s get started today.

All green lights. Your fan always, Robin.

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Sending a Meditation on Your Amazingness [New Audio]

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

I think you’ll find this cool.

I usually send over text posts or personal video to you ~Contact.FirstName~.

My intent for it all is to drive self-belief, fuel internal greatness, power your A-Game and kickstart the hero within you.

Today, let’s do something different [if you’re game].

I recorded a meditation of sorts in the privacy of a sanctuary [a light-filled, loft-like hotel room in California] sharing 4 of the most important yet least commonly practiced principles of self-mastery.

Listen to Meditations for a World-Class Mentality here

Play: Meditations for a World-Class Mentality

I suggest you listen to the audio recording with your eyes closed. Let my voice and the words sink deep into your subconscious mind…

…so that, together, we rewire your psychological story to delete any form of victimhood. And liberate all forms of leadership.

The audio recording is only 11 minutes in length. It’ll influence your thinking. And spark your brilliance.

Listen to it here

Believe in your best. Own your game. Love your days. And always be kind.

With massive encouragement + huge applause for your highest possibilities,


P.S. Go ahead and listen to Meditations for a World-Class Mentality here

Nothing happens until you move. And life’s too precious to postpone your greatness.

Speak soon. Bye.

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My Best Rituals to x100 Your Results [Deep Post]

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Your genetics predict your success so much less than your daily rituals do.

Install world-class habits and you’ll experience world-class results.

The pros get this. The amateurs don’t.

With this in mind (and heart), I’m doing something special for you today.

I usually only teach The Rituals of Legendary Producers to my Titans. Or at Personal Mastery Academy each June. But today I’ll walk you through three of them.

Yes, they are eccentric.

Yes, they work like rocket fuel.

Yes, you need to do the work to get the glory.

Ritual #1: The Second Wind Workout [2WW]

Working out is one of the finest methods known for multiplying your productivity and prosperity. You’ll reduce the fear hormone cortisol in your system, release the inspirational neurotransmitter dopamine and recalibrate serotonin (which kickstarts your joy).

Add to these beautiful truths the gorgeous facts that you’ll keep body fat low, heighten energy and promote longevity and getting fit like Federer is a game-changer.

Here’s the thing: if you truly get how great fitness is, why would you only work out once a day?

And so…

…I teach clients at The Titan Summit and Personal Mastery Academy to do a “Second Wind Workout” (2WW) at the end of their workday.

Gives them massive game in the evening. Beats depletion. And makes the end of the day one of the best pieces of the day.

Ritual #2: The Daily 5 + The Nightly 3

I’ve been teaching this one for years. To NIKE and Starbucks. To NBA stars and music legends. It works because research has confirmed that when we celebrate “small wins”, our brains get fired up and motivation comes alive.

And because greatness is more about evolution versus revolution: small daily optimizations, when done consistently over time, deliver epic results.

So every morning, please record 5 tiny acts of beautiful progress that you commit to executing on before the day is done.

The Daily 5 ritual ensures you’ll finish 150+ acts of excellence every month. And 1800+ achievements one year from today. Remarkable, yes?

You’re going to get to one year from today anyway. Why not arrive at this destination with a whole new level of momentum, mastery and personal power?

The Nightly 3 routine involves simply writing down three great things that happened to you during your day.

The brain has a negativity bias we need to relentlessly fight against. This primitive instinct served us 1000+ years ago. Destroys our brilliance today.

Noticing items to be grateful for is the antidote to apathy. And the cure for stagnation.

Please note: If you want to get one of the limited memberships into Personal Mastery Academy Online where I teach you all of the daily routines of the world’s most successful people + my most advanced self-transformation tactics, go here

Ritual #3: The 2 Massage Protocol [2MP]

All I can share with you is this: seems strange and works like magic.

Want to sleep less so you join my famous 5 AM Club that now has members in the millions?

Set to have ridiculous amounts of focus, stamina, vitality and creativity?

Ok. Good. Go get two massages a week.

“But Robin, I don’t have time and what would my team think and that’s pretty expensive,” I’ve heard 1000 times.

Trust the ritual by the ROI (Return on Investment).

Your output will pay for itself exponentially. And your team will say zero when they watch you produce like Michelangelo.

Ok. Longer message than usual but you know I’m obsessed with delivering value. And helping you grow. And ensuring you fly.

If you understand the power of learning to transform your life, then definitely make the decision that I predict will change the way the rest of your life unfolds…

…and get one of the remaining memberships here to my ultra-powerful course Personal Mastery Academy Online (PMAO).

PMAO will walk you through the best information I teach on becoming an elite performer.

PMAO will teach you how the billionaires I coach think, how the sports stars I advise live and how the masters stay at world-class.

PMAO comes with a total money-back guarantee so there is ZERO risk to try this out. It’s a beautiful training course. Very results-oriented. Absolutely first-rate content.

We’re closing doors soon so wait and you’ll be too late.

Snap up your membership here

Hope this post really helps you x100 your professional and personal results.

Life’s too short to play small with your talent.

Be great. Bye.


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My Last Video

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Hi. This is my last video in the Personal Mastery Recordings training series that I’ve been sending you over the past few days.

I really loved making them for you. Thanks to everyone from around the world who watched the first two videos–and shared them with their loved ones.

It’s one of the great privileges of my life to passionately make valuable material that helps people who feel frustrated and stuck in their lives shatter the walls that have imprisoned their greatness.

You deserve the best. And you can count on me to be with you so we get you there.

…I carry a core belief deep within me, every day, that every single human on the planet deserves to own their true power.

…I would take a bullet for the idea that every single one of us has the ability (even if they have forgotten it) to do amazing work, enjoy a beautiful life, be able to give their family wonderful experiences and lift our world in their own original way.

As you now know, if you’ve watched the previous two videos in this potent series, it all begins with mastering yourself. This last video brings it all together for you.

I wish they taught how to achieve this aim in school.

Because as you rise within, your outer life soars with you.

And as you liberate the hero in your heart, your external results reflect uncommon heroism.

And, as you’ve now discovered, you’ll never go higher than your self-identity and personal story. Commit to x25 your inner life and you’ll x100 your outer world.

That’s just how the game of life works. So few get this. Breaks my heart.

This final video is called The Day Your Life Changes and is the most important video in the series.

Go ahead and watch it here

Play: The Day Your Life Changes

PLEASE: Believe in you. Honor your gifts. Stand for what’s best. And go inspire the world.

We all need you to fly! Tomorrow is too late.

With love and respect,


P.S. This is the last video in the Personal Mastery Recordings training series I’ve made to show you how to master your mindset and grow your inner power.

It will come down soon so definitely watch it here before you miss it.

No cost whatsoever. Just watch it, share it and then live it.

Be great. Bye.

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How Heroes Install Habits [new video]

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Hope this note finds you in great spirits.

–Want to wire in the core habits that the world’s most successful people have in common?

–Interested in the latest science on how to avoid giving up before your habits become automatic?

–Hopeful about becoming stronger and happier by letting go of bad habits like making excuses and procrastinating?

If so, definitely go ahead and watch this new training video called How Heroes Install Habits before it comes down.

I made it while I was in San Diego going deeper into the writing of my new book The 5 AM Club and I know it’ll really be worth your attention.

Watch it here if personal mastery is a priority to you.

Hope all this free training I work so hard for you on is not only helpful to you, but valuable to those around you.

Go be great. Bye.

P.S. If you want a quick but value-rich course on wiring in the habits of uncommon success, definitely do not miss this video

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