Create New (And Awesome) Habits Fast

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Awesome habits yield ‎amazing results. So start some better ones today.

The construction and installation of superior habits is a dominant focus for any epic producer.

Wire in awesome habits and amazing results follow automatically…

…and you’ll become a GIANT of getting big things done…

…so your life flies and you lift THE WORLD up with you…

When I watch the NBA players I’ve advised, the celebrity soccer stars who use my tools and the iconic business leaders who show up at my events like The Titan Summit [this year Sir Richard Branson will join me on the stage along with my all-star faculty], I see that their winning formulas have less to do with their willpower…and more to do with their routines.

Yes, of course it takes willpower while the habit is being installed. But once it gets wired in as a neural pathway and new way of being, the routine becomes easier to do than not to do…

…and the energy and willpower that was needed to create the habit gets freed up to improve your performance and achieve even greater results.

Ok. You know I’m obsessed with your rise to rare-air and producing results that wow…

So here’s an extremely powerful new tactic that has been delivering gorgeous results for the elite clients that I coach. [And please know that it's really helping me advance my own game massively, as well].

It’s called The Forced Optimization Strategy (FOS)…

…The idea’s this: forget self-discipline when it comes to getting to your health, career, financial and spiritual goals. What works 100X better is to install an automatic system that “forces” you to do the thing you need to do.

The reality of human nature is we generally get things done when there’s some fire under us to do them…so use this fact to give yourself a huge advantage…

Some simple examples:

Example #1: Getting ultra-fit is a game-changer. Everything in your life just works better when you’re alive with energy and peak health. But the reality is too many of us try to build the habit of working out via willpower. And so we end up giving up after a few weeks.

Using the Forced Optimization Strategy (FOS), you could “force” yourself to get uncommonly fit by hiring a trainer to come to your home at 6am three times a week. Now, you have to do the workout. Because she’ll be knocking at your front door tomorrow morning :)

Book this schedule onto your calendar for 3 or 4 months and you’re golden. It won’t be easy. But it’ll be worth it.

Example #2: If you like “The 2 Massage Protocol” I’ve been teaching at my live events recently because you get that massages dramatically boost energy, reduce the amount of sleep you need and keep you feeling like a lion, then book your therapist 3 months into the future so it’s a done deal.

No excuses. No alternatives. No lame reasons for not getting the ritual done.

Example #3: If this is the year you’re amped to grow your business/career exponentially (10% annual growth is so old-school), then “force” the creation of a new habit by meeting with your mastermind alliance every Friday afternoon or sign up for a webinar program that runs every week or schedule a team meeting every Monday where everyone comes to the table to clearly explain what they’ve done to accelerate results.

You can use the FOS to take more time off than you’ve taken off in years. Just ask yourself which trips and adventures would fuel your finest performance and help you live a life you love.

Then book the trips/adventures ahead 12 months. You’ll “force the optimization” even more if you pay for them.

I think you get the idea. Just run this protocol for a few weeks and you’ll get how awesome it is. And please remember: no idea works until you do the work :)


I also want to sincerely congratulate everyone who got one of the few seats to The Titan Summit 2014 I opened up…you’ve now joined my inner circle and are a part of a group of the most successful, inspiring and decent people I know…

PLEASE NOTE: the seats I made available have now SOLD-OUT….(just an incredible response to me opening up registration)…

I’ve just opened up a few more seats so go ahead and get yours now while you still can

…as mentioned, The Titan Summit 2014 features Sir Richard Branson (in person) and an all-star faculty of international experts who will help you grow an iconic business and lead a life that makes history.

…this is not one of my live events with 5000+ people. This is an exclusive and intimate gathering of people operating at the highest level…and the value here is simply priceless.

…I wanted to do something ever so special for my Titans and am giving everything I can to make it a “once in a lifetime experience”.

here are the details

…this event is not for everyone. Just for elite performers who want to associate with business icons, thought-leaders and epic producers so they create exponential business and personal results.

this video shares the power of The Titan Summit and the testimonials of alumni who were blown away by the return on their investment.

I’d love to help you and see you in the room with the rest of the Titans. Get one of the limited seats here

…not being at this exclusive and small gathering of superstars will actually cost you more. So release any excuses and invest in your biggest future by joining us now

And definitely set up your Forced Optimization Strategies today.

So you become a giant. And live a life that you’ll be proud of at the end.

With respect, encouragement and tons of great wishes,

P.S. Check out this video on the event

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A Personal Story on Turning Fear into Freedom

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Feeling scared just means you're making progress. Fear's your friend. So turn it into fuel.

As you pursue the highest version of your largest vision, it’s so very easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re the only one who deals with self-doubt, faces endless obstacles and the icy fingers of a thing called fear…

…but you’re not…

scared is the price brave people pay to enjoy lives that make history

…and the feeling of fear just means you’re making nice progress. And being a hero to every single one of us watching your rise…

I feel frightened too. I’ll admit it. I confront–and walk with–fear all the time. Pretty much every day, actually…


…because I relentlessly hold myself to a standard higher than you could ever imagine (yes, that standard is an ideal and I’m far from where I want to be–I’m a work in progress, like every human).

…because I push for better endlessly, move toward my discomfort daily and am viscerally devoted to spending the rest of my life realizing my potential. And giving everything I have to lifting others up with me…

…and because in my mind, good enough (even when everyone around you thinks you’re uber-successful) isn’t very good. The whole game of life is to leverage every day to become more, create more and give more, no?

Just one example…from my own life…and one of the icons of our world…

…last year I made a dream come true. I’d always longed to create and then deliver a world-class 4-day business and personal change event that not only created revolutions in peoples’ lives but allowed them to make friends with people at the highest level of success, wealth, decency and service to our world.

…I put together an elite faculty of top experts on peak performance, business mastery, health and longevity and social impact that included Seth Godin, Darren Hardy, Verne Harnish, James Rouse, James Victore and Kevin Harrington.

…I called the gathering The Titan Summit: The Ultimate Mastermind for Ultra-Successful Performers.

…I limited the the group to just 100 seats so it was intimate, transformational and unforgettable…and my team and I poured our hearts into making it epic.

…it turned out to be one of the single greatest experiences of my 18 year career.

…some called the event “poetic” and have used what they learned to build fortunes. Some took the insights and advanced tools and raised their personal lifestyles to the point where they feel true freedom for the first time in decades. Some left the event and rewired their mindset for deep gratitude, daily happiness and their finest health of their lives. The success stories still pour in…


…it would have been so easy for me to repeat what I did last year and see similar results…

…but I need to push myself 100X. Always. So I came up with an idea…it was dramatic…and it scared me

…what if I reached out to Sir Richard Branson, widely considered the most famous entrepreneur on the planet, a veritable Titan and asked him to join us for this year’s gathering?

…look, I come from very humble beginnings. My parents are immigrants. I grew up in a town of 2000 people. No silver spoon in my mouth…so this was a reach…

…those in my inner circle told me it was impossible. He was too busy with Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceline, philanthropic ventures and unleashing all his other big ideas on the world.

…those around me said that even if I could get to him, he would say no.

…but the impossible is mostly just the untried. And so I set about on a fierce mission to make my dream happen. I made phone call after phone call, sent email after email and did whatever was in my power to get my goal done.

…I was scared (of rejection, of success, of being laughed at). But forged forward anyway knowing that the more we practice being fearless, the more fearless becomes our way of being

…after relentless effort, I was connected with the person at Virgin who is responsible for Sir Richard’s engagements. And after more calls, communications and interactions, we got the job done.

…Sir Richard Branson will be at The Titan Summit 2014 LIVE along with my all-star faculty who will show the Titans in the room how to create EXPONENTIAL growth within their business and personal lives.

…I’m now turning my focus and drive to bring a hip-hop legend to the event. Who knows whether I can get to him and if he’ll come. But I need to give perfect effort to see what can be. And it never hurts to ask :)

If you’re interested in getting one of the very limited seats to The Titan Summit 2014, please check your inbox this Wednesday. I’ll open registration then.

Watch this short video trailer about the event.

With much respect and appreciation,

P.S. Kindly note I’ll only be offering about 100 seats to The Titan Summit 2014 with Sir Richard Branson (the rest of the spaces have already been sold to last year’s participants and clients at T48T this past June)…

…so if you feel you belong in that room, watch for my “registration open” message this Wednesday.

…and watch this video now.

All green lights! :)

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The Last Days of Average

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

You were born to win. Built to wow and designed to inspire. Live that potential today.

You were constructed to win.

You’ve been designed to wow.

And you’ve been built to inspire.

As we get you to your NLWC (Next Level of World-Class), I wanted to run you through some of the core distinctions between those who operate at average…

…and those who have the guts and acumen to aim for ICONIC…

Fair Warning: This piece is a little longer than usual. We live in a world where too many people have given up the ability to go deep and read intensely, preferring dancing cat videos and short bursts of cotton-candy content designed to entertain versus educate…

…my heartfelt encouragement is stay with this post until the end. Reflect on the insights I’ve worked so hard to share. And most key, live the message

And so

#1. Average performers love to talk about others. Iconic producers are obsessed with discussing their dreams.

#2. Average performers adore leisure. They know the hot tv shows, spend their finest hours playing video games and are first among friends to secure the latest gadget. Iconic producers are vastly different…their addiction is learning. They invest in books, go to conferences, mastermind with masters and do whatever it takes to make their tomorrows better than their todays. Please remember: the more you know, the more you can achieve. Knowledge is the greatness creator.

#3. Average performers resign themselves to mediocrity, thinking that the elite are somehow smarter, faster and cut from a different cloth. I call this The Myth of Genius. Don’t buy into it. Iconic producers have a different perception. They get that genius and legendary is not the result of divinely-orchestrated talent. Nope. It’s a lot more about focus, discipline, sacrifice, suffering, stamina and ridiculous amounts of hard work. They get that rising to world-class is never easy. But it’s always worth it.

#4. Average performers disrespect time. You’ll see them waiting hours for a great table in a cool restaurant. They buy groceries when everyone else buys groceries. They are often late and known for procrastination. Iconic producers understand that time is a blessing. They use their best hours for their most important pursuits. They have a clear written plan for the next 10 years, 5 years and this year. They schedule their days, knowing that structure is the doorway into freedom.

#5. Average performers use victimspeak. Everything is “a mess” or “trouble” or “a problem”. But the words you use drive the energy you feel. And to rise to exceptional, you need to tap into your natural reservoir of massive energy. So iconic producers leverage their words to raise their games. Their language inspires. And reveals the fact that–deep within–they view themselves as captains of their fate versus powerless little pawns.

#6. Average performers stop when they’re scared. Iconic producers press ahead when stricken by fear, understanding that persistence is the DNA of becoming a game-changer. And that bravery is the result of practice versus a natural gift.

#7. Average performers follow the crowd. Their dominant focus is to fit in, be liked and receive tribal acceptance. Iconic performers care not what others think. They’ve developed the confidence to think for themselves. They set their own dreams, run their own values and march to their personal drumbeat. That not only causes rare-air success. It produces enduring happiness.

#8. Average performers are pleasure-driven. Everything they do is about fulfilling their desires and feeling good in the moment (often done as an escape from the pain of potential betrayed). Iconic producers are purpose-driven. They are fuelled by their Mighty Why–that singular and gorgeous vision of a bigger future that keeps them up late and gets them out of bed early. They viscerally understand that the secret of passion is purpose. And that once you articulate your why, the hows automatically present themselves.

#9. The average performer is pure consumer. It’s all about buying and having things. Their self-identity is based on the brands, labels and badges of the moment. Iconic producers care very little about stuff. What stokes their fire has less to do with being a consumer and a lot more to do with being a maker. For them, their compelling cause is all about using their creativity, energy, talents and time to produce value that not only delivers their personal dreams but makes the world a greater place.

I sincerely hope these nine points inspire, help and serve your rise.

Your time really is now. My respectful suggestion: release all excuses, reasons, rationales and resentments. Today’s a fresh canvas. A new beginning. And your beautiful opportunity to step into the life you ache to live…


…And for everyone who loved the video I sent out the other day and has been asking me to open up registration for The Titan Summit 2014 this December, please note I’ll do so next week (so check your inbox for my message so you get one of the limited seats)…

THANK YOU for the interest. It’s been overwhelming

If you missed my video, definitely watch it now.

Oh–and the BIG announcement everyone’s been wondering about is…

Sir Richard Branson will be on the stage with me live at this year’s gathering of people from across the planet coming together to share, learn and build epic businesses + legendary lives.

…I’m going all out for those who get in…

…my faculty is all-star, global experts on creating EXPONENTIAL results in your business, mindset, health, finances and impact on our world.

…I should mention that this 4-day event is not for everyone. Only people who get the value of world-class information and who understand the awesome value of spending 4 days in a room with billionaires, industry legends and ultra-successful human beings should come.

…so save December 9-12 (at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto) on your calendar and watch for my message next week signalling that registration is open (I’m limiting seats again this year to keep the gathering ultra-exclusive).

See you in December. Tons of respect and appreciation,

P.S. Go ahead and watch my video now

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Make Victory Your New Normal

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

I gave my heart and soul (and countless hours) making this new video for you

Those within my inner circle are saying it’s the single most life-changing video they’ve ever seen…

…but it’s taken a lot out of me…to share so much information, inspiration and visceral passion…

So in a few weeks, I’ll say goodbye for a while. It may be for a week or two. Or it may be longer. I just need time for myself…to renew, refuel and rethink…

Watch this video that I made with such devotion to awaken the bravest and best part of you

At my very core is my highest belief: that you are made to astonish, built to wow and designed to live a life that makes history.

This video will fuel your rise

With a ton of respect and true appreciation,

P.S. This epic video will expire soon so please watch it now before it comes down

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The 6 Quiet Rituals of Enormously Successful Humans

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

There’s a hidden beach on a tiny island that–for years–has been kept a complete secret…

…very few people have ever walked its sand and savored its staggering wonders.

I’d heard so much about the raw beauty of this hideaway and its remarkable power to inspire that I felt a longing to find it…

…and so I booked a helicopter, found a world-class crew and set off on a truly extraordinary adventure (that led me deep into the Indian Ocean, then over to Florence and later into the Tuscan countryside)…

I recorded it all for you because…

…along this unforgettable journey–I wanted to coach (and inspire) you on my hottest and most game-changing new ideas on creating EPIC success and producing the kind of results that only a limited group of people in the world have been able to achieve.

In this new video, I walk you through little-known insights and tactics that will help you shatter your limits, make quantum leaps in your personal power and get extraordinary things done in your life…

Watch it now before it expires

I know you’ll get so much value from all that you’ll see, learn and experience as you travel with me through this new training video that I made with such care, passion and love…

I viscerally feel you deserve to live your GREATEST life now versus later. We all have genius and boldness within us but most people just don’t know “the code” to unleash it.

My mission is to share it with you so TOGETHER we rock your dreams and get you to the place where you and I both know you deserve to be playing at.

Life’s just too short to postpone what’s most important!

Your success partner,

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