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  2. Ramesh says:

    Dear Mr.Sharma…

    You are a great man… I am your FAN…. All lines in your books are so excellent and all that experiencing now in my life is really amazing, as i have started following your great guidances that takes me in the right path…. I am looking all the problems that i come across in my day to day life are opportunities to grow and all the people who enters and be with me and people who left me are my teachers and they have come to teach the most needed lesson to my life..

    The way i started looking at this world and my surroundings have totally changed, after i started see “Life is nothing more than a growth school”….

    I pray to God to give you Good Health.. to serve the whole nations with your eminent guidance that should help everyone in all country to achieve high degree transformation in their personal development & leardership….

    Finally, I want to go more deep into the personal development of mine and wish to support & help others growth as well..

    Your sincerely,
    Chennai, India..

  3. Rajeev says:

    Hi Robin,
    Your talks make my day ! This note is to express my gratitude for the wonderful work you are leading, inspiring people to live their highest life. I am able to take ideas that you so simply put across and apply in my daily life. As you would say “wonderful”

    Thank you so very much, God Bless and keep writing/speaking!

  4. Vijay says:

    Hello Mr. Sharma, I’m writing from India. I’ve read some of your books, “The Monk who Sold His Ferrari”, The Family Wisdom” and “The Leader Who Had No Title”. Thanks a lot for printing all your knowledge, sharing it with the world and nurturing people across the globe.

    Your contribution towards the society is a treasure. We are lucky few to have it found and trying to share with our fellow friends and loved ones.

    Once again THANK YOU.

  5. Benny says:

    Hi Robin

    Tnks for all the efforts you take to nuture people across the world .Espsecially the topics that keeps life exciting every day .

    GOD Bless ur team and give u good health

    With Gratitude

  6. Narayanan Subramaniam says:

    Dear Mr. Robin Sharma,

    Please accept my gratitude to you in publishing such enlightening content in a simplified form, especially in the book entitled (pun not intended) “The Leader Who Had No Title”. The acronyms and simplicity behind them will I’m sure help anyone who reads your book. Please continue disseminating your thoughts and ideas and look forward to meeting with you some day to exchange new ideas and thoughts.

    Best regards,

  7. Nadz says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma:

    I really like your pod casts, specially the section that speak about utilizing one self till the last moment, this is a masterpiece idea, also all the pod casts, they are very strong and great, i hope they help me to take a new road in my life.

  8. Openace says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma,

    Glad that i came across your book through one of my close friend by “chance”. You are really a great inspirator who makes me think from a different perspective – thinking deeper and i guess right now i am at the cross junction.

    Look forward to more of your teaching tools and resoures. You have made a difference in many people life.

    Best Regards,


  9. Stanley Mabiti says:



    I have been reading your books, from the Monk who Sold his Ferrari, and waaooh am reading this MegaLiving its real good, I tried the schedule fro just a week and it real make me feel, great energetic and ready to face the day. Thank you again and again, course you just awaken the monster within me.

    Best Regards,

  10. OMISH BENARA says:

    Respected Mr. Sharma,

    I am from India. What great and inspirational idea you provided to me by becoming a member of 5 AM Club. I read this idea in your book ‘Who will cry when you die’. I adopted this habit in my life two months back and surprise to me now it is a permanent habit of mine. Thanks a ton to you…. Regards.

  11. Labraj says:

    Hello Robin

    I just want to say thank you.
    You are doing a great job. The unique talent that you have developed to motivate and guide people is simply great!
    Your books, audios have helped me to develop better understanding/appreciation of life. I have become better person and will continue to learn and grow.

    I pray for your good health and continuous success in your life. The world needs more and more Leaders like you.

    Best Regards

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  13. Hi Mr. Sharma,Your thoughts are really amazing and excellent to face day to day issues,It energize me keep me healthy and nourish my mind with great thought which I’ve never felt.My Heartly thanks to you for posting such wonderful thoughts.

    Keep going.

    Thanks Again…

  14. Srinivas Reddy Dandu says:

    Hello Mr.Robin Sharma,

    You are really great inspiration to every human being who want to live their life with grace and to the fullest.
    I like your books and listen to podcasts regularly.

    Best Wishes and keep inspiring world forever.


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  16. Arup says:

    Hello Robin/All others

    First of all, Robin you are doing a wonderful job, keep it up. However I want to ask you questions that have been disturbing me and I believe many others too. No doubt these techniques that you teach us are very powerful, we all are glad to learn the secrets of life and find a meaning for it. But what really upsets me is that why this universe or GOD or any other supreme power does not lead or atleast hint few people to learn these techniques. What about mentally ill people? Do they have the will or courage to get up, do yoga or exercise, meditate, etc? What about poor babies who get murdered or fall from their apartments and break their skull? Me and you have learnt these techniques the hard way (I was diagnosed with Depression, Derealization, Depersonalization, OCD, Hallucinations). Now since I had the will to live, discipline my life, put your techniques into action I am recovering, else the medicines i took just would not let me think anything; forget positive or negative. I also lost my parents at a young age and I am alone but the universe actually showed me a way to recover and be happy again. But what about helpless people who commit suicide? What about blind people who never get to learn these secrets, they cannot read your books nor anyone helps them, they just suffer. On my part i can help few people and tell them these things but there still remains a large amount of people who do not have any source to learn these things. In India here i see mentally ill people who are abandoned by their family, on the roads begging. It is very sad to see them in that condition. Why does the universe not give them a chance to recover and make something of their life? I want to help them but what should i do apart from giving them food which might just satisfy their hunger for a few hours? If i give them a copy of “Megaliving”, they may throw it or probably eat it. We can change the inner world and consequently change the outside world but these mentally ill people whose mind is rotten to the core cannot do it. They are experiencing Hell on earth. How do we help them? Anyone who has a solution to this can post their views or mail me personally ( I will be very grateful.

    Well wisher of humanity.

  17. Lorinda says:

    Whoa, finally a person that understands what they may be speaking about.

  18. Aldo says:

    Hi Mr. Sharma.

    Thanks for free lessons.
    Now, I know how to appreciate life better.
    It was a great time listening to your podcast.

    Good job for spreading it to the world.

    Peace from Indonesia.

  19. jyoti says:

    Hi sir,

    first of all i would like to thank you for sharing wonderful techniques to improve our professional and personal life.Thank to make us love our business and create the passion to pursue our hobbies.few day back i read your book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” i was planning to read this book long ago. It is very good book, i was following some of the techniques which you describe but by reading it i understand the important & power of the same.

    Again thank you very much

    Jyoti Ankola

  20. Mohammed Shafi says:

    Hi Sir,

    Kerala , India
    Its very glad to know that You are one of greatest role models and I also from Training Industry , yeah you can call me ‘new born bay’ in the industry. Its very helpful and very useful , keep going with my heart wishes… may live long . World needs you…
    I wish I could write book like you do … I would like to organize a training program for you here in my place … so please let me know if you are interested or needed any help…. I am very much delighted to help people like you…

    you are beautiful in everything… Gimme a Big Hug..xoxo….

  21. Praveen says:

    Thanks for changing my life. I learned to appriciate life & the art to celebrate it…..
    Best Regards,
    Praveen , Bangalore.

  22. Respected Sir,

    I have read The Greatness Guide, one of the excellent books. I like the way you express innovative ideas. I read that book again and again whenever I want to feel afresh. Its something like swimming in the cold and beautiful ocean. I am grateful to you for whatever you have given to me. Please keep it up.

    Thanks a lot.

    Ashitosh, Mumbai

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  24. anusha says:

    this is a huge contribution to the society…than you :P

  25. Anand says:

    You are my Mentor…………………………!

  26. Abhijeet S. Pattan says:

    Hi Robin –
    Your books , blogs , and podcasts help me to a great extent. At work we are going through a bad phase . I need to quit the job that holds a lot of learning for me – but you help me focus – focus – focus. You help me focus on my objectives.
    Keep up the good work Robin . May you live long so that many more benefit from you .
    Abhijeet – Pune

  27. Veronica Muthee says:

    Hi Robin,

    I am trying to follow you up on twitter, facebook and to read all your books. It is so amazing the way you deliver your messages… with passion, zeal and simplicity. My life is slowly getting transformed, and i can feel it deep down my heart.

    I also gave out your book to my sister… she is making the same confession. Keep up, it is a great service to humankind

    Veronica Muthee

  28. Bindhu Menon says:

    Hi Guru

    Ive been inspired by every article, every blog, every video, every book of Yours, and being a trainer, recommending every student of mine to read your books, to experience what the word complete transformation of inner self means.

    Here at Kerala, India, everyday .. Robin you change thousands of life .. Thank you..

    You keep inspiring us for many more years to come..

  29. Bhanu Pratap Mehra says:

    Hello Sir I would like to Thank You from the Core of My heart for writing such wonderful & life changing books. I have read two of your books “The Monk Who Sold His Ferreri” & ” Megaliving”, and I really Observed that by applying those strategies as mentioned in these two books I have got a Sense of Direction to my life, That I need to live life with excellence. I have really felt the changes that have occurred. And these changes are really wonderful.
    These podcast are very inspiring & emotional, Your Voice directly affects & touches the mind & heart to do live the best life that everyone of us has the potential to live. Thank you very much……

  30. Joseph says:

    Hi Robin,

    Im from Belgium, Ive made you my mentor , Your speeches are very inspiring and helping me look at world through a differently.
    Our lives are very miniscule and we spend most if it worrying about non-productive things.


  31. Brooke says:

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you for sharing your message of wisdom, inspiration and self-knowledge. Your books have lead me back to myself – I’ve literally ‘woken up’. I’m now on a new path in my career and relationships and have mended some fundamental obstacles in my thinking, attitude and approach that have changed me forever. I am so grateful! Your words not only helped guide me – they changed my life. Thank you and your entire team for sharing these principles.


  32. Harsh Vardhan Bajpai says:

    Dear sir,
    m a 20yr ol student frm India…..m preparing for management entrance xams….ur buks hv been most helpful…ur ways r really lyf changing….dey hlp m cope wid d pressures n stress f d prepration n d competion……..once again thnx a ton sir….

  33. Hiii Mr. Robin.

    I LOVE U…..i luv u for gifting this world with ur books. I luv u fr wat u are evangelising. I ve read many of ur books and i intend to read all of them. I cant tell u hw important ur sayings hv been in my journey frm an enthusiastic m.pharm qualified young girl to a depressed patient & thn becoming owner of a company has been. i was so in need of sumbody telling me all tht. And thn i found ur book” discover ur destiny with Monk who sold his ferrari” at such a crucial time whn i needed smthng like tht d most.
    U r a great man Mr. Robin.
    Thank u

  34. HİKMET SAYGIN says:

    Dear Robin,

    I am sending this message from the capital of the ancient world Istanbul (Turkey). I am very glad to say that I read nearly all of your books and I also should say that they are simply excellent. I got what I wanted and started to lead others to behave like a real leader in their lives.

    thank you

  35. Prasad says:

    Dear Robin,

    Thanks a lot for writing so many books on personal as well as professional development topics. It’s really worth reading & inculcating in our daily life. Please forgive me for asking you to make some time to answer my question, which i have been contemplating to ask from last couple of months, in fact I gained the courage to ask after listening to your podcat “Get brilliant in asking”. the question is simple, I want to write a mission statement for my personal life & I want to know what all things & points needs to be taken into account while writing this, in fact how to start writing this. I would be grateful to hear from you on this, as you have been my most inspiring author as well as speaker.


  36. jumana says:

    im 19 years old.ur book ‘the monk who sold his ferrari’ has helped me find the real meaning of life.i want 2 get a job in the future and would like to be in a good position.till my 10th grade i had been hard working and i had got a good grade to get into any college.but during my 11th and 12th year,i wasted time and i developed the habits which is supposed to look cool kinda.and now im doin my engg,and getting rid of those habits hass abandoned me.laziness has dominated i would liike to know any tips or methods which would help me focus on my studies.
    thanking you

  37. sam says:

    Hi Robin ,
    thanks for the spirit .you help everyone read your books or listen to you speech.wonderfull

  38. Magesh says:

    Dear Sharma,

    Wishes from Kanchipuram ,TamilNadu ,India ….

    Your words are really motivating and transforming me each and every day from the day i started reading Monk Who Sold His Ferrari…Now i finished Greatness guide 1 and reading Part 2 now….after reading your books ,big tensions in my life started disappearing …

    Now i look upto Life with lots of Positive thoughts n Hope…

    I am spreading your Word with whomever I Meet…and I am Motivating others also to realize their Potentials….

    Thank You Very much for transforming My life ……

  39. Judy says:

    Hi Sir,

    ” Be a rock star at work ” & “Your Customer buy with their hearts ” these are some of the audios i shared with my team and like me they were all inspired .In behalf of them thank you for touching & changing our life with your blogs, articles , videos , audios and books. Keep up the good work !


  40. Sam says:

    Respected Sharma,

    I thought probably it would be a good idea to make a movie out of monk who sold his ferrari book and reaching out your nice ideas to more people.

    Thank you

    Best Regards

  41. Akash Rode says:

    Dear Mr Robin Sharma ,
    Im a student from India .Im just 16 but your books are helping me a lot to create a life that i will be proud to be lived when i get the last hour of my life there. I have read all your books and heared atleast a dozen podcasts . Your each and every word is full of motivation for me and i thank you for it from my deep heart. Your thoughts are helping me to overcome my negativity and concentrate on my studies .Thanks a lot for motivatin people on this earth and it is actually the need of the day , that one should know about the deepest self potential and you are helping us in realizing it .Keep changing lives ! Thank you ! Keep it up ! Im always with you !

    Akash .

  42. Shweta Nautiyal says:

    I Love you like i Love The Vivekanada.

  43. Dwad says:

    Just finished reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari….AWESOME read, instantly in my top 5, can’t wait to read/listen to more of your material. Thank you!

  44. Avinash says:

    Just listened all podcasts and had a brainstorm.
    Noted down all excellent points,
    and will try to implement for the betterment of life.
    Mr. Sharma you are awesome.
    Waiting for more podcasts.
    Thank you!

  45. Nav says:

    Love the podcast re: run to fear . Will look for the CD. Thanks

  46. Michaela says:

    Whenever I get off track, I return to your books Robin. Have been following for a long time. What I’m still lacking is the consistency in delivering my best. Especially outside of work.
    Hope I will get there through your work soon.
    Enjoy whatever you’re doing right now.

  47. PREM says:

    its highly inspirational to me… each word you say is gem… its great to listen from you…… thanks a lot….. u changed my life….

  48. The things you teach are great. I could implement a few thing you taught and are much valuable techniques. I believe in that I will follow all the rest as well to get maximum benefits. Thank You Mr.Robin for sharing your wisdom with all.

  49. azeem says:

    Its been a privilege read your books, very inspiring you are. Thank you for your contribution to society

  50. Lyne Renee says:

    Dear Robin,

    After the super conference in Toronto I have been creating and living life what such gusto it is so rewarding…
    Thank you for your books,your words,you.

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