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Walk Amongst the Best

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Make your life matter. Be of use. Serve as many people as possible. This is how each of us can shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary and walk amongst the best who ever lived.



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The Respect You Give Others…

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

The Respect You Give To Others...



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Master Your Life and Have Fun Doing It

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Master Your Life2011 is finding its way to completion. Many of us are thinking about the holidays – and joy-filled moments with those we love most. This is also a superb time to carve out some solo time and begin reflecting on what you did well in 2011. And what you need to improve so that the new year is guaranteed to become your absolute best year yet. Please remember: success doesn’t just show up via luck. No, success is the inevitable result of doing a number of specific things, in a consistent way.

So as you reflect+deliberate on+journal your 2011 wins and record your “Opportunities for Improvement” (along with your 2012 Mission+Values and Goals), I invite you to remember the following 6 Insights to Master Your Life:

1. IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU! What I mean by this is that the #1 reason you may not be where you want to be in your career and personal life is who you currently are vs the external conditions you might be blaming. It’s stunning how our limiting beliefs and core fears sabotage us and keep us small. And here’s the thing: because most of them are subconscious, we can’t even see the mess they are creating for us.

The key here is to clean up the self-deception in your life. And take a good hard look at why you are where you are. Is the truth that you’re scared of failure or rejection or the unknown or success? The more aware you become of how you’re the one standing in your own way, the more you’ll move into choice. And have the power to make the new choices that drive new results.

2. YOUR NET WORTH NEVER EXCEEDS YOUR SELF WORTH. We get from life not all we want but who we are. To have more, we must become more. The more you can learn, grow and provoke the highest display of your potential on a daily basis, the more all you want will begin to show up. (How do you start this growth? Journaling, affirmations, reading the books of world-class people, associating with superstars, attending seminars+webinars, listening to inspirational audiobooks etc).

3. FOCUS IS MORE VALUABLE THAN INTELLIGENCE. You’re smart enough to master your life – and play in the big leagues of success. Here’s another thing that may be holding you back: you’re really busy being busy. But what’s the point of being uber-productive doing useless things?

So much of the leadership presentations I delivered across the planet in 2011 for clients like Starbucks and The Coca-Cola Company and KPMG involved showing people how to make the leap from being busy to achieving results. Two quick ways: turn off your technology for a few hours each day and do Real Work. And second, make your Stop Doing List more important than your To Do List.

4. DISRUPT OR BE DISRUPTED. OK, so here’s the reality: the next 20 years will be nothing like the last 20 years. You and your team and your organization can “wait for the up cycle to return”. But I think you’ll be waiting a long time. I don’t think we’re in a down cycle. I think the way the global economy+society currently is, is the new reality. And if you agree with me, there’s only one choice for any one of us: innovate – or become obsolete.

So, to win in 2012, out-think who you were this year and outlearn what you learned and outwork the way you worked. Read constantly. Iterate daily. And ferociously improve every part of the way you think, work and live.

5. SHATTER YOUR STANDARDS. It’s stunning how many people – built to play at wow with their lives – accept mediocrity in their health, finances, work, relationships and mindset (the problem with letting a little mediocrity into your orbit is more starts to creep in until eventually it becomes your new normal).

Right now, I challenge you with my usual respect and affection, to raise your standards. Don’t tolerate any form of average. Don’t accept Dis-excellence. Don’t stand for mediocre. If you’re going to settle, then please settle for the absolute best.

6. HAVE SOME FUN. Life’s a short ride when you really think about it. Yes, do your dreams while you change the world. But do it with a smile. And a festive heart. Make time for life’s simple pleasures (the other day my daughter and I shared Chinese food in the food court of a shopping mall; the laughter and joy we experienced – priceless). Savor life’s gifts. Embrace all that’s good in your life.

And from me to you, and from my family to yours, have a beautiful holiday season and year end. Thanks for all the tremendous support you’ve given me this year. Let’s keep the conversation going on my Facebook page. And – together – make a difference in the world!

Kindest regards,

Robin Sharma

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Rules for The Remarkable

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Rules For The RemarkableOn a train from Lake Como to Rome. Was here to work on my next book. Amid deeply inspirational surroundings. And unforgettably delicious pasta.

Reflecting on what’s most important. For leadership. Business excellence. Human exceptionalism. Quickly wrote out these simple rules. Hope they are of value to you. And I pray you use them to build a better organization/life/world:

1. Give more than you take.

2. Be the most optimistic person you know.

3. Remember that manners matter.

4. If you’re not innovating, you’re on a descent into obsolescence.

5. Your work and personal life reflect your standards and self-worth.

6. Doing your best work is a core secret of sustained happiness. We spend most of our lives at work so why not aim for genius at it?

7. Business is about relationships. And if you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.

8. Every moment in front of a customer is an opportunity to express your most important values. And to make a difference (another of the truths of happiness).

9. See your work as a craft, not just a job. And practice every day.

10. Remember, your physical fitness is directly tied to how successful you are at work.

11. Remember that whether you’re building a business or growing a family, you’re a creative artist.

12. Be the first to greet others vs waiting to be greeted (I learned this one from Nelson Mandela)

13. Use the language of leadership vs the phrases of victims (like “there’s a problem here” or “I have some bad news” or “I’m in trouble” or “this will never work” or “I’m always tired”).

14. Refuse to allow any form of mediocrity into any touchpoint of your life.

15. Enjoy possessions but don’t be owned by them.

16. Remember that blaming others is excusing yourself.

17. The fears you don’t face become your chains. (And every fear you embrace causes growth in your confidence and personal power…my new book “The Secret Letters from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” is all about how to achieve this).

18. A problem’s only a problem if you choose to process it as a problem.

19. Honor excellence.

20. Pursue beauty.

21. Appreciate firefighters, teachers and mothers… the real heroes of this world versus reality show celebrities who make fortunes in their race to the bottom.

22. Inspire your teammates.

23. Work harder than is common.

24. Make today’s work better than yesterday’s.

25. To double your income, triple your rate of learning (and personal growth).

26. Use your life to have an Impact… while you create a gorgeous lifestyle for yourself and those you love.

Keep Leading Without A Title.

Robin Sharma

P.S. For more ideas and insights like this, read “The Leader Who Had No Title

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