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3 Tactics To Build A Great Team

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Build Great Teams1. Do Fun Things Together
Teams come together through “shared bonding experiences”. It’s uber-important to do activities with your team members that allow them to be more of their true selves and connect with each other as human beings. This will directly translate into superior team performance.

2. Praise Publicly, Coach Privately
Smart leaders understand the power of publicly praising excellence in action. So do it often. Coach your teammates as to areas they need to improve in private. So they can save face.

3. Have A Bold Mission To Achieve
People automatically come together when they feel they have some bold mission to achieve. So give your team a clear mountaintop. Some bold goal that will not only evoke the best within them but one that will inspire them to roll up their sleeves and work together to realize the passionate and important objective.

Keep Leading Without A Title.

Robin Sharma

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Radio Star Syndrome and The Death of Great Teams

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Death of great teams

Much of this gift of a day was dedicated to interviews with the media. Some were with national newspapers. Some were with influential thought leaders. And some were with talk radio stars. Which brings me to the deeply valuable leadership skill of keeping it real.

One radio host fascinated me. Before we went live, she was warm, funny and clearly speaking with the voice that was truly hers. “Three……” she counted. And then the transformation appeared. She assumed a personality. She talked like she thought radio people are expected to talk. She sounded artificial. She’d lost her soul.

What makes a great team (and a winning culture) is a bunch of ordinary people who come together, strip away their social masks and devote the best hours of their best days to the building of a bold and breathtaking dream. The choice we all have is to be plastic. Or authentic. May I suggest you don’t let Radio Star Syndrome happen to you.

Keep Leading Without A Title.

Robin Sharma

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How Remarkable Entrepreneurs Build Winning Teams

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Build Winning Teams – 5 Best Practices

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Robin Sharma

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