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The Micro-Wins Advantage

Monday, April 4th, 2011

The Micro-Wins AdvantagePowerful Idea: With every small achievement comes the corresponding release of a small burst energy+confidence+motivation. What I am suggesting is the way to world-class in your work and inside your personal life is not through radical acts of change but via tiny daily wins.

The best Productives and the genuine Virtuosos focus on steady and incremental accomplishments acutely focused in the direction of their most important projects. They get that success happens through evolution – not by revolution. And that micro-wins are the breakfast of champions.

Keep Leading Without A Title!

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The Virtuoso’s Mantra

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Virtuoso's MantraMany of us field 500+ emails a day. There’s more work and less time. Expectations have never been higher. And the pace of change has now been set to revolutionary.

The best performers have a singular ability: they strip away the noise and focus on doing just a couple of things…really really well. Makes me think of Michelangelo’s protocol for delivery masterpieces: he’d see his David in the block of marble. Then he’d cut away at all that was not of his absolute best vision.

Picasso didn’t play the piano. Federer didn’t learn the flute. All Virtuoso’s have a mantra: “I avoid the trivial many so I can master the vital few.”

Keep Leading Without A Title!

Robin Sharma

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