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Youth Leadership Programs

Youth Leadership Camps Canada (YLCC) is celebrating its 18th year in 2010. Over the last 18 years more then 4000 youth from over 20 countries have come to YLCC to experience and grow with us. Young leaders from all over the globe have become part of our family and credit our camp as part of the very foundation that has become them.

In 2004 YLCC found it’s permanent home on the shores of Lake Simcoe, just 60 minutes North of Toronto. 2011 will again see 8 weeks of opportunity to share our skills and knowledge with your children.

Our motto is “Move You to Fly!”. Every staff member of YLCC has dedicated themselves to do just that. To provide each and every camper with tools to succeed. To achieve better results in school, to have more self confidence, to manage their time and set achievable real goals. Our campers truly have a head start on their personal success.

In 2007 YLCC formed an inspiring alliance with Robin Sharma and Sharma Leadership International. Robin is the best selling author of more then 11 international best selling books including “The Greatness Guide” and “The Leader Who Had No Title”. We combine the best that Robin has to offer with our 18 years of proven youth leadership training. What an opportunity for your son or daughter. Too often we here adults say after working with Robin or reading one of his powerful books, “I wish I learned these tools when I was young!”. Now your children can. We offer 10 different programs for young leaders aged 7-18.

Find out why many executives of fortune 500 companies have sent their children to us. Not only do they get to experience a true Canadian summer camp, but they get to surround themselves with the best youth leadership training available today!

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YLCC is a summer camp program designed for youth aged 7-18 only. If you are interested in adult programs please consider our Awakening Best Self (ABS) weekend held each June.


The Programs


Grades 3-4 Minimum age: 7 years old
Length: 7 days

This program is introducing the leadership qualities of creativity, self-confidence and the value of play! A discovery level 1 camper will remember making new friends, trying new things and loving their counselor! From canoeing to bedtime. Leadership Discovery focuses on helping our youngest campers to believe in themselves!

Grades 5-6 Minimum 10 years old
Length: 7 days

This program provides the perfect atmosphere for young people to begin laying the foundations of leadership! Campers will learn the values of teamwork, responsibility and communication. Young campers will remember their time at the lake, on the rock wall, at the camp dance and visits to the craft barn. Leadership lessons are built into each activity! Your child will learn by doing!

Grades 7-8
Length: 7 days

Through kayaking, team “survivor” challenges, high ropes, archery and the very popular zip line, our Junior campers build momentum necessary to continue building self-esteem, confidence, and enthusiasm for leadership! The Junior program offers goal setting, journaling habits and peer mentoring! Plus Junior Campers will graduate from this program gaining insight into peer pressure, responsible decision-making, and defining their own leadership style. This program is an excellent way to prepare campers for their high school days ahead. Many campers will add a second week of Initiative Explorer following this program completion.


Grades 7-8
Length: 14 days

The Explorer program is deigned to train young people to work as a team. Combining adventure, outdoor pursuits and team challenges, leadership skills are discovered! Campers will explore the definition of initiative while out on their one night overnight canoe trip! This program is full of teachable moments. Campers will challenge themselves on high ropes, orienteering, cooking over a fire all the while searching to find what drives them! This one-week program compliments the Alpha Junior program.

Grades 9-10
Length: 14 days

One of the most powerful programs YLCC has to offer, Navigators will discover themselves and their potential. Campers will spend two weeks in the outdoors; each day, tracking their successes and challenges in their personal journals. Their focus is on creating their own personal success statement. Navigators will also embark on three day overnight outtrip. This program is a stepping-stone for our tripping program. The Navigator program empowers campers to leave YLCC having charted their own course. A Navigator will come away from their program proud of who they are and what they have achieved!

Length: 14 days
Grades 10-12 Prerequisite: Navigator program or related tripping experience.

This program is perfect for returning campers yearning for more! Combine the love of the outdoors with a challenging multi-day outtrip in the Muskokas and you have our Outtripping program. This two-week program will put leadership skills to the test, while promoting complete self-sufficiency on a five-day wilderness outtrip. This exciting program is perfect for honing outdoor skills, understanding the impact that individuals make on our environment and working together for success.


Grades 9-10
Length: 14 days

The LIT program has two focuses; one - having fun and two - filling your life toolbox! LIT campers will participate in all traditional camp activities including rock climbing, high ropes, canoeing, leaving their mark and our many electives! Plus each LIT group will volunteer through a series of job training workshops gaining interview, time management and resume building skills. Included in this two-week program are your needed 40 hours of hands-on job experience within our facility. Campers will go away with work experience, a letter of reference, and the tools needed to gain part time employment or enter the volunteer workforce!

Grades 11-12
Length: 14 days

The classic saying if “I knew then what I know now” is the foundation for the Adventurer program. YLCC is prepared to give Adventurer campers the personal development opportunities they need to create their best lives. Through a combination of workshops, time management techniques, dedicated reflection, problem solving, fear facing, life mapping and serious goal setting these campers will set their compass on their next 5 years! This program is perfect for the teen that wants to get a jump-start on success. Put simply, the Adventurer program prepares you for the life you choose to live.

Prerequisites: Must be 17 years old as of July 01 2008.
Length: 29 days

YLCC passes on an undeniable spark to each camper it touches. The CIT program is the highest and most in-depth leadership-training course we offer. CIT's will have the opportunity to pass along that spark to other YLCC campers. The program focuses on developing skills in the areas of time management, goal setting and presentation skills. We prepare the campers for camp counseling, program planning, leadership styles and techniques, as well as participation in classic camp activities. This program is highly recognized for its ability to prepare you for life after high school. Helping CIT's create a real direction and plan! This 29-day session gives campers a small but powerful glimpse into what it takes to be part of the YLCC team and how incredible their future can look!

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