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Parent Testimonials

Jill Jones

Hi Stu,

I hope this email finds you well!

I wanted to write to thank you and the team at YLCC for adding an absolutely amazing experience to my son's life this summer.

As soon as I heard at Robin's Awakening Best Self weekend in June 2007 that there was a youth camp that ran along the same lines as some of Robin's workshops, I was delighted! I had been looking for some input for my 11 year old son, that would help him blossom as he grows into the best he can be, and that would support me as his parent, as I help guide him as best as I can on that journey.

When I first visited the camp, I was struck by the wonderful atmosphere, professionalism and commitment of the staff team I met, and I was extremely impressed by Trish, your Assistant Director, who is am amazing woman! It didn’t take long for me to decide that it was worth finding a way to make a return journey to Canada and bring my son over to experience the camp.

Six weeks later, I was dropping him off inside your gates! I had the inevitable, slight feeling of anxiety that I guess every parent gets to a degree, but also I was really excited about what he was going to experience.

When I came a week later to pick Jack up, I first caught his eye at the 'end of week' ceremony and something in his smile told me all I needed to know - that he was happy, healthy and something in him seemed more 'complete'. To see him go up on the stage and talk a little about 'why he gets up in the morning', was very moving. Of course, I heard all about the camp, the friends he met and the wonderful experiences he had in the hours and days that followed. When I ask him now what was the best thing that happened at YLCC - he always answers the same way....'Everything' and smiles. We are both committed to him coming again next year, and I can see it becoming a regular feature of his summer vacations.

For me personally, the link to Robin Sharma helped with my initial trust in the camp's integrity and approach, but also something greater has come from this connection than I expected. It is interesting that my son now is more open to learning more about the self development I continue with, for example, on a recent long car journey, we listened to 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' on CD and paused it at points to discuss some of the teachings. I am not sure Jack would have been so open to this without his YLCC experience. So in this way, you have helped us knit together in this area of growth and exploration, in a way, which I am not sure, would have been achieved to such a degree without his YLCC experience.

I truly want to thank you and the team at YLCC for the work you all do in running this camp. You have given us an open door into a place where my son can go to explore and develop himself, his dreams and his goals, in an environment where he is supported, encouraged and clearly enlivened.

Another parent asked me on the 'pick up' day “Why come all the way from the UK to a camp in Canada? Surely they have this kind of thing in England?” Well, for me, I am certain that currently they don't, as I have been on the lookout for high caliber self leadership opportunities for my son for some time! I feel very grateful that I have found something that not only was I envisaging in my mind's eye for Jack for a while, but also that he enjoyed it more than I could have hoped! That is a testament to you and your team and all the hard work you undoubtedly put in day after day to create such a special environment.

I would be grateful if you would pass my thanks on to your team, to each and every one if you can - as I am sure many had direct contact with Jack!

And, to end...well, only one thing to say.... we will see you again summer 2008!!

With kindest wishes

Jill Jones


Karen Cohen

August 1, 2007

Dear Stu and Staff,

My Son, Joseph, just finished a week at your camp and I wanted to send you a great BIG Thank You!! Joseph, who is soon going to be 13, has been to many camps but has always been disappointed in them. I found your camp on the web and just love what I read in your brochure. Trish, your camp director, was great at answering my many questions and we felt this camp would be great for Joseph. Joseph was willing to give it a try.

Well, it certainly surpasses our expectations! When Joseph arrived home the first thing he did was to go out and get a journal. He has been writing in it ever day!! And this from a guy who hates to write!! He talks about the 4 -“C's”, the F.L.A.G.S. the W.O.W and the A.C.E.S. I have never seen him so excited - especially about a camp! He seems more focus and determined.

Stu, at your opening ceremony, you said that we would see a difference in our kids but I must admit I had my doubts. What could 1 week really do? But you were right Joseph, who is usually reserved, was talking non-stop!! He has already sets some goals and set a plan in motion.

I would also like to thank Aaron (his counselor) for all his wisdom; Joseph really liked him a lot. Also thank you to Walter, Joseph's bunk counselor for his many, many funny stories, and a thank you to Derek, your Chef. He went out of his way to make sure Joseph was happy with the meals.

Stu, you have a wonderful camp!! Joseph cannot wait to come next year.

Yours truly,

Karen Cohen


Kim Atkinson

August 9, 2007

Dear Stu and everyone at YLCC,

I am sending this message to let you and your camp leaders know what a wonderful experience my son Jacob had there the week of July 15-21. He is still telling people about his holiday with you guys. I am so happy that he had this experience and he will be back for many years to come. I am sure you have received emails like this in the past but we did not want to let this summer go without saying thank you to all of you for such a job well done. Jacob is hoping that you can pass this message onto Jake's counselor Cory, he really enjoyed Cory's company.

Again, thank you so much for giving Jake such a great time. And we will see you next year.

Kim Atkinson


Paul and Marnie Milando

July 31, 2007

Dear Stu, and Trish and of course your amazing staff,

I have to thank you for giving our daughter such an amazing first experience at camp. She loved it, and now her younger sister can't wait to go to. This is pretty amazing considering my husband and I “encouraged” her to try it.

We were so impressed with the presentation that we experienced when we came to get her. I feel like we made a fantastic decision and will be seeing more of you in the future and definitely recommending your camp to others. Thank you so much.

Paul and Marnie Milando



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