The Masters Series: World-Class Private Client Coaching with Robin Sharma

“By any standard of promise versus performance, I am deeply delighted
(with The Masters Series)… Robin has changed my life and given me the tools for
world-class health, rich relationships and the vision to build a billion-dollar business.”

Tim Ciasulli CEO, Planet Honda dealerships and
2 Time World Offshore Powerboat Racing Champion

Robin Sharma is one of the world's most trusted advisors to leaders around the world. Billionaires, famous CEOs and wildly successful entrepreneurs from across North America, Europe and Asia have sought out Robin to help them make quantum leaps in the profits and impact of their business - while transforming their personal lives. Why? Because of his remarkable gift of providing insights, tools and systems that drive real business value and dramatic personal results - especially in times of deep uncertainty.

The Masters Series offers you a rare opportunity to work one-on-one with Robin to create your extraordinary professional and personal life. Over a 15 year period Robin has developed a strikingly powerful executive coaching process while working with top CEOs and organizations like Starbucks, The Coca-Cola Company, FedEx, GE, IBM, Castrol, Unilever, Microsoft, Yale University and NASA. What you'll learn with Robin as your private coach will shatter your past performance levels and take your mindset, productivity leadership and results to a completely new level of world-class.

Each year, a handful of candidates are accepted from around the world to participate in Robin’s high intensity leadership training workshop.

Through The Masters Series elite performance coaching program, you will discover:

  • The personal best practices of the top 1% superstars in business
  • How to lead the field and get to world-class in your professional life
  • A unique process to triple your productivity while taking more time off than ever before
  • Breakthrough insights that will help your business win in hard times
  • An extraordinary system to get more done in a month than most do in a year
  • How to generate greater prosperity and a spectacular financial life
  • Revolutionary tools to develop an elite mindset and the attitude of a leader
  • Powerful strategies to get your health to remarkable levels and have boundless energy
  • Ways to work and live with more joy, meaning and passion
  • A process to balance the demands of work with your family and personal life
  • How to get back to having fun in your life

Investment Range: Starts at $50,000 USD/month

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