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Lead Without a Title: Keynote and Half Day Leadership Seminars


For 20+ years, Robin Sharma has been helping organizations like Nike, Microsoft, Yale University, GE, FedEx and NASA grow leaders at all levels. As a keynote motivational speaker his mission is a simple one: to help people Lead Without a Title and play at their best in all they do. Ranked as one of the Top 5 leadership gurus in the world in an independent global survey of over 22,000 businesspeople, Sharma will help your people perform brilliantly and leave everything they touch better than they find it.

Why Robin Sharma?

  • When Yale University in the United States needed a leadership expert to inspire and train their entire professional staff they chose Robin Sharma.
  • When Unilever in The Netherlands needed a world-class thinker to get their high potential employees to their next level of excellence they chose Robin Sharma.
  • When the Aditya Birla Group, another Fortune 500 company, needed a speaker to share cutting-edge leadership insights with its global executive team in Singapore, they chose Robin Sharma.
  • When The Harvard Business School needed a leadership expert to address its MBA class, they invited Robin Sharma.
  • Robin Sharma brings a proven record of success to help make your next learning event extraordinary.
  • Our proprietary learning solutions and cutting-edge curriculum are customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.
  • Regardless of size or scope our proven methods create real results that take your people and organization to all-new levels of production, innovation and success.
  • We offer a wide range of integrated training and coaching services that incorporate the latest technologies. These include rapidly deployed e-courses, audio downloads, 24/7 online coaching and workshops.
  • This allows SLI to configure "bundles" of services to fit your training needs and technology capabilities over the long term.
  • Our programs deliver sustained results, impact and measurable return on your training investment.

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