The 5 Fastest Ways To Recession-Proof Your Business


Here’s How to Double Your Profits in a Bad Economy.

Protect Your Business Against the Crash That's Coming.

And Actually Grow Sales - While You Have More Fun!



I’ve written this message because you’re awesome…and you deserve to THRIVE in this bad economy rather than suffer. I want to help and have the ideas, tools and strategies that will create some explosive results for you. So this message is all about helping you do one thing: BULLETPROOFING Your Business Against The Mess That’s Coming So That It’s Not Only Strong and Protected - But Profits Actually Accelerate. Oh, and make the world a better place with the fantastic business I'll help you build.


See here’s the thing a lot of us feel in our gut: the economy is about to get a whole lot worse…


Many countries in Europe are drowning in debt. America’s Triple A rating has been downgraded. More job layoffs are coming and unemployment’s soaring. People are actually demonstrating in the streets! Businesses are dropping like flies. People are scared. And my sense is things will be bad for a very long time. Sorry to be less than optimistic about the economy but my candor in this letter will not only help you protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build…it will hopefully save you personally from some of the really painful experiences that many entrepreneurs just like you are about to experience.


Ok. So the threat of a crash is real. Entrepreneurs playing ostrich (head in the sand) are at huge risk. Here’s what the news headlines are saying:


“We're no longer in a crisis. We're heading very close to an emergency situation." Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks


“8 in 10 Think We’re in a Recession.” CNN Poll


“One of the most volatile weeks in market history.” The Financial Times


“Sticky patch…or meltdown?” The Economist


“Harry Dent sees a Great Depression ahead.” Today’s Economy


And get this, a recent report in The Wall Street Journal stated:


“The prolonged economic slump is taking a heavy toll on small businesses with owners reporting sharp declines in profits…In a survey of 1000 small business owners, only 42% said they expect the economy to improve in the next 6 months.”


We both know NONE of this is your fault…




Is the financial crisis destroying your focus (less focus means less work that generates profits for you), reducing your passion and slowly breaking your optimism?


Are the profits you work so hard for shrinking because customers are demanding that you cut your prices?


Are you feeling frustrated because you’re putting in more hours yet feeling like you’re not making much progress?


Do you feel stressed because you’re ‘busy being busy’ yet not able to get any real work done because of all the distractions? (I’ll share a life-changing solution later in this message)


Are you worried about the future a lot of the time because your industry is changing so fast and you can’t keep up?


Are your employees discouraged, un-committed and maybe even downright scared?


Does it bug you that people who you know are not as smart as you are becoming more successful in their businesses?


Oh…and this is a big one…are you not having any fun anymore and feeling being an entrepreneur is just a grind given the global economic crisis and the competitive pressures you face?


“Get ready for the double dip recession. Another round of layoffs is inevitable. 2012 will look really bad,” says highly respected economic thought leader Ravi Batra, author of THE CRASH OF THE MILLENNIUM


NOW, YOU CAN CHOOSE NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ECONOMIC MELTDOWN…and take your future into your own hands


BIG IDEA #1: To have what the top 1% of entrepreneurs have, you have to first discover the profit-driving and business-building strategies that only 1% of businesspeople know. It’s NOT about working harder (working harder at the wrong things just gives you more mediocre results). Makes total sense, right?


BIG IDEA #2: Protect Your Mindset! Most of the financial news is really negative. And if you don’t block it out and focus on doing the few things that will generate profits and successful results, you’ll start the downward spiral into bankruptcy.


BIG IDEA #3: This is THE BEST time in history to be an entrepreneur (or to start your own business and become one). You have the internet, you can outsource work to freelancers, you can connect and serve customers from around the world.


BIG IDEA #4: Would it surprise you to learn that a small group of entrepreneurs are actually using the economic turmoil to ACCELERATE their profits and shift their businesses into HYPER-growth? These Remarkable Entrepreneurs are ordinary people. No smarter than you. Not more talented. Not in easier industries. Not in better locations. They are just applying a step-by-step System that most businesspeople don’t even know exists.




As you may know, I’ve been serving as the private business advisor for a number of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs for over 15 years. With each one, I’ve shared a step-by-step System that has not only multiplied fortunes but shown them EXACTLY how to bullet-proof their businesses so they simply don’t participate in recessions. I’ve also taught them a proven formula to build hyper-growth businesses while they actually work less - and LIVE more (the method’s called the “Mini-Vacation Strategy” and I’m going to teach it to you). Why? Because what’s the point of working as hard as you do if you don’t get to enjoy life with your loved ones and get to experience the lifestyle of your dreams? Isn’t that why you became an entrepreneur? (along with wanting to make the world a better place).


IN JUNE, I SHARED IT ALL…(How To Build a Bulletproof Business That Dominates in Really Tough Times)


This past June, for the first time in my career, I hosted an 2.5 day event only for entrepreneurs (as well as for people who want to become one). It was called The Remarkable Entrepreneur™ SuperConference and the response was INCREDIBLE. People from 26+ countries sold out the event (the retail price per seat was $5000) to learn the proven and step-by-step System that my private coaching clients pay me well over six figures to learn.


I gave the exclusive group of entrepreneurs EVERYTHING I’ve discovered over the past 15+ years about accelerating profits, building a team of unbelievably engaged employees, bulletproofing your business so it grows in good and bad times, creating an iconic brand and a fantastic company - and enjoying the fantastic lifestyle you know you deserve as an entrepreneur. All the ideas, all the hard-hitting tools, all the easy-to-follow formulas, all the templates…EVERYTHING.


Since the event, I’ve been overwhelmed with feedback from participants who used the System and have seen off the chart growth in their profits, more engaged employees than they’ve ever seen, breathtakingly happy/loyal customers and quantum business growth. And this is in a financial crisis.


Oh, and almost every single one of them reported that they are having more fun than they’ve had in many years (even though they are working less; part of what I shared is a little-known productivity secret that allows you to take a full day off every week every 10 weeks yet double the results you achieve).True, not every participant I’ve heard from have been able to take the week off but about 96% of the people who’ve sent me messages have.


And EVERY single person I’ve talked to who invested in the event and who has followed the System I walked them through has seen their profits multiply and their businesses soar…in a bad economy.


Here's What Some of the Lucky Few Who Got Into the Event Are Saying:

“Excellent content and BRILLIANT tools to improve my daily performance and the performance of my business.”

Joe Keenan, Ireland


The value far outweighed the cost of the event.

Fantastic content. Fabulous delivery.”

Shayna Nackoney, Canada


“Content was Exceptional ++++. I am going to triple my net worth.”

Chirag Shah, USA


“I didn’t believe Robin when he said at the beginning that he would deliver 10X the value (of what I paid). He absolutely did!”

Mark Hanf, USA


“I have been through 15 years of schooling and what I learned in these 3 days is the most valuable information by far.”

Britney Reinkensmeyer, USA

So in a time of a lot of bad news, I have some VERY GOOD NEWS for you:







And Double Your Profits in a Bad Economy. Bulletproof Your Business Against the Crash That's Coming. Work Less. And Have More Fun (while your business grows automatically and serves more people)


Since the event, I’ve received countless requests from people who couldn’t get into The SuperConference urging my team and I to build an online home study program based on everything I taught at the event (including all the tools, techniques, formulas and winning moves). And we’ve listened…


I’m thrilled to announce that the entire content of the 2.5 day SuperConference has been painstakingly made into the ULTIMATE “secret weapon” for any entrepreneur who wants to WIN in this bad economy. This 12 week online coaching program is called The Remarkable Entrepreneur’s Profit Acceleration System™ (Limited VIP Edition). When you watch the video sessions with me (they’re actually fun to watch—and you can do so in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want), I’ll inspire you, encourage you, motivate, teach and walk you through:


How to bulletproof your business so you don’t participate in the recession (and discover the quickest way to delete financial worries from your mind so you focus on growing sales and serving customers)

The 11 ultra-powerful strategies to double—even triple—your profits while taking more time off (yes, it’s not only possible but one of the best ways to grow your business…I walk you through how to do it)

The 5 Daily things Remarkable Entrepreneurs do to win new customers and avoid shrinking profits in a bad economy

My proven “Weekly Design Productivity Method” that virtually guarantees you’ll be the most productive person you know (it’s the time management process I personally use every week to get valuable work done vs getting distracted)

The 7 Ways Ordinary Entrepreneurs Sabotage themselves and get beaten up by a bad economy (so you can sidestep them with speed and excellence)

9 Hard-Hitting Tactics to Build an Inspired Team and a Culture where people execute your vision nearly-flawlessly

8 Wealth Lessons from SuperRich people I’ve worked with including how to set up “The 5 Funds of Wealth” and the meaning of “Sales are insanity. Profit is reality.”

Why taking a day off every week is the best tactic to grow your business and the concept of “Distributed Retirements” so that you vacation more in the next 12 months than over the past 10 years

Exactly what to do in an economic slump to avoid having to lower your prices and accelerate sales - fast!

A secret I learned from a billionaire in Asia over dinner to double your net worth


Ready to Double Your Profits in a Bad Economy, Work Less. And Have More Fun (while your business grows automatically and serves more people—and makes the world a better place)?



Remember, the retail price for a single seat at my event where I taught my complete System to grow a business that's dominant in your industry was $5000. But…


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Today’s your day. So take control of your future and flip the switch so that you actually use the bad economy to accelerate your profits and create a phenomenal business.


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8 Video Modules of Robin's famous Lead Without a Title Workshop that explains exactly how to build a great company, do world-class work so your career really flies, and have a life that is nothing less than exceptional. You and your entire team can watch to get the same results that the best businesspeople and companies in the world have got from Robin's strategies and ideas.




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The Grow The Leader Team Training MasterCourse (top organizations like NASA and Wyeth invested $5000+ to get access to this very video training program that shows you how to have a team of champions who do world-class work and wow your customers.





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You’re already enjoying more sales and profits than you’ve ever dreamed of

You’ve already discovered how to recession-proof your business so it grows in both good times and hard times

You’ve learned the formula for automating your business so it makes money while you are on vacation

You’re already living a gorgeous lifestyle with regular vacations with the people you love, doing the things you love to do


WHY IS The Remarkable Entrepreneur Profit Acceleration System™ Different from other programs available?


Proven and tested over 15 years with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Designed to not only create massive results but is entertaining and fun.

It’s not just fluff. Yes, this online program will inspire you and motivate you and help you shift your mindset completely so you think bigger than you’ve ever thought (and believe in your talents and gifts as never before). But it’s also PACKED with hard-hitting tactics that you can immediately apply to make quantum leaps in your profits, bullet-proof your business and work less.

“By any standard I am deeply delighted with Robin's coaching. He has changed my life and given me the tools to build a billion-dollar business.”

Tim Ciasulli, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner



This really is the single best time in history to be an entrepreneur and to unleash the potential of your business. The people who are winning in this economy and living the life of their dreams are no smarter than you. They are not in easier industries. They don’t work any harder than you (they actually work a lot less). No, these are ordinary entrepreneurs who have learned the mindsets, techniques and tactics that I walk you through in The Remarkable Entrepreneur Profit Acceleration System™ so that the results they’ve always wanted happen automatically. Remember, doing the things you’ve always done will give you the results you’ve always received.


From now until MIDNIGHT THIS THURSDAY (OCTOBER 27th), FOR 48 HOURS, Only $1997.


Be Remarkable!


Robin Sharma


P.S. This really is THE BEST PRODUCT I’ve ever released in the 15+ years I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and you really should secure one of the limited membership spots I’m making available to our worldwide community of 300,000+ people right now before they’re sold out.



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