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The Energy Explosion Digital Bundle

Discover the secrets to high energy, focus and elite productivity.
(Your Chance To Save Over 25%)

Make the most of your Summertime with this digital bundle which includes three top audio programs that will completely change your life.

What's Included In the Energy Explosion Digital Bundle*:

Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 1
($19.95 Value)

Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 1 is a cutting-edge guided meditation program from Robin Sharma. You will discover methods to slow your mind, have amazing focus and clarity and operate at the highest level possible. Not only professionally but personally as well.

You will be lead through 3 visualizations that will

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase productivity
  • Allow you to maintain composure when facing all of life’s challenges.

Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 2
($19.95 Value)

In Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 2 Robin shares three new visualizations that will:

  • Allow you to experience high-performance days filled with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Help you achieve greater levels of happiness and joy
  • Guide you through creating your ideal day

The Energy Explosion
($26.95 Value)

In 14 days, if you follow the 5 Elements of The Energy Explosion System the amount of energy you will bring to your days will astonish you.

You will learn:

  • The six daily practices of highly productive people
  • The strategy that great athletes use to ensure optimal game-day energy
  • Over 30 specific techniques and tools that you can use right away
  • The Fitness Program that Robin uses to stay healthy and manage a grueling schedule
  • The eating plan that improves your income
  • The special day that doubles your personal productivity

It's Like Getting One Audio Program For FREE!

This is your chance to take your energy and life to a completely new level. Seize the opportunity to pick-up these three fantastic audio programs at this amazing price. Buy the Energy Explosion Digital Bundle and you save $19.95 and can instantly download these valuable resources.

* All products mentioned are digital downloads




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