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2012 Can Be Your Absolute Best Year Yet.

Here's the easiest way to do it...



Sold Out!OK. You're excited about the promise that this time of the year brings. You're hopeful about new opportunities, more happiness (and less worry), peak health, a whole new level of prosperity along with a life that is truly fulfilling.


But just so you know what you're up against, here's what the scientific facts say:

Here's my point: The reality is that unless you take new actions and make new moves you'll end up with last year's results. And end up being really busy being busy versus using the gift of a fresh 12 months to design - and then live - a life that you truly love.


But it doesn't have to be that way...


This CAN be your absolute best year yet. The year that you do more, unleash more and become more. Whether it's worrying less, being more confident, becoming happier, making a lot more money, having a dramatically bigger impact in the world, finding that dream job, starting a business, spending more time with loved ones or finally having optimal-health, this can be the year that you change the game!


The #1 Secret of UBER-Successful People


What do the best of the best all have common in regards to creating stunning success in their lives? They've all had coaches as well as followed systems to get them to where they want to be (you'll never get to your best trying to do it alone). Just think of sports superstars - they all had coaches that helped them win.


And with this support they've:

Successful people take that feeling of hope that we all give ourselves permission to feel at this time of the year and do something about it. They are people of action versus victims of excuses.


Learn Exactly How To Make 2012 An Awesome Year With My Proven Blueprint


"Your Absolute Best Year Yet" is my 4 week online coaching program that I've carefully developed based on the curriculum from The Inner Circle (a premium year-long group mastercourse that I offered to my clients around the world via the internet at $12,000) that will help you be, do and have so much more. To help you make 2012 your best year yet, for a very short time, I'm offering you this proven process to unleash your best life for a fraction of the original cost. (Keep reading - you'll be blown away by the price I'm offering this world-class coaching program at.)


You're Just 4 Weeks Away From...


My team and I have concentrated the content, processes and tactics that I shared with my Inner Circle clients into a mind-blowingly powerful 4 week online coaching program. You're just 4 weeks away from:

It's Time To Beat Procrastination, Conquer Fear and Take Your Life To The Next Level


Peak performers understand that the best investment you will ever make is an investment in your own personal development. And it's time for you to start living an awesomely great life! You deserve to be happy, confident and feel fulfilled in all that you do.



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We've included 18 powerful bonus audio coaching sessions to this program. You will learn exactly what the super-rich/best performers/happiest human beings are doing in their private lives as well as professional lives to generate their rare-air results.


Teleseminar Recordings You Receive:

01) Your Game Changing Moves (Teleseminar)

02) The Fundamentals of Peak Performance (Teleseminar)

03) The 8 Forms of Wealth (Teleseminar)

04) The 5 Dangers of Success (Teleseminar)

05) Reading From Robins New Book (Teleseminar)

06) Time Tactics of the Best Leaders Without A Title (Teleseminar)

07) The Genius Workshop (Teleseminar)

08) 4 Barriers To Learning (Teleseminar)

09) 5 Balance Points of Leadership (Teleseminar)

10) The Habits of Wealthy People (Teleseminar)

11) Visualization (Teleseminar)

12) Interview With Darren Hardy (Teleseminar)

13) Interview with Chris Guillebeau (Teleseminar)

14) 10 Keys to Genius Level Leadership (Teleseminar)

15) Interview with Robert Herjavec (Teleseminar)

16) Key Principles + Town Hall Meeting (Teleseminar)

17) Interview with Robert Tucker (Teleseminar)

18) Wrap-Up (Teleseminar)


These 18 bonus teleseminar recordings have a $995 value. But when you act now you'll get them all absolutely free. You will love these content rich audio sessions. They will help you turn your downtime into rich opportunities to grow and become a superstar in everything that you do.



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Here's What You'll Discover in



SESSION 1: Learned Fearlessness

Your life is a rich opportunity. This session is all about how you can reconnect with your true nature. Being a world-class human being is about stripping away everything that is covering up your best self.


SESSION 2: 5 Elements of the Genius Code

This session is all about being exceptional. We'll go into the emerging science of exceptional performance. You'll learn the secrets of what the best-of-the-best do to achieve stunning results in their lives.


SESSION 3: The Best Things I've Learned From Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet is a revered leader and one of the richest men in the world. In this session I'll share with you the 13 secrets I've learned from Warren Buffet to help you craft a world-class life.


SESSION 4: The 5 Elements of Leading Without A Title

Leadership is about influence and impact. In this session I'll share with you how to bring the Lead Without A Title philosophy into your life.


SESSION 5: Personal Productivity & Time Tactics of the Best Leaders

Time is the stuff of life. The most interesting and successful people in the world all have the same amount of time as you and I. This session is all about learning how to use your time effectively. You'll discover the time tactics of the best and most productive people in the world and how to leverage and manage the time that you have more effectively.


SESSION 6: Peak Productivity Secrets of the World's Best CEO's

We're living in the age of dramatic distraction. So many of us are busy being busy and not really doing what it takes to push the needle forward. This session is all about cutting through the noise so that you can focus on the few things that truly matter.


SESSION 7: Lessons From Old People

Leadership and success is simple. It's not easy - but it's simple. It takes discipline and consistency around fundamental truths executed daily to be living your best life. In this session you'll discover the fundamental truths of living a great life.


SESSION 8: Lessons to Learn Before You Die

This session is all about life. What's the point of getting to the last hour of your last day only to realize then what was most important to you. In this video you'll go through a series of exercises that will help you to discover what matters most for you to create a stunningly great life.


SESSION 9: Final Ideas

This final session will bring it all together for you. I'll be sharing the things that have really worked well in my life to be productive, block out the noise and get things done. It's like having a virtual toolbox for leadership, peak performance, genius level creativity and living an exceptional life.




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We're living in very interesting times right now. There's tremendous disruption happening. But within all the chaos is the opportunity for you to unleash your greatness and live the life of your dreams. Seize this moment to take your life to the next level.


Here's to your best year yet!





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