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Robin Sharma Work and life now move faster than ever before. We live in The Age of Dramatic Distraction with emails and text messages and cell phones and Facebook notifications screaming for our attention. All this time spent on unimportant - but seemingly urgent - things are draining your energy, costing you money and ruining your peace of mind. Oh, it's all messing up your health too.

I've been deep into the extraordinary research being done on what all this complexity is doing to the way our brains work and our ability to achieve real and meaningful goals. Bottom line: most people are wasting the most valuable days of their lives on being busy being busy. And actively rewiring their neurocircuits so that "partial attention disorder" is their new way of being.

According to the research, on an average day the average person at work:

  • Is spending 2.1 hours in distraction

  • Is interrupted every 11 minutes

  • Takes 25 minutes to refocus their mind back on the project they were working on before they we distracted
Your Productivity Unleashed

And that's not all....

We get home and feel even more stretched. Our so called smart phones beg for us to dabble with them, there are a million "shiny but trivial" things to do online (our best hours devoted to Angry Birds?) and our televisions offer 1000 choices of mind-numbing candy.

What happened to a simple family meal? Where did real conversations with awesome people go? And what about time for yourself - to renew, relax and have some real fun after a long day? (life wasn't meant to be lived like this).

Let's make today the first day of your best life. Unfocused, overworked and exhausted doesn't have to be the way you live anymore.....

For the past 15 years I've been blessed to help iconic entrepreneurs, famous rock stars and elite athletes clean out all the noise and distractions from their busy lives so that they become staggeringly focused on the few goals that are most essential to them. Even more importantly, I've shown them a proven set of tactics, daily practices and winning moves that have given them the results they'd never been able to reach before (let's face it, if you're not getting the results you've been trying to get for years, you're never going to experience them unless you get an expert to show you a better way. That's why every superstar - every single one - invests in a coach).

My clients have specifically discovered:

  • How to get more done in 7 days than most people get done in 3 months (the basics to start with include blocking out the first 90 minutes of your day to focus completely on your single best opportunity, "firing yourself" from the low-value activities that you don't even know you're doing, creating "war rooms" where you go to get away from the noise and do genius level work, modelling Olympic athletes by alternating work with recovery periods through your days, building a Dream Team who support your goals and learning how to schedule like a pro versus an amateur. I want to teach you all of this as well as the advanced tactics that I share with my private coaching clients)

  • Robin Sharma and Richard Branson
  • How people like Richard Branson, Madonna and Stephen King awaken almost superhuman levels of energy so they get breakthrough results (your natural state is abundant energy and stunning stamina. But all the stress + noise + friction of daily life + distractions have blocked the energy of most people. And even if you have the best vision and goals and gifts, nothing happens without the energy to execute on your opportunities)

  • A complete system to set up your weeks for a ridiculous amount of productivity around the things that matter while taking a full day off every week (with no smart phone) to refuel and have fun. It's called The Weekly Design System and involves "strategic time blocking" so that you begin to work in time chunks of uninterrupted time and bullet-proof your focus.

  • How to set up their work routines and home lives so that it's nearly impossible to be distracted (hint: mess grows stress + your physical environments determine your professional performance)

  • The 5 simple things to do during the first 60 minutes of your day to build the mental focus of a warrior as well as exceptional physical stamina so that you confidently blow through your To Do List like never before (do these and world-class output is guaranteed because you actually pour neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin into your system which boosts focus and positivity)

  • How to be a superstar at work yet balance that with an awesome family life you will feel proud of (do you really want to get to the end of your career and reach Mozart level but be flooded with the guilt of having never spent "perfect moments" with those you love?)

I've been asked to offer a world-class productivity program from people around the world for many years. And now, it's time. I'm finally ready to give you the same advice, insights, tactics and protocols that my coaching clients have paid me six-figure fees to learn in an easy to use and super-energizing online training program for rapid results.

Your Productivity Unleashed: Beat Procrastination. Destroy Distractions. Get Big Things Done.

Welcome to YOUR PRODUCTIVITY UNLEASHED™, my new 4 video online training program that will show you how to take back control of your time and your life.

Based on cutting-edge scientific research on peak performance as well as emerging information on how the best athletes, business titans and creative geniuses achieve all they achieve as well as all my experience with the best of the best "in the trenches", in the four videos I'll walk you through a complete productivity system and my advanced time-tactics that will transform the results you see.


Here's the deal: this world is absolutely filled with opportunity (choose not to participate in the messy economy). All the money you want is out there. And all the success you deserve is just waiting for you to claim it. What's holding you back is not all the excuses and outer conditions you may be blaming. What's holding you back is your mindset and your fears and all the invisible blocks that prevent you from unleashing your productivity. So in this video module, you'll learn why you know what to do yet never seem to do it. You'll learn about how to un-sabotage yourself. Far more importantly, you'll understand the steps you can quickly take to dissolve this self-sabotage so that you destroy procrastination once and for all. Imagine a "procrastination-free" life.


Ok. So now you know the real reason you distract yourself and sabotage your results. And you're already blowing through those blocks after watching video 1. Now in Video 2, I share a series of explosively powerful productivity practices that you can run every day to double your productivity. And become the single most productive person you know (this is my main goal in the program for you). These truly are advanced tactics. The ones used by the pros, not the amateurs. Learn these and fasten your seat belts. You'll get more done in a day than you've ever done. And still have time for exercise, loved ones and even time to be alone so you stay strong and energized. I can't wait to teach these strategies to you. Please share them with your team, your friends and your family - especially to your kids ( I wish I learned how to do these things when I was 16).


In this video, I pull back the curtain and deeply coach you on the precise steps to take each day - from the moment you wake up until you're ready to sleep - that I've shared with the billionaires who've waited in line to get into my one on one coaching program. I'll also share the 22 master-moves that will help you work smarter, not harder, so that this year is the best year of your life financially, physically and personally.


This final video not only pulls my entire productivity system together so you "lock and load" for massive results within 7-10 days. It also takes you through the daily routines, personal structures and quirky habits of famous people who changed the world through their work and lives (remember: if you keep doing what most people do, you're certain to get the mediocre results that most people get. And to have what only 5% of the population has, you must learn to do the things only 5% of the population does).

Get Instant Access To Your Productivity Unleashed Right Now

The early testers of this new program reported vast improvements in their focus, effectiveness and overall productivity. Actually, it all works so well I suggest some days you don't do everything you'll learn just so you give your new superhuman way of performing a little reward.

Most of my online programs cost $997 (I know what I offer is game changing and value my work enough to charge what it's worth). I've been encouraged to offer YOUR PRODUCTIVITY UNLEASHED™ for even more given the power of the information and specific tactics that clients have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars for me to share with them as their personal coach. But because many of you have been sending me messages asking me for a more "budget friendly" program that will work fast and yet deliver serious results, I'm going to take a leap and offer this new online training program to you FOR ONLY $297 so you take back control of your life and do amazing things with your time (so we all make the world a better place by expressing the gifts we were born to share).

So, to thank you for being a much-valued member of my community, you'll get the complete Your Productivity Unleashed™ online training program (as well as all the bonuses I mention below) for only $297.

I've never offered so much value at such a "budget-friendly" price. But too many people are losing too much of their valuable time so I wanted to do something really special for you right now.

Love Your Productivity Unleashed or I'll Give You Your Money Back - Zero Questions Asked

You get 30 days to go through the life-changing insights, strategies and advanced tactics I share in Your Productivity Unleashed™, so you take complete control of your time again. If at any moment during that month you feel that this program isn't serving your needs I'll refund the money that you invested 100%.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Access Your Productivity Unleashed?

You will have immediate access to the online training center. All of the program materials will be available to you so you can start learning how to control your time right away.

How Long Do I Have Access To The Videos?

Your access to the program is a one-time investment but you will be able to refer to the material for the lifetime of the site.

Can I Watch The Videos On My iPad?

Yes. All of the videos and audios are streamed online and can be enjoyed on your iPad.

What If I Have More Questions?

We'd love to answer them. You can email: or call 1.416.962.7900 to speak to a real human being (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

Robin Sharma "This program is truly a game-changer. And I'm offering it at one of the most budget-friendly prices yet. Unleashing your productivity will not only give you a whole new level of achievement and success - it will also help you express your genius so you make a massive difference in all that you do. So join me and destroy distractions, beat procrastination and get big things done. Fast."
Robin Sharma
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Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma, Founder, Sharma Leadership International Inc., Elite Performance Advisor

P.S. Time is life. And life's just too short to waste it on being busy on things that don't matter. I invite you - right now - to take your power back and grab massive control of your productivity. This is your day. Seize it! Invest in Your Productivity Unleashed™ at only $297 right now!