You may find it odd that a teacher of Leadership and Elite-Performance in business is speaking of self-love. Yet it’s only once you learn to love yourself that you can love your visions and love your craft and give your heart to the development of your team and operate in full on service to your clients—and in the hot chase of a better world. 

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Self-forgive. We are so hard on ourselves. Ultimately, life is a very short ride. If you make a mistake, if you stumble, to err is human to forgive is divine. Learn how to forgive yourself. No one's perfect, we all make mistakes. Learning to self-forgive, learning to say, "I made this mistake maybe in the past, maybe yesterday, maybe today, but I'll learn from it".

We all make mistakes. Every single person does the best that we can do based on where we are on our life's journey. And, "as you know better, you can do better," to use the words of Maya Angelou.

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