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It's very easy to run the same morning routine. It's very easy to run the same daily rituals. It's very easy to show up every day and start mailing it in versus bringing it on. The most exceptional and influential people on the planet are always feeding their craft. They are always tearing down their winning formula so they can build something better. Even personally, remember, you must experience ongoing crucifixions to engage in ongoing resurrections.What do I mean by that? It's well, the journey to world's world-class, the journey to maximizing who you truly are, it's a series of little deaths, isn't it? You must let go of who you were yesterday or last year so your next level of you can see the light of day. So you always want to be feeding your craft so you get better every single day. You want to make those micro wins in your craft. You want to learn something new. You want to get new influences. You want to optimize the way that you work, so that you're always bringing greater value to your marketplace.

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