I’m in a reflective mood and have been deconstructing what makes great leaders great and good humans strong.

As part of my process, I’ve been considering the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from life.

In the spirit of service and encouraging you to operate at your absolute best as we navigate the pandemic, I wanted to share 16 of them.

So here you go:

#1. Excellent things happen to people who do excellent things.

#2. Morning exercise is a game-changer.

#3. The things that are hardest to do are the things that are generally the wisest to do.

#4. Words can help others grow. Or hurt people’s hearts.

#5. Creativity shines brightest when we are alone. Make time for silence, stillness and solitude.

#6. Education is inoculation against disruption. Read for an hour each day to protect your hope, refine your craft and grow your knowledge.

#7. The fears you don’t face become your walls. And doubts are destroyed by strong action.

#8. What hurts us can help us. Leverage hardship to reclaim your natural heroism.

#9. Cheap costs more.

#10. The game of leadership is helpfulness.

#11. Mastery takes massive practice, unrelenting patience and vast devotion. It’s a very difficult obsession. And one of the best commitments you can make.

#12. An amazing family life sets you up for a glorious business life.

#13. Keep your promises. Never lie. Outwork your peers. Deliver beautiful value. People watch what you do. Even if you think they don’t.

#14. You can’t inspire others if you are uninspired. Actively work to keep your enthusiasm and inner fire high. Be with art. Go to conferences. Travel. Explore.

#15. Life can change in a day. Savor the blessings of this moment. Even if you’re going through a trial, you still have much to be grateful for.

#16. Start your day well. Rising with the sun to prepare your self and calibrate the tone for a superb day is a move of the masters. It really will change your performance and life if you do it daily.

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