You have such artistry in you.

A great sadness of life is how we forget all—and who—we truly are.

Our world brainwashes the brilliance [and innocence] out of us and heartwashes our primal joy, wonder and love away from us.

The main call of a soaring life is to return. return to full intimacy of our native genius. return to an existence much more interested in growth than gain. return to a way of being where creativity, freedom and helpfulness to humanity is the fire that fills our souls.

It’s a quiet Sunday morning as I write this message to you. The latest Coldplay album plays and the springtime sun paints inspiring hues across a welcoming horizon.

My life is far from perfect. Yet, today is magic.

I read a book... one that often brings me wisdom, comfort and truth when my life gets too noisy for my artistic leanings...

In the silence of the moment, I count my blessings. I send a prayer of thankfulness. And I gently reflect.

I thought it may be helpful as you rise into your grandest leadership and finest life for me to record some of the lessons I’ve learned about what’s most important.

And so, with much sincerity and great faith in your potential for legendary, I offer you these....

1. Learn to forgive those who have hurt you. Everyone is doing the best they can, based on where they are at on their human journey.

2. Stop holding on to that which doesn’t serve you. You can’t enter your terrifically bright future held down by experiences, habits and beliefs that keep you chained in the past.

3. Doing creative work that fills you with joy is a gorgeous route to happiness. And don’t do it for the fame, fortune and applause it will bring you. Those never last. Do it for the stains it removes from your soul. And for the people who will be blessed by your genius.

4. Supreme health is true wealth.

5. You can’t give what you don’t have. Make time each morning, before the sun rises, to fuel your mind and fill your heart. Empty people don’t make inspirational heroes.

6. Keep a journal. I’ve been recommending this daily ritual for 24 years as it’s been transformative in my own healing, growth and evolution. Write of your joys, celebrate your wins, process through your pain and clarify your hopes on the crisp white pages that will record a life well-lived.

7. Spend some time alone each day. Solitude deepens you. As I wrote in my latest book The 5AM Club: “Tranquility is the new luxury.” And the period before dawn is where wisdom is made. Be a heavyweight on the planet. We need more of them.

8. Make the time to develop an excellent family life. Work on your relationship with your partner. Intentionally create perfect moments with your children. Cherish your parents. Appreciate your friends. No point in becoming revered and powerful but being all alone.

9. Take creative walks regularly. I’ve gone on a nature walk [or mountain bike ride] most days of my adult life. When I travel, I walk the city. Many of my best ideas and most valuable insights have come from walking.

10. Remember that few things are as valuable as the gift of a good name. Do nothing to dirty it.

11. Avoid toxic people. They cost you your joy, productivity—and peace of mind.

12. Trust the quiet whispers of your heart more than the loud chattering of your head. They somehow know where you’re meant to be.

13. Consistency is the mother of mastery and persistency is how you get to legendary.

14. Civility, enthusiasm and kindness are the traits of greatness. In our society today, many think these character values don’t matter. I suggest they do. Good manners and being punctual, optimism and positivity and compassion and decency will not only raise the spirits of all you meet, they will help you fall in love with yourself.

15. In hard times, grow. In glorious times, enjoy. Life is a series of seasons. No one gets only the summers. I sure haven’t.

16. Tread lightly on the earth. It hurts my heart to see empty coffee cups thrown into a pristine forest. It disappoints me to walk into an elevator and see garbage strewn on the floor. It makes me unhappy when a motorist rolls down their window and throws trash into a clean street. May we each honor the gifts Mother Earth has given us.

17. Read for an hour a day. It’ll give you a gargantuan competitive advantage in this world of cyber zombies.

18. Study my latest book The 5AM Club. I wouldn’t recommend that you do this unless I genuinely felt it would deepen your power, significantly upgrade your performance and irrevocably revolutionize your life. Yet, please remember that the book won’t work if you don’t do any work on what you learn. And nothing will change if you don’t believe you can change. Excuses are such brutal thieves, aren’t they? Release them.

19. The fears you don’t face become your walls. Go to what makes you feel uncomfortable for there your next-level lives.

20. Eat less food. Get more done.

21. Even when people disappoint you and life hurts you, keep your heart open. This is how heroes roll.

22. Keep the shortness [and unpredictability] of human life close to your daily perception. Don’t postpone the mastery you can show, the goodness you can stand for and the love that you can deliver.

I wish you only excellence, greatness and days filled with pure magic.

And to do something extremely special for you to help you thrive in this hard time...

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Hope all this helps.

Stand strong and be of good courage.

Love + Respect,


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