It’s a worthwhile question to meditate, journal and reflect upon. What would you do if you only had a day left on the planet?

...who would you forgive? And what would you say to them? would you treat your family and your colleagues and strangers passing on the street?

...what words would you speak to yourself and in what ways would you treat yourself?

...which books would you review, what movie would you watch and what would your final meal consist of?

If you had just 24 hours remaining...

...what advice would you share with your loved ones?

...what video might you make to inspire other people?

...what flowers might you purchase and which gifts might you buy and what causes might you help.

Twenty-two years ago I wrote a book called Who Will Cry When You Die?

...that’s another point worth playing with. Who will cry when you pass? And what words do you hope those you interacted with will use to describe your life?

...glorious, bold, honest and creative.


...average, small, timid and terrified.

You see, the reality is that you’re going to live a very long time. Yet what’s the point of living for many many more years yet doing the wrong things (according to YOUR understanding of success).

By connecting with your end, you can live fully, truly and wonderfully today. And this would be a great move for you.


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I worked super hard to put fresh and uncommonly powerful ideas and techniques into the training system and ensure the whole thing was recorded beautifully and structured optimally for peak adult learning.

Kindly note:

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Hope this helps you very much. Thank you for your faith in my work.

Love + respect,


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