I promised you I’d be sending you a series of high-impact + behavior-shifting videos and posts over the first weeks of 2017 to help you get some quick and genuine breakthroughs in the important arenas of your life.

In about a week, I’ll be releasing my first new adventure video [fully loaded with powerful lessons for exceptional success + fulfillment] in over a year.

It will blow your mind [and includes a segment of me sharing the elements of a heroic life while standing in Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island].

Today’s video is an absolute must-watch if you want to discover the 3 habits that will guarantee that 2017 will be the year of your biggest bravery, highest productivity, greatest prosperity and deepest joy.

Go ahead and definitely watch this now before it comes down.


Play: Unleash Your Greatness

Why is it so extremely important that you learn the insights and wire in the new moves of SuperProducers and world-builders early on in this new year?

–Because the way you show up over the first 90 days sets the tone for how 2017 will unfold.

–Because a strong beginning creates the momentum for a legendary ending.

–Because seemingly small initial victories when done consistently over weeks deliver empires of mastery over months.

And so, give your finest self the gift of some real personal development by watching this valuable video I’ve handcrafted for you.

Winning starts with beginning. A few smart new moves practiced today will light a fire that endures [if you protect and maintain it].

You have what it takes to become an exceptional performer. You are strong enough to make the changes I know you wish to make. No need to make excuses anymore.

Today we start you on your road to a remarkable life.

You owe it to yourself to rise to great. You have a responsibility to your loved ones–and our world–to ascend to your best.

With love + respect,


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