What interesting times we live in.

I believe that life will never return to the way it was in early 2020. This doesn’t mean that conditions won’t improve and that a brighter future isn’t ahead.

All I’m suggesting is that the world as we knew it isn’t coming back.

With all the uncertainty and troubles on our tiny planet, I wanted to create this piece for you with some of the primary rules for remaining positive in a pandemic.

Rule #1: Avoid News Addiction

The job of the news is to terrify you. Studies have shown that people who watch the news are actually less realistic than possibilitarians because they get a skewed version of reality.

Yes, it’s smart to check in every few days or so on what’s happening so you can protect your family and pivot in your business.

But spending hours each day watching events you cannot control is toxic. And causes you to miss out on the opportunity that this time of exponential quietude presents to do monumental work that moves the world higher.

Rule #2: Install a Victory Hour

The first hour of your day has an outsized effect on the positivity of the hours that follow. Own your mornings and you win your days, right?

I encourage you to start with sweaty exercise and then include some time for prayer, meditation, journaling and reading.

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Rule #3: Keep Perspective

Plagues have happened before. Human beings made it through them and often used the hardship to breed innovation that upgraded society.

This too shall pass. You can leverage the challenges to remake your heroism, increase your creativity and build an even better life for yourself and those you love.

“Never waste a crisis,” advised Winston Churchill.

Rule #4: Be a Giver

Losing yourself in the service of others is a beautiful formula for becoming happier as we navigate the pandemic.

Find a crusade. Detect a mighty mission that will consume you, taking your mind and heart off of the messiness that’s all around us.

To lead is to serve. And to help is to prosper.

Rule #5: Practice Positivity Rituals

Taking an epsom salt bath in the evening or investing in a few flowers for your dinner table or having a family meal to appreciate all you have are examples of ceremonies that will scale your enthusiasm in hard times.

We have more power to shape our lives than we know. And exercising this majestic force not only raises our own lives, it serves as an inspirational example for all around us.

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Love + respect,


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