1. Believe in your vision and gifts when no one else believes in your vision and gifts. Self-confidence is the DNA of industry dominance. And global eminence. 

2. Start your day with 20 minutes of exercise. This is a GCA [Gargantuan Competitive Advantage] as your brain will release BDNF so you bulletproof your neurons, dopamine so you feel x100 more inspired, norepinephrine so you perform better and serotonin so you feel more joyful—and peaceful. 

3. In a world with so much toxicity, be the kindest person you know. 

4. Remember that until your vision becomes your obsession your mission will never grow into a movement. 

5. Be a celebrator of other’s talents versus a critic. Haters never win. 

6. Stop watching TV in 2018 and definitely delete the news from your days. Instead, invest your time and resources into your pro and personal growth. Because as you become better at your craft and more exceptional as a person, you become indispensable to your industry and society. 

7. Be the rare-air performer who does the project no one else will do. Going to the fiery edges of your largest limits expands them. [Greatness lives outside of your Safe Harbor of The Known]. 

8. Remember that your nutrition affects your mood plus your production so eat like an elite athlete. In 2018, really calibrate your eating plan. [Peak vitality is essential for legendary]. 

9. Spend an hour a day without stimulation [no phone + no social + no people]. Get to know, develop and love your self. 

10. Release the energy vampires and dream destroyers from your life. They are sucking away your genius. 

11. Write in a journal every morning. And record gratitude every night. 

12. Start doing projects that scare you and embracing the pursuits that terrify you. Where your fear lives is where your transformation lies. 

13. Make the choice to let go of your past. It’s dusty history. And polluting your future. It all happened for a reason. To get you to here. So you make 2018 YOUR year. 

14. Trust and know that hard work beats talent, every day of the week. 

15. Smile more [and tell your face]. 

16. Do a collage filled with images of your ideal life. Look at it once a day for focus and inspiration. 

17. Ritualize the habit of reading for 60 minutes every day. Victims have large televisions yet small libraries. 

18. Stop gossiping (average people love gossip; exceptional people adore ideas), complaining and condemning in the New Year. It drains your cognitive bandwidth and fills you with dangerous emotions. 

19. Read As You Think by James Allen. 

20. Read The Go-Getter by Peter B. Kyne. 

21. Don’t just parent your kids—develop them. Grow their perspective, fuel their curiosity and introduce them to what’s most inspirational in our world. 

22. Remember that victims are frightened by change. And leaders grow inspired by it. 

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23. Take a nature walk every day. It’ll clear your mind, boost your fitness and feed your spirit. Human beings need to be in the wilderness regularly to stay at their best. 

24. Forgive the unforgiven in your life. They did what they thought was right based on the level of their consciousness, at that stage of their personal journey. If they could have been more loving they would have been more loving. 

25. Measure your success by your impact instead of your income. 

26. Embrace your eccentricities. Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. 

27. Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable at least once every 7 days. 

28. Say “sorry” when you know you should say “sorry”. 

29. Say “please” and “thank you” a lot. 

30. Remember that to double your income, triple your investment in learning, coaching and self-education. 

31. Drink more water in 2018. And get more rest in the New Year. 

32. Achieve 5 little goals each day [The Daily 5 Concept I shared in The Leader Who Had No Title]. In 12 months this habit will produce 1850 little goals–which will amount to a massive elevation. 

33. Write handwritten thank you notes to your customers, teammates and family members. 

34. Be slow to criticize people and fast to affirm their gifts, talents and worth. 

35. Plan a trip to Robben Island to experience the prison cell Nelson Mandela spent 18 years in. Just do this. Please. 

36. Give your customers x10 the value they pay for [this is The 10x Value Obsession concept I’ve been teaching to my top clients for over a decade with bulletproofed results]. Generosity is the foundation of prosperity. And it’s also the ethical and decent way to conduct business. 

37. Use the first 90 minutes of your workday only on value-creating activities [versus checking email or surfing the net]. 

38. Breathe. Deeply. Constantly. 

39. Keep your promises. You trade in your credibility. And you diminish it each time you say you’ll do something and don’t do it. 

40. Remember that ordinary people talk about their goals. Leaders get them done. With elegance, brilliance and finesse. 

41. Watch the inspirational documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi if you haven’t seen it yet. Also check out Notorious, the film revealing Conor McGregor’s remarkable rise to world-class. 

42. Know that a problem only becomes a problem when you choose to see it as a problem. 

43. Brain tattoo the fact that all work is a chance to change the world. And your life matters. To all of us. 

44. Learn to meditate in 2018. Just get this ritual locked in. No more excuses. 

45. Remember that every person you meet has a story to tell, a lesson to teach and a dream to do. 

46. Risk being rejected. All of the great ones do. 

47. Spend more time in art galleries. Art inspires, stimulates creativity and pushes boundaries. 

48. Read a book a week, invest in a course every month and attend a workshop every quarter. 

49. Remember that you empower what you complain about. 

50. Travel often. It’s fantastic education. 

51. Read Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. A few times. 

52. Know your values. And then have the guts to live them—no matter what the crowd thinks and how the herd lives. 

53. Become the fittest person you know. Multiply your vitality and you’ll increase your creativity, productivity and prosperity. Exponentially. 

54. Become the strongest person you know. Just battleproof and fortify your inner core so nothing can defeat you. All victory is an inside job, I think you’ll agree. 

55. Know your “Big 5”—the 5 goals you absolutely must achieve by December 31 to make this year your best yet (I teach my entire goal-achieving process, my advanced techniques on unleashing confidence and how to go from being stuck to living a life you adore in my famous online program Your Absolute Best Year Yet... 

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56. Know that potential unexpressed turns to pain. So live your talent by applying it and polishing it through study and stretching it via doing difficult work. 

57. Build a strong family foundation while you grow your ideal career. 

58. Stop being selfish. Contributing to the lives of others is a great move for more joyfulness and peacefulness in your days. 

59. Remember that the quality of your friends will predict the size of your fortune. [When I use the word “fortune” I mean everything from creative to economic to spiritual fortunes]. If your parents are alive, go honor them. You’ll miss them tremendously when they’re gone. 

60. Learn to say “No”. If your next project or pursuit isn’t going to wow the world or be The Sistine Chapel of your industry, have the bravery to focus monomaniacally only on what you truly believe will be a game-changer for you and your team. 

61. Make Mastery a non-negotiable standard in 2018. 

62. Remember that quality is remembered long after price is forgotten and cheap costs more. [Thanks to Aldo Gucci for this insight that has been so valuable to me]. 

63. Become a purist. Just a few books but great books. Five true friends versus 5000 fake ones. A simpler, quieter life with more beauty. And bigger meaning. 

64. Know that rising into the rare-air of best in world isn’t easy. Anything extraordinary demands rigor, sacrifice and extreme courage. And yet, it’s worth it. 

65. Trust that in the end, everything will work out. And if it hasn’t all worked out, it’s not the end. [Thank you John Lennon for this idea]. 

66. The world needs more love. Be it. 

67. Remember that life’s just too short to play small with your gifts. Commit to your best life today. 

Hope you found true value in this post I handcrafted for you. 

I believe in your power. I honor your strengths. And I celebrate how far you’ve come. 

Together, let’s make 2018 epic! 

With love + respect, 
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