7 Articles To Change The GameHope you’re great. For this month’s newsletter I want to help you refocus on what’s truly most important in business and in life. More than ever before distractions pollute our days and pull us into doing fake work versus the real work that changes the game.

So to be of service to you and your team, I’ve pulled out 7 of my most widely read articles for you to read, share and reflect on. Thanks for being a member of The Lead Without A Title Movement. Stay inspired!

1) The 50 New Rules of Work (20,800 Shares)
The global economy is in a state of acute disruption. Competition has never been more fierce. Consumers have never been so well-informed and loudly demanding. And what worked yesterday just might be obsolete today. But this time is also a great time, for the astonishing few who are ready to show leadership. …Click here to read the rest

2) How Remarkable Entrepreneurs Build Winning Teams (17,990 Views)
Building a winning team is essential to success. In this video I share with you the 5 best practices Remarkable Entrepreneurs use to build a team of superstars. …Click here to read the rest

3) 17 Tips To Double Your Productivity In 14 Days (6357 Shares)
One of the modules from The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference is on “Doubling Your Productivity in 30 Days”, based on my work with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in business. I wanted to share 17 of the tactics I’ve learned that I know will help you lean into your productive best in this age of dramatic distraction. …Click here to read the rest

4) Create Great Relationships (3972 Shares)
The digital world is a beautiful thing. Apps boost our productivity and elevate our personal lives. eBooks make reading more accessible and elegant. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter connect us – and allow for the sharing of information in radically new ways. But along with the opening of new frontiers that technology brings, I’m witnessing a closing of something else. We just don’t personally interact in the same ways that we once did. Tempers have grown quicker. Conversations have become shorter. And good manners are becoming obsolete. …Click here to read the rest

5) 15 Ways To Do Your Best Work (3879 Shares)
1) Do your best work by challenging the way you did things yesterday. 2) Do your best work by allowing your passion to see the light of day. 3) Do your best work by becoming part of the solution versus growing the problem. 4) Do your best work by expecting nothing less than you playing at world-class. 5) Do your best work by giving away the credit (especially when you crave it) …Click here to read the rest

6) How Do You Define Success (3378 Shares)
Too many people are living their neighbors’ lives. So many amongst us are building our futures based on a definition of success sold to us by society+the media+our peers. That’s fine if you’re consciously choosing to live by those values. But what if – at truth – you have a different set of values. And the success you are currently chasing actually has little to do with what will make you happy when you review your life at the end? …Click here to read the rest

7) The 5 Big Opportunities of This Down Cycle (1118 Shares)
OK. We’re in some challenging times. Economies are shifting. Businesses are reconfiguring. And deep uncertainty dominates many peoples’ mindsets. But smart leaders get that crisis breeds opportunity. And so they train their brains to focus on nothing else. Here are 5 of the NBO’s (Nice Big Opportunities) I’ve been sharing with my clients. …Click here to read the rest

Keep Leading Without A Title.

Robin Sharma

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