Losing yourself in the service of others is a beautiful formula for becoming happier as we navigate these messy times.

Find a crusade. Detect a mighty mission that will consume you, taking your mind and heart off of the messiness that’s all around us.

To lead is to serve. And to help is to prosper.

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You've got to have a mighty vision, a mighty mission, some crusade that is larger than your egoic needs of fame, fortune and applause. When you have a mighty mission to distribute benefit through your work, to uplift lives through your work, to make our somewhat dark planet brighter because of your work, then you electrify your energy and you connect to a source that is so much bigger than yourself. It's a spiritual idea, but when you live for a cause that's bigger than yourself then a set of invisible hands guides you along. If I was to deconstruct magic, I'd say, find your mighty mission.


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