Over the past weeks, I’ve been studying books on the great women and men of the world.

I’ve also been listening to fabled speeches of leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy and General Douglas MacArthur.

I’ve been doing this to reset my focus after finishing the new book, to replenish my inspiration and to upgrade my impact — on as many humans as possible.

Associating with the visions and accomplishments of legendary leaders helps you realize your own.

Note: this is a robust post. I do so because I believe in sending you weighty content that will push you to think harder and produce better. In this culture where many have the attention span of a goldfish, I lovingly encourage that you stay with the material. Be a great learner.

And so, to continue...

...One icon fascinated me enormously...

...Maybe it’s because I visited a museum formed around his achievements when I was in Rome recently.

...Maybe it’s because his inventions led to contributions such as the helicopter, the parachute and the armoured car.

...Perhaps it’s because he was a genuine “universal genius”, not only as an inventor but as a sculptor, anatomist and painter.

His painting, The Mona Lisa is arguably the most famous of all time. His remarkable drawing Vitruvian Man now appears on everything from coffee mugs to t-shirts. And his masterpiece Salvator Mundi recently sold for $450 million, the highest price ever paid an artwork.

As I deconstructed the brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci — as well as the other superachievers of my summertime study — I formulated a code of sorts...

...A kind of blueprint that sits at the foundation of their lofty accomplishment.

Of course, I felt the responsibility to share it with you...so here you go:

#1. Insulate Your Personal Gifts.

I’ve been watching videos of Scott Weiland during this wonderful post-finishing The 5AM Club period. My take on the musician?

A genius.

Some of his performances with Stone Temple Pilots and the supergroup Velvet Revolver lead me to say with confidence that he’s definitely one of the most dazzling frontmen in history.

Charisma as few have had. Moves as few have known. Songs as few have crafted.

And yet, his addictions to heroin, cocaine and alcohol destroyed his gifts.

Watching videos of him in his prime—as he slithered and pranced across the stage with radiant abandon—and then comparing them to the sometimes tragic performances of the final year of his life saddened me.

And served as a cautionary tale, reminding me of the importance of “talent protection”.

At my flagship annual event The Titan Summit, I walk the leaders in the room through a game-changing learning model I call The Titan’s Decline. It explains precisely why people at the top often fall from grace. And how dominant companies become obsolete [think Blockbuster, Toys r Us, BlackBerry, Nokia, Kodak and Polaroid].

This single model has helped attendees multiply their fortunes exponentially. And avoid irrelevance, within their industry.

My main point here? The very nature of fame fortune and mastery brings with it a series of threats.

As you scale your genius and own your craft, a whole new series of challenges will show up with the intent to sabotage you—ranging from seductive human temptations to the natural appetite to resist innovation.

The solution for you?

Do whatever it takes to protect your gifts...

...Keep growing when it’s easier to coast.

...Continue learning even when you know so much.

...Stay humble when the arrogance that success can cause starts breathing down your neck.

...Deliver even more value as crowds of customers show up.

...Fireproof your integrity so you exemplify consistency.

...and never lose your white-belt mentality.

#2. Geniuses Don’t Get Lucky, They Make Lucky.

I have a new model I’ll be introducing at The Titan Summit 2018 [This year’s experts include Deepak Chopra, leadership guru John Maxwell, NYT #1 bestselling author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking Susan Cain and the remarkable inspiration to heroes Alex Lewis] called The Hidden Trinity of Magnificent Productivity.

There are 3 main elements to the framework: Purity of Focus, Optimization of Energy and Maximized Creativity.

For now, please simply remember that top performers don’t become top performers via a random series of events. Instead, the truth is that their results were the predictable outcome of their daily routines.

To go even deeper, it’s not just your routines that drive your results, it’s your character.

A heroic woman or man who has built their inner life up to a place where they keep their promises, believe in doing work only of the highest quality, persist until the project is done and smile in the face of hardship always rises into the rare air of history-makers.

#3. Mastery Is a Process. Not an Event.

I hated every minute of training. But I said “Don’t quit. Suffer now. And spend the rest of your life as champion.”
~ Heavyweight boxing icon Muhammad Ali

It’s so easy to be hypnotized by society into thinking that the superstars among us woke up one day rejoicing in their newfound heightened state of greatness.

Pure myth.

Study Da Vinci and Buffet, Beethoven and Serena Williams, Kobe and Nikola Tesla and you’ll see that their unusually excellent performance was caused by their uncommon devotion to a journey.

...Their genius was not natural but constructed.

...Their luminosity wasn’t inborn. It was made.

...By self-belief in the face of everyone telling them “that will never work”, relentless learning and practice, persistency through failure, consistency of innovation and a willful blindness to what the majority claims is impossible.

I have much more to share on The Code for Universal Genius...

...this post is already long so I’ll need to wrap up. [And I went deep because I know you’re a pro versus an amateur, otherwise you wouldn’t be following me].

If you want to go x25 deeper into how to become a genius so you dominate your field and live out the rest of your life in a way that very few people get to live, please keep reading...

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Ok. Hope this post helps. Please don’t postpone your greatness [and living a beautiful/soulful life]...

...no one knows how much time we’re blessed to have.

It’s your turn to rise to world-class. And it’s your time in the bright light of outright genius.

With love + respect,


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