Gratitude is the antidote to fear and thankfulness is the cure for worry.

We all have a lot more blessings in our life than we know. It’s human nature to focus on what’s not working rather than to embrace all that is. No matter how good – or bad – your life looks at this very moment, there really is so much (and so many people) you can be thankful for. And gratitude begets gratitude. The more good things you see, the more good things you see.

In today's episode of Daily Mastery Podcast, learn my potent daily ritual to fireproof your positivity and gratitude in turbulent times.

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The daily nature walk. I love walking in the woods. I often listen to audio books in the woods. I call it reading while walking, reading while walking. I go to this place. It's sort of my creative forest. There's not a lot of people in there, and I walkFor one hour. I breathe in the air. I look at the lush scenery. I listen to a different audiobook. It's almost like a walking meditation as well. Sometimes I don't listen to an audio book, and I just walk, and I touch the earth. It's almost likeI'm thanking the earth, connecting with the soil. Yes, I'm wearing shoes. I don't want to get too esoteric here, but there is a lot of really good research saying if you want to boost your immune system, you want to boost your happiness, you want to release serotonin and dopamine, you want to release the fear hormone called cortisol, walk in nature. So when I walk, I connect with nature and, like I say, I knowI'm not being very elegant in this mastery session, I'm just being real, but I listen to audio books, and then other times I do a walking meditation where I feel my feet on the soil. You know what I do other times if there's something I'm confused about? I sort of just talk it out. It's like I'm talking out loud, trying to work it out. If I'm in pain, I get the negative energy out of my system by just releasing it, by talking about it.I also, and I know this sounds a little unorthodox, but I do like a walking blessing meditation. So while I'm walking, I sort of challenge myself to come up with 50 things I'm grateful for. And, again, I verbalize those because it's only me and the squirrels in the woods. So I say, "I'm grateful for my family. I'm grateful for my health. I'm grateful for work that feeds my soul. I'm grateful for the sunsetI watched last night. I'm grateful for my team. I'm grateful for my business. I'm grateful for the travels that I get to take. I'm grateful for the people that I've served." And, literally, while I'm walking, I say out loud, "I am grateful for."I hope it doesn't sound strange for you because it's an incredible protocol to install.

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