We become our conversations. And our associations sculpt our destinies.

In this episode of The Daily Mastery Podcast, I’ll walk you through a powerful leadership lesson from one of my mentors. And why you should find at least one. Starting today.

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I think it was the mathematician Newton who once said, "If I have seen more than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." I don't know if you have a mentor, but if you don't have a mentor, you want to get a mentor as swiftly as possible, because we become our influences. We become our conversations. We think like and we perform like the people we surround ourselves within our orbit. One of the things that has served me so well is populating my professional life and my personal life with people who are at a higher level that I'm at, and they are called mentors.

When I was 21 years old, I lived in a relatively small city on the east coast of Canada, and I was very blessed to be associated with a mentor who was a financial epic performer. He was doing very, very well in the capital markets and I just looked at his lifestyle and I looked at his belief system, and we used to go for these long, wonderful walks in the
forest that was also along the seaside on the east coast of Canada. One day, it was a sunny day in the summer, and he said something to me I still remember to this day. He said, "Robin, run your own race," and that's really the first lesson I learned from one of my mentors. 

Run your own race. Stay in your own lane. You have no competition if you are in your own division. What I mean by that is simply this: it's so easy to get swept off your game, swept off your vision, swept off your values, swept off your focus when you're measuring your success and your performance by your so-called peers in your industry or your competition within your craft. That first lesson was so profound. He simply said, "Run your own race." Come up with your ambition, come up with your vision, and have the singular focus and the character discipline to say, "I'm just going to put these blinders on and stay true to myself, true to my
values, true to my vision."

So the first thing, run your own race. Stay in your own lane. Measure success by how close you're getting to your mountaintop versus the mountaintop of your competition or your neighbors.

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