First, sorry I haven’t been as active as usual. I take my responsibility to be of helpfulness to your greatness seriously.

It’s just that I’ve needed to drop into a refuelling cycle before completing the final few rounds of polishing my new book, The 5 AM Club.

It’s looking strong. My prayer is that you find it magical. And utterly transformational.

I’ve given everything I had to give to the completion of this work over these past 4 years and needed to go dark for a while...

...just chilling with my family
...just staying close to nature
...just reading deeply
...just savouring life.

Full-on creativity without committed recovery destroys longevity, I suggest.

Anyway, the main reason for me sharing this with you is to remind you of the importance of doing one thing strikingly well...

...protecting your hope.

Such a simple word, “hope”, isn’t it?

Yet, should yours dissolve, life will look dark. And cold. And unbearable.

We live in messy times.

...People have become addicted to white screens.

...Many have built walls around their heart.

...Some have given up their faith in the genius that lurks within them.

So what should you and I do?

I’d say we must work even harder to model the best that humanity can offer.

I’d say we must radiate positivity amid negativity.

I’d say where hate exists we must deliver love.

I’d say where victims are in evidence we must argue for bravery.

Even if the whole world thinks differently than you and even if all of society mocks the ideals that lay claim to your integrity, you absolutely need to stay true.

To run your own race. To do you. And to safeguard that hopefulness that you were most intimate with in the innocence of your childhood.

So please do whatever it takes to remain inspired...

...for a brighter future.

...for a wiser world.

...for a happier life.

...for more helpfulness to others.

Thanks for following my work. I appreciate it more than you know.

Now, go out there and dazzle us by your relentlessness and wow us with your brilliance.

Love + respect,


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