Too many potential genius-grade producers use “likes” as an escape. To create a feeling that they are progressing because they are actually bored. And to medicate the sorrow of human potential unexpressed. 

Use technology as a lever to scale your business and drive your performance. Never as a drug. 

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Hi this is Robin Sharma. I hope you are amazing, and the topic I want to cover in this quick audio is digital anesthesia. Digital anesthesia is basically using social media or video games or constantly checking notifications, any other form of digital addiction to escape doing real work, to escape feeling real feelings, to escape living life fully, to escape processing through pain if you're going through a difficult time, to escape showing love, to escape the danger of living your best life because that's pretty vulnerable to go to the jagged edges of your potential. What the majority does is they engage in this form of digital anesthesia to numb themselves from reality versus doing what truly matters.

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