Happy New Year!

From my family to yours, I wish you a year of splendid health, majestic growth and sincere success.

A substantial tool to start your mornings well this year is a great mantra. Auto-suggestion is a powerful way to restructure your self-identity in 2021 so you are unlimited by doubt, weakness and negativity.

To help you, I’ve handcrafted a simple morning mantra that—when read aloud after you wake up—will set a fine tone for the day ahead. Here you go:


In the still of Dawn’s earliest light, I remember...

...that the way I start my day sets up how beautifully I live my day.

...that heroism is hard yet the results are great.

...that tiny triumphs done with daily consistency inevitably lead to mastery.

...that even if no one around me sees possibility doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t represent positivity during the hours ahead.

...that a strong mind, a good heart, a vital body and an awakened soul are the gateways into today’s productivity and serenity.

...that my work is my shot at immortality and doing it splendidly is a genuine joy-maker.

...that success without human connection is not really success so I will be fiercely effective today yet unusually kind.

...that my past prepared me wonderfully for what I will create today and I must not worry about things that are no longer real.

...that being true to my gifts and values is far more important than fame and fortune.

...that life’s smallest blessings are the finest ones.

...that just because I couldn’t accomplish a feat yesterday doesn’t mean I won’t do it today—I am one day stronger.

...that life’s a short journey so in the hours ahead I will meet my fears, overcome all struggles and turn any difficulty into artistry.

...that I am a hero, not a victim. A leader never a follower. And a human living a gorgeous life, in service of many.

Read this aloud with conviction and enthusiasm, as often as you can. And then (please) go out into this uncertain world and show us what greatness looks like.

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And allow me again, to wish you and your loved ones an amazing and healthy and productive and soulful 2021.

Let’s make this YOUR year!

Love + respect,


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