In today's episode of The Daily Mastery Podcast, Robin Sharma shares a personal story about an unexpected hero - his fifth grade teacher, Cora Greenaway.

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When I was growing up, not so many people believed in me, but in grade five I had a teacher, she taught me history and her name was Cora Greenaway, and she saw something in me that no one else really saw. She gave me hope, and she helped me believe in myself, and she helped me trust myself, and she shone a light on my talents. In doing so, she changed my life. About three years ago, I had the instinct to search Cora Greenaway online and I realized she was a lot more than just a history teacher. When she was a young woman she used to help children who had been on enemy lines, caught by the Nazis. She would bring them to safety and to freedom, and Cora Greenaway, I learned, spent her whole life just helping others. So I want you to think about the people who have helped you, and I want you to be the Cora Greenaway of someone else's life. 

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