Here’s a brain tattoo for you to consider: an addiction to distraction will be the death of your creative production.

Legendary producers + history-makers all understand that you can dominate your domain by producing masterpieces or be playing with your phone all day long, but you don't get to do both.

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Hi, it's Robin Sharma. Idea for you today as an exceptional producer, is this one. Minimalism lives at the foundation of exceptionalism. If you look at Edison, if you look at Shakespeare, if you look at Federer, if you look at Pau Gasol, if you look at a great chef, if you look at a great symphony maker, they all had one thing in common, they stripped away the trivial and they built their life around a series of monomaniacal focuses. And so the point really is this, mess creates stress. There's a lot of emerging research saying when you have a messy environment, it reduces your willpower. Well, if you have messy relationships as well, if you have messy beliefs, if you have messy to-do lists, whatever it is, those things are affecting your ability to get big things done. Focus, focus, focus, clean out the distractions. 

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