Hello. I dug up this photo for the new book...

Um, yes... I’ve always been enthusiastic. I guess I was around 5 years old when this photo was taken at a school concert.

During the hard days of my life, it was this inherent hopefulness that carried me through the jagged edges of adversity onto the smoother roads of a brighter future.

And during those seasons when all was unfolding according to my best laid plans, it was my native optimism that pushed my dreams to a higher place.

It hurts my heart to see the world, as it is right now. The other night I watched A Life on Our Planet, the MUST-watch documentary by Sir David Attenborough. Oh, what we humans have done to Mother Earth. And then the pandemic continues and businesses close and people pass and dreams fall.

And yet, you and I still have—deep within our core—that enthusiasm we knew when we were 5 years old. Before the messages from others taught us to harden our hearts and before life’s burdens persuaded us to swap busyness for playfulness, seriousness for wonder and practicality for possibility.

If you are discouraged, please know and trust that the clouds will part. You’re stronger than you know. Life operates in your favor [even when it appears that it doesn’t]. And, as humans, we will continue. And then we will rise. It’s pretty much what we’ve always done.

I sincerely thank you for following my work. It is a true honor to be of service. I've been refining and polishing the copyedited version of the manuscript of my new book. It’s very much a work to help people stay brave and heroic during these messy times. I pray it moves you deeply. To own your power. And help raise our world.

With Love + Respect,


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