Fear has sinister motives.

...it tries to restrain your creativity and restrict your impact.

...it imprisons your imagination and tries to hunt down your ambition like a street thug.

...it steals your best years and terrifies your finest hours.

If. You. Let. It.

I used to be frightened of public speaking. Even giving a small presentation before 7 people would make me squirm. And dry my throat.

I’d do all the natural escape measures that so many of us do to run from our dragons. I’d make excuses, avoid tricky situations and structure my life to sidestep my insecurity.

Generally, we will not change until the pain of the weakness becomes greater than the relief of the avoidance. Right?

A time came for me, that I just needed to stop running from that which was haunting me. I needed to find victory over the difficulty.

My antidote? Self-education.

...I went to the library and borrowed the best books I could find on winning the war against public speaking timidity. I locked myself in my room for many weeks and practiced the visualization and affirmations one book in particular recommended. [I really wish I remembered the title as I’d share it with you; that book changed my life].

...I registered for a Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Course and learned the skills that would scale my confidence.

...I started volunteering for any presentation that would give me experience. In offering my skills, I was absolutely relentless.

Though the process was messy and uncomfortable, something fascinating began to happen: I steadily grew stronger and my public speaking fear consistently grew weaker. Fear turned to faith and discomfort was remade into enthusiasm.

...sharing my message before 30 people became easy.

...then 50.

...then 100.

...then 500.

...then 1000.

Before the pandemic grounded me, I’d regularly speak before groups of 5000-10,000 leaders. At firms like Microsoft and Oracle, GE and FedEx, YPO and NASA. The largest audience to date has been 40,000 in São Paulo.

I share this with you with great sincerity as we are living in a time with too much fear in too many hearts. My prayer is that you navigate this uncertain season with valor, resolve and ease.

For our world to become a safer, more peaceful and more loving place, you and I must begin by clearing out the insecurity within our selves. This is where the gateway into global serenity lies.

And the top move you can make is to invest in self-education. That's how I did it. And how I still do it.

Build a stronger, wiser, greater and more noble you. By learning the skills needed to become this higher version of your current self.

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Hope all this helps you.

You really can lead your field—and live beautifully, as you lift our precious world in the process. I’ve got your back. Now let’s get you to great.

Love + Respect,


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