As you leave the crowd in hot pursuit of a rare-air life, you will be misunderstood. Our world was built by people who the masses called ‘weird’.

Living your heroic ambitions and materializing the potential you have sleeping inside of you - especially in these times - isn’t a game for amateurs.

Nope. It’s for the pros.

Each day you step into the place where you work, you have the opportunity to nurture – and awaken – the artist that inhabits you. We all have a core craving to express who we are and to create something special. Part of being human.  Step out into the world each day and create your masterpiece. The world will be better for it.

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Advanced art is always misunderstood. So I am a fan of Jean-Michel Basquiat. I just love his graffiti style art. I remember watching a documentary on Jean-Michel Basquiat. And one of the people who ran, I believe it was the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York. She talked about the fact that initially they wouldn't allow Basquiat's art in the museum. And here's what he was told, his art is not good enough to be in our museum. And now, if you look at Basquiat, his work sells. One of them sold for over $100 million. Think about Basquiat. When you release your magic out in the world, you will be misunderstood, you will be attacked, you will be laughed at, you will be discounted. You must continue at all costs.

Let me put it to you this way, if I may. And I want you to really think about this. Right now, I'm going to challenge you to think about this. I want your faith in your magic to be bigger than your fears so that no matter what stones people throw at you, you will continue until the world understands the beauty that you're bringing into it. There's a Liam Gallagher song that says, high flying birds get the first arrows. Isn't that true? When you leave the crowd, the flock of birds, you're going to get knocked down quickly, but that's the price of ambition. Makes me also think of Bob Dylan, and I learned this from another documentary I watched. And he said, "Don't criticize what you don't understand. Don't criticize what you don't understand." So advanced art is always misunderstood before it's appreciated.

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