Full-on creativity without committed recovery destroys longevity.

Make time to rest, exercise, meditate, walk in nature, keep a journal and study [no, devour] books that reveal new territories of unimaginable possibilities. 

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Just think about working under cycles, periods of time. It could be during your days where you're full on fire, and then taking the time to recover by going for a walk or drinking some tea or listening to some music, then doing another few hours in terms of a burst of intense and beautiful work where you're bringing on all your focus, all your talent and pulling back and recovering. And then even when it comes to your week, take at least one or two days off, no technology, no work, just with your family or just mountain biking, long times walking in the woods, writing in a journal. You might think and your ego might suggest to you and your friends might say, "You're wasting time. You're missing out. Get in the game." Well, be a leader, don't follow the majority. Remember, great audacity without intelligent recovery leads to the depletion of your genius. I'll put it to you this way, making the time to pull back and recover in that deep recovery cycle, deep refueling cycle, actually is how you grow.

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